Caring for your carpets can be challenging, even if you know the basic do's and dont's of carpet cleaning. This is why I contacted one of the best carpet cleaning companies in London for some additional tips on carpet care. I chose ProLux as they have been operating for more than a decade already, and they cover all London areas. Based on these two facts alone, I'm convinced that I'll receive some quality tips, which will also be useful to you!

The five professional cleaners who I will be interviewing today have a few years of experience professionally cleaning carpets and rugs. I'm here in their office today to get some insight on how to tackle everyday stains, and also some specific issues. And as not everyone has access to professional cleaning products, they were kind enough to also share an alternative home remedy.

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips by Pros

Bobby is the first cleaner who I will have the pleasure of speaking with today. He is the newest addition to the squad, but has already surpasses many of his colleagues in terms of online reviews. Bobby will now help me understand what products are best to remove red wine stains.

The best carpet cleaning tips given form professional cleaners

How to remove red wine stains?

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That's a question I get asked a lot by our clients, and there's a good reason for that. Red wine stains can be challenging even for cleaning veterans. How I deal with them is with Prochem's Stain Pro and Red Rx.

Firstly, I spray the stain directly with Stain Pro, gently agitate it and wait for 5-10 minutes. Then, I go over the area with the small tool of my steam extraction machine. If the stain is quite fresh, it'll likely be removed only with this product. For tougher stains (only on light carpets), I apply Red Rx - again, directly on the stain, then I rinse and extract.

Thank you for that, Bobby. However, I'm sure you're aware that very few people actually have a professional carpet cleaning machine at home. Most don't even own more than 2 to 3 cleaning products. What tips can you give me as an average guy with no professional tools?

Removing red wine stains with hydrogen peroxide is something I used to do in the past, before I was a professional cleaner. I only advise using 3% hydrogen peroxide specifically, and always doing a patch test prior to the stain treatment. Assuming the stain is fresh, you should firstly blot it using paper towels. Then, prepare your cleaning solution by mixing hydrogen peroxide and fairy liquid 1:2.

The mixture should then be applied directly onto the stain. Let it sit for a minute or two, then start blotting it with clean towels. Rotate the towel to the clean side and change the towel if necessary. After a few go overs, the stain should go away, but if it hasn't - feel free to give us a call!

That's some great advertising by Bobby, and of course some great carpet cleaning tips. Let's now turn our attention to Ivo - ProLux's most experienced technician. He's here to provide with some tips on coffee stain removal - possibly the most common carpet stain in general.

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How to remove coffee stains from carpets?

I've also been asked quite frequently. The best advice that I could give you is to hire a professional (chuckles). Now, on a more serious note, to remove coffee stains I use Prochem's Coffee Stain Remover. In most cases it does wonders, but if the carpet fibres are natural, and the stain is old, even I might not be able to deal with it.

Coffee spot cleaning is as simple as spraying the stain directly with the product and then rinsing the carpet. Otherwise, coffee stains can also be removed with a mixture of dishwashing liquid, some white vinegar and warm water. The solution is applied onto a clean cloth, working your way from the outside toward the middle of the stain. Afterwards, blot with a dry towel and make sure to rinse properly with cold water.

Ivo, I'm sure our readers will appreciate your advice on this, thank you. Now, as we've covered the most typical spillage stains, let's discuss removal of bodily fluid issues. Tisho is here to give us some advice on removing sick stains from the carpet.

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How to remove vomit stains from carpets?

Well, my go-to cleaning product for heavy-duty stains is Stain Pro. Bobby already covered how effective it can be for coffee stain removal, but in reality it's a universal cleaner. It works well as an odour remover as well, as it kills the bacteria in sick, which causes bad smells.

I apply it directly onto the stain and then extract and rinse. If the stain remains after the third go-over, it means that it's already permanent. On the other hand, I've noticed that baking soda can also deal with vomit stains and smells quite well.

It's best to generously sprinkle it over the area and use a vacuum cleaner after a couple of hours. Most likely, further treatment of the stain will be needed after this step, and my suggestion is white vinegar. Mix some white vinegar with lukewarm water, spray the stain and blot it with a cloth. 90% of the time, this should do the trick, but I hope you don't have to find this out yourself.

Yes, let's hope that no one would need to put this remedy to the test, Tisho. For the 4th carpet cleaning tip, we'll turn to Mitko. He's here to let us know how he deals with urine issues on carpets.

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How I remove urine stains and smells from carpets?

I do it with the help of Prochem's Urine Neutraliser. It works great on carpets, mattresses and essentially all types of upholstered furniture. I use a spray pump to apply the product directly onto the stain, and I let it sit for a few minutes. Then I steam clean the area with my carpet cleaning machine, and if need be repeat the same process until the issue is fully removed.

In terms of home remedies, white vinegar and baking soda can do wonders, and they're fully natural cleaners. What you need to do is cover the stained area with vinegar and sprinkle baking soda afterwards. Place a towel on top and wait 24 hours before hoovering it up. Enzyme cleaners are also quite good at dealing with said issues, but please always read the instructions first!

Mitko, thank you for helping us out on this. Now, last but not least, Chris will tell us his method of removing paint from carpet. He'll, of course, also give you some insight on how to tackle the issue yourself at home.

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Removing paint from carpets

That's a challenging task, regardless of the equipment you have to deal with it. During my training at Prochem, they introduced me with Solvex - a paint and ink remover. It works well on water-based paint, oil-based paint and acrylic paint. However, if the paint is oil or acrylic and has already dried, even this professional product might not save you.

Assuming the paint is somewhat damp and water-based, the chances of it go away with some patience and elbow grease are very high. I would normally start by absorbing as much of the paint as possible with a kitchen roll. Once the excess is gone, I blot the area with Solvex and a clean cloth. Needless to say, this step of the process is repeated a couple dozen times until the paint disappears.

As for home remedies, I've been thought that dishwashing liquid and warm water can be very effective in paint removal. Again, only use blotting motions and have a good number of clean towels handy.

Wow - I wasn't even aware that paint can be removed from carpet, thank you, Chris. These 5 carpet cleaning tips by pros will hopefully make the life of our readers a bit easier. And for those of you who don't have the time to deep clean their carpet, consider giving ProLux a call!

They have been one of the most trusted providers of carpet cleaning services in recent years. The method which they provide with is hot water extraction, suitable for all types of carper fibres. Moreover, it's a service able to tackle problems like: foot traffic, greasy stains, spillages, chewing gum and more.