Taking a quick look into the passenger compartment, we find out how much seats have been stained inside. It's good to perform car upholstery cleaning service regularly for keeping our interior in best possible condition. It is important to let the moisture from the car evaporate, because this is one of the major reasons for unpleasant smell in the passenger compartment. Clean the windows thoroughly with appropriate towels and glass preparation, then pay attention to the plastic elements in the interior (dashboard, door curbs, etc.) You can clean them with a lot of preparations that are available on the market but in this case I recommend you not to use preparation, containing silicone as it will only smear the dirt on the surface.

Use a nice microfiber cloth for car upholstery cleaning. Spray the detergent on the cloth and then rub it, do not apply the detergent directly on the interior elements. If you spray the product on the cloth, you will protect the interior elements from the detergent, and it will be applied evenly. Then, if you like the details to be shinier you can use a silicone that will seal the well-clean surface.

The other elements of the passenger compartment, depending on whether it is leather or other matter, should be cleaned with the appropriate detergent or only with damp cotton cloth, leaving the car doors open to dry inside.

I guess in warm weather everybody wears lighter clothes, so pull out all the safety belts and wipe them with a damp cloth to protect your clothes from dirt. Clean the saloon thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, and also clean the trunk. Do not clean the steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake with detergents; wipe them with a damp cloth only.

Sometimes an unpleasant smell appears from the air conditioner in the car, especially after the winter season when the air conditioner has not worked for a long time. This problem can only be solved by replacing the passenger compartment filter, but often this is not enough. The reason for the unpleasant odor usually lies in adhering fungi, mold and mildew on the climate system and especially on the evaporator. To prevent the appearance of bad smell, it is advisable to turn off the air conditioner (leaving the fan running) for at least 10 minutes before turning off the engine to allow the evaporator to dry, because the accumulated moisture leads to bacteria and bad smell. Good work is done by special sprays, injected into the air tubes. They destroy the germs. It would be even better to spray the evaporator directly.

effective methods for eliminating unpleasant smell inside the car

Coping with cigarette smoke odour

Smoking inside the car

The smell of cigarettes has never been pleasant even for smokers.

Here are some useful tricks to eliminate the smell of cigarettes in your car.

  • Vinegar - In a few bowls, pour a small quantity of white vinegar. Put the bowls in the corners of your car. Overnight the cigarette smell will disappear.
  • Cloth, soaked in vinegar - Ventilate the saloon, then with a cloth moistened with vinegar gently rub all the surfaces. After that put the damp cloth in the between the seats and leave it there for the night.
  • Ashtray - a great deal of the smell of cigarettes can be removed with a small trick with the ashtray. Put small quantity of cat litter at the bottom of the ashtray. The cat litter perfectly absorbs the smell of tobacco throughout the car saloon.
  • Coffee – place 2 bowls of coffee inside the vehicle. You can place the first one on the dashboard, and the second – on the back seats. On the next day, you will sense just fresh smell of coffee inside the car. There will be no memory of cigarette smoke odor.
  • Baking soda – this is one of the most popular products for car upholstery cleaning! Spread baking soda all over the seats and leave it to stay for the night. On the next day, vacuum the seats and you will see the cigarette smoke odor has disappeared.

If you have purchased second-hand car, and the previous owner of the vehicle has smoked inside the car for 3-4 years, then you have to use professional car upholstery cleaning service. Of course, you can use some of the methods for eliminating cigarette smoke odor, we described above, but we don’t guarantee you will get rid of the unpleasant odor completely. On the other hand, steam cleaning method, used by expert cleaners, is highly effective for removing cigarette smell. In addition to that, it will refresh the colors of the interior and will eliminate all the bacteria and germs. You have to try hot water extraction method to renew your car interior.