Carpet cleaning products are used for everyday cleaning of carpets and area rugs. These are ordinary products, with a minimum concentration of active chemicals. They do not significantly affect the carpet material and are not harmful in the event of professional carpet cleaning.

Special chemicals for carpets are especially useful when removing stubborn stains (hard to remove, old and pet stains). Carpet stain removers often come in the form of a spray, for ease of use.

Carpet cleaner chemicals are what you need to remove unpleasant odours from the carpet. In many cleaning agents, active ingredients are added to combat smell sources in carpets. Certain cleaning solutions are produced specializing only in removing unpleasant odours, and leaving your carpets smelling fresh.

Another purpose of carpet chemicals is to refresh the appearance of the carpet. There are many tools which help to clear dust and stale dirt from the pile of carpets or area rugs.

One more application of carpet cleaning chemicals is disinfection of the carpet, removal of pests and prevention of their appearance. Below, you will be able to read more about what type of solutions are best for carpets and upholstery.

The most popular carpet cleaning products to be effective

What carpet cleaning solutions can be used at home?

It is necessary to determine what goal the cleaning products should achieve (simple daily cleaning, removing stains and unpleasant odours, etc.). Carpet cleaning agents that are universal and claim to cope with any stains on carpets do not promise excellent results. Consider the main types of carpet cleaning products that are used at home:

  • Carpet shampoos and liquid products for water-based carpet cleaning. These are the most popular formats of household chemicals for carpets. Shampoos are used for wet cleaning of carpets, removing stains and refreshing the appearance of the carpet. They are produced in different containers (for example, 0.5 litres, 1 litre) and consistency (low and high).
  • Powder, granule and other dry care products for carpets, which do not require water to be applied. Carpet cleaning powders are used for dry carpet cleaning, and consists of hundreds of micro-jaws. They need to be hoovered out after being applied, or removed with a professional cleaning machine.
  • Active foam for wet cleaning of carpets and removal of stains from the surface of carpets. This category includes special products that produce foam (foam is the active substance for removing stains from the carpet).
  • Sprays for removing stains and other contaminants from the carpet. A popular form of carpet cleaning products for stain removal via spot application (applied only on the stains).
  • Special cleaning solutions for detergent vacuum cleaners (such as rug doctor). These shampoos are specially developed liquid products, which are diluted with water and used in washing vacuums.

Rug doctor is the common name of carpet cleaning machines which anyone can hire. They are usually affordable for any budget, and may achieve good results on certain issues. However, bear in mind that not all carpet types are suitable for water-based cleaning. In order to remove all tough stains, such as red wine stains, consult a professional cleaning company.

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Products for cleaning

What are the most suitable domestic carpet cleaning chemicals?

Carpet cleaning products

There is no truly correct answer to this question, since many carpet cleaning products are similar in ingredients and capabilities. A lot depends on the quality and composition of the carpets that will be cleaned. Another factor is the nature of the stain (what caused it and when it has appeared on the carpet).

Before choosing the right product for carpet cleaning, we recommend first reading about the features of your home carpets. If possible, ask the manufacturer of your carpets about cleaning and care recommendations. Usually, obtaining this information does not take longer than 30 minutes.

The most effective carpet cleaning products are not so easy to buy, since most of them are professional chemicals. Most of them are not available for purchase in convenience stores. The majority of them require special knowledge and skills, and industrial carpet cleaning machines.

Which is better - natural solutions or high quality carpet cleaning products?

Many eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods for removing stains and carpet maintenance are popular and have a well-deserved reputation. They are convenient, effective, and harmless, due to the products being certified safe to use.

However, there are constant new developments in the cleaning industry. Every year, more and more high quality carpet cleaning products are created. It is your choice whether to purchase chemicals, or use one of the natural tools for carpet cleaning we mention below.

Rug cleaning with snow

This cleaning trick is preferably used on low and medium pile rugs, rather than fitted carpet. The most important thing about this method is to find clean and relatively dry snow. Spread the snow over the surface of your rug, and sweep it out with a broom after a few minutes.

If the effect is not visible the first time, you can repeat the cleaning once or twice. This method is universal: snow not only gives the rug a frosty aroma, but also removes dirt and refreshes the colours. One of the greatest benefits of this method is that snow will kill bacteria on the rug.

Carpet cleaning with baking soda

Cleaning the carpet with baking soda is one of the most affordable and harmless means for household cleaning of floor coverings. Below are two ways to perform effective baking soda carpet cleaning yourself:

Wet carpet cleaning with baking soda - half a glass of soda is dissolved in a five-litre bucket of warm water. It must then be sprayed on the carpet evenly, so as to cover the whole stained surface. After 30-40 minutes pass, you should use a good vacuum cleaner to collect the substance and dirt from the carpet. Soda not only absorbs odours and perfectly cleans, but also returns colour to light carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning with baking soda is done by scattering the soda evenly over the surface. Allow it to sit on the carpet for a short amount of time, then hoover it out of the fibres.

Vinager for fresh air.jpg

Carpet cleaning with vinegar

Cleaning the carpet with vinegar helps to restore the bright colors of the carpet and kills bacteria on it. You have to prepare a solution of vinegar - a tablespoon per litre of water.

How to remove stains and strong contaminants with natural carpet cleaning products?

Complete stain removal from your home carpet can be accomplished if you do not leave the stain to dry. The success rate also depends on the origin of the stain.

A universal agent for removing stains is as follows:

  • 3 teaspoons of dishwashing detergent (always colourless)
  • a quarter of a glass of vinegar and ammonia

Please dissolve these ingredients in a bucket full of warm water, about 7-8 litres will suffice.

In order to remove the stain, you have to use a clean cloth or a sponge, damped in the solution. Leave it to sit for about 15 minutes, then hoover it with a powerful vacuum cleaner. If the stain is fresh, remove it from the edge to the centre, otherwise it will only increase.

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What steam machines do professionals use

How to maintain the carpet properly?

To ensure the carpets remain clean for a long time, with a pleasing appearance, here are simple tips and suggestions:

  1. Know the properties and features of your carpet, as well as its care instructions. There are many types of carpets, and each has certain cleaning requirements which should be followed. Being aware what cleaning solutions and methods to apply to your home carpets is priceless.
  2. Prevent the appearance of stains on the carpet by creating a set of rules to be followed at home. For example, you can protect the living room carpet by not eating away from the table. This should lower the chances of food marks happening on that specific carpet.
  3. Remove the stains as soon as possible once they appear on your carpet. If something is poured or spilled, it is best to blot it with a clean rag or napkin immediately. If it was a greasy food spillage, salt will be useful in absorbing the majority of it.
  4. Try to avoid leaving the carpet in direct sunlight by using curtains in your home. The simple reason as to why is that carpets are often deformed by sunlight exposure.
  5. Make sure the carpet is left to dry naturally by opening windows and using the heaters. Try to avoid directly placing a heating unit on top, as it might lead to deformities.
  6. Do not use bleach and other aggressive carpet cleaning products on woollen carpets, as they can cause damage.
  7. Vacuum the carpet regularly to deal with dust build-up and day to day issues. It is helpful to do so between 2 and 3 times a week, more frequently if you have pets at home.
  8. Take care not to damage the pile when applying the carpet cleaning products with a nozzle.
  9. Keep your homes well ventilated, and heated in the colder periods of the year. Having a damp and cold home may lead to the formation of mould, which is a difficult problem to handle.
  10. Professional deep carpet cleaning services are the best way to maintain any type of carpets, synthetic or natural alike. Using a professional cleaning company is the right choice for deep cleaning that deals with stubborn stains and odours.