If you are looking for a special feeling of comfort and style in your new home, then you need to focus on the carpets’ choice. After all, no other flooring offers the same level of soundproofing, insulation and softness. Correctly chosen material, colour and fibre type will help you enjoy the same carpet for decades.

Let's have a brief look at the main styles of carpet, which are tufted, woven, cut and loop pile. We will also briefly introduce the main types of fibres: nylon, polyester, olefin and wool carpets. Later on, we'll go through the main factors to help you choose the carpets that suit you most. Of course, we always advise getting a feel of various carpet samples when you go to a store.

Loop pile carpets are called that way due to the fibres being twisted to make loops. This, in turn, increases stain resistance, and lowers the pile slightly. Cut pile ones are where the fibres have been snipped, exposing them and making them feel softer.

Tufted carpets are the most common ones, and they are famous for being all-rounders. A tufted carpet is made that way thanks to being needled to the base with a soft thread. And woven carpets are the hardest to make, but the prettiest to look at.

Woollen carpets are both the most popular carpet overall, and the most popular natural fibre type. Pure wool, as well as blends like 80:20 and 50:50 are available on the carpet market. Woollen carpet is very soft and usually has bright colours, making it a good choice for homes. Yet, due to hard maintenance, you may opt for another type for high traffic areas.

Nylon is the primarily used synthetic carpet, due to being very stain resistant and highly durable to foot traffic. It is also very easy to maintain, as the pile is rarely high, and it handles heat well. Depending on your budget, you can find cheap and expensive nylon all the same.

Polyester is also resistant to stains, as well as very comfortable, making it akin to wool, yet man-made. However, it also has the downside of wool, which is difficult maintenance. Still, it compensates by being the cheapest type of carpet overall.

Olefin is also cheap, and emulates the softness of wool without suffering from colour fade. It is suitable for children's rooms and other mid-high traffic areas. It may seem better than nylon, but consider that it's not as resistant to stains and abrasion.

Now that you're aware of what your choices are, take a look at our tips for buying carpet that suits you:

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How to choose carpets for your new home
What carpets should I choose

Which carpet should I choose for each room?

Decide in which room you need an accentuating colour or a dose of comfort. Bedroom, living room or dining room - the carpet for each should be different in texture. Thick pile is perfect for a bedroom or living room, but such a carpet for a hallway or dining room is not the best. Choose short-pile carpets for these rooms, as they won't make carpet cleaning a burden.

Is the carpet material important for home decor?

When choosing the carpet, do not forget that not only the colour should be ideal, as the quality specifics are no less important. Natural carpets are soft to the touch and appear solid and luxurious. However, keep in mind that they are susceptible to fading and abrasion, and can also be a breeding ground for dust mites.

Synthetic carpets are the best option when it comes to affordable prices and a great variety of colours. Although they are easy to clean, they will not be able to serve you a long service: they quickly lose their appearance and wrinkle.

Think about your lifestyle and how much time you can invest on carpet cleaning. If you have children and pets in your home, choose the most practical ones. Carpets made of artificial or mixed materials are the best option for the frugal customer.

Type of carpets
How to choose a carpet for my home

Is the most expensive carpet the best option for all rooms?

The first step before choosing the right carpet for your new home is shopping around for some quotes. As mentioned before, woollen carpet is heavy on the wallet, but it's not the best fit for hallways or stairs. Synthetics are durable, but are not the top choice for the children's room. Therefore, mixing and matching might be the best thing to do.

How to choose a wall-to-wall carpet that is going to last?

The durability of a carpet is by far its most important feature, for homeowners and businesses alike. A carpet can usually endure a lot of punishment, but as noted above, some types are better than others. Depending on property and traffic inside, you may want to avoid certain types of carpets.

Placing woollen carpets in an office building is not the most cost effective choice to make. The stain absorption properties of the material make it unfit for commercial buildings. In comparison, synthetics like nylon are resistant to stains and easier to clean and maintain. It's important to know all about carpets, as they are not something you want to replace often.

What is the best carpet pile length?

If you have children or pets, then long piled carpets are not an appropriate choice for your home. Placing such type of carpets in the dining area is also not a good idea. Leave fluffy, shaggy and soft flooring for the living room and bedroom.

For the hallway and dining room, short-pile or lint-free carpets are best suited. They will look decent, and taking care of them is easy. Remember that the finer and smoother the carpet feels, the easier it is to clean.

What are your tips for choosing a carpet colour?

Does a neutral living room seem boring and overly calm? Then you need a bright and plushy carpet with a moderately high pile. Complement it with decorative sofa cushions in the same colour scheme for added effect.

The main thing is to combine it with the colour scheme in the room, but at the same time it should not be lost. A difference of several tones is almost necessary. Otherwise, your new carpet will hide in plain sight, and fail to fit in your home aesthetic.

It is useful to know that light shades visually expand the space of a room. This golden rule also applies to carpets, so light fibres will be the best solution for owners of small flats. For big homes, you can still never go wrong with bright carpet shades.

Will professional cleaning void my warranty?

The warranty is a difficult topic to discuss, simply due to carpets having too many of them. Most manufacturers offer a five-year, or ten-year plan, but there's also warranties for crushing, wear, and proper care. If you choose a shady local company, your warranty may be void after their cleaning service.

However, certified professionals know how to handle all manner of carpets. Always look for the right cleaning company, and make lengthy research on the matter. Knowing what carpets to buy and who to entrust them to is very important for your home interior.

How to keep my carpets clean?

Ease of maintenance depends on more than merely the materials that the carpet is made of. You also need to take into account the creation process of your choice of carpet. By far the most practical, in terms of carpet cleaning, are short-pile synthetic carpets.

Do not be alarmed if during the first carpet cleaning procedure you notice a lot of fluff in the vacuum cleaner's dust container. These are leftovers from the factory haircut and will no longer be present during subsequent cleaning. Do bear in mind that certain pile types tend to shed a bit over the years.

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What is the best equipment and method to keep a carpet clean?

The best way to clean a carpet is as the manufacturers recommend, based on what type of carpet fibres you have. The wrong kind of cleaning can shorten the life of your carpet. Certain carpet styles simply have less durability than others as well, complicating things further.

Contacting a professional carpet cleaning company can be a lifesaver for all homeowners and businesses. Professionals offering dry or steam cleaning services are the ones you need to contact. They'll be able to help you with their years of experience in dealing with all carpet types and their typical issues.

In conclusion

We hope you find our advice on what carpet to choose useful in making your choice. But remember, no one is saying absolute truths, online or offline. No matter what carpet you installed, your satisfaction is the top priority.

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