Everyone wants to enjoy pleasant smell inside the vehicle but most people accomplish that goal with flavored products, bought from the store. These products should not be used because they hide potential risk for your health. Instead, you can use natural products for refreshing the air and for car upholstery cleaning. Baking soda is the most used cleaning product that will purify the air inside the car and is great for car upholstery cleaning. If you apply it on the seats, it will absorb the bad odors and will leave the surface clean and fresh.

Also, baking soda will remove old stains from the seats. In fact, you can use this product for keeping the carpets at home clean, as well. Vinegar is another excellent tool for car upholstery cleaning. It will overcome the unpleasant cigarette smoke odor and will disinfect the cleaned surfaces. All you need to do is mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar. You can use the solution for cleaning every inch from your car saloon. French orange peels will remove the bad odor in your car. You have to spread some fresh peels on the back seats. They will keep your car fresh for several days.

Placing cat litter sand in the ashtrays is very useful method for reducing the smell of cigarettes in the car. It is better not to allow anyone smoke inside your car.

Open box of ground coffee is an excellent technique for absorbing offensive odors inside the car.

Why we have to use natural air fresheners

Why you have to replace flavoured products with natural cleansers?

Natural fresheners

Flavored products can cause allergies, asthma, migraine, decreased libido, etc., according to recent studies. One of the main reasons for the emergence of a health problem is contact dermatitis. The used perfume or other product in contact with the skin causes eczema, dermatitis. It can grow from a simple rash into more serious complaints, experts say.

Aromatic molecules in cosmetic products cause an immune response that is expressed in itching, irritation, cracking and scaling of the skin.

It is believed that every 20 people are affected by an allergy caused by the scent of the perfume, deodorant or flavor that is used daily. According to statistics, the number of people affected increases even more with the introduction of all kinds of flavored products.

Sometimes there are no visible signs that an allergy has developed. The body does not react immediately to the cosmetic product, but develops "cell memories" that cause inflammation when exposed directly to the body with the given chemical, whether it be the originator or another product. Sufferers of already existing eczema are even more vulnerable to body reaction and worsening of eczema in contact with perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, softeners, toilet paper and other flavored products.

Flavored products can also cause migraine. They activate nerve cells located in the nasal cavity that stimulate signals responsible for headache.

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The smell of a brand new car is toxic

This new car flavor is so loved and valuable that many of us are trying to keep it for a long time in our car and some flavor makers have even invented products that mimic it and replace it when it disappears.

It turns out, however, that this fragrance carries some risks - new seats and plastic parts in the passenger compartment that emit it cause headaches and some allergic reactions in more sensitive drivers.

The situation is exacerbated during times of extreme weather conditions (when it is very cold or very hot) when a person is driving with tightly closed windows and the air conditioner rotates only indoor air to change the temperature faster.

Car cleaning with

What is the danger?

Car Air Fresheners

This is dangerous because the smell of a new car is sometimes toxic vapors from the chemicals used in the manufacture of the steering wheel, the seats, the dashboard and everything else. According to a study by the US National Environmental Center, cars operate as chemical reactors and are one of the most harmful environments we spend time on. They contain bromine (used to make non-combustible surfaces), chlorine (a component in polyvinyl or PVC), lead and various heavy metal components that are highly allergenic, carcinogenic and poisonous.

We hope we have influenced many of you with this article and will make you think twice next time when you are going to perform car upholstery cleaning. Use only safe products for this procedure and don’t purchase toxic chemicals for cleaning that promise great results. The toxic preparations and flavored products are dangerous for your health. Also, these strong preparations may damage the color of your seats. Many professional cleaning companies use eco-friendly products for car upholstery cleaning. Before scheduling your next cleaning procedure, ask the phone assistants what products the experts use for car upholstery cleaning.