Easy Way to Remove Blood Stain from Carpet

Easy Way to Remove Blood Stain from Carpet

 Carpets increase the beauty of any room and at the same time when they are stained they reduce it. Thus, you need to know about some stain removing techniques that are easy and can be done at home.  If you know some basic steps you can easily deal with the various types of stains like blood stain, stain from food and many others. While carpet cleaning in London it’s important to remove these stains and let’s find out how.

Removing blood stains

Among the various types of stains, bloodstains are more difficult to remove and they become more difficult when the stain has dried. If you can manage it when it is wet, it would be better. Then just blotting the blood would remove much of the stain. Here one thing must be remembered and that is any liquid should be blotted from the carpet and not rubbed against it. Upon rubbing they would get deeper into the carpet.

There are different methods of removing blood stain from different types of carpet. Let’s find them out

  • For removing blood from oriental style carpets, mix two cup of water with one cup of vinegar. Then spray the solution over the carpet. Let it settle down and then blot it.
  • If you have synthetic carpet, you need to mix two tablespoon of ammonia along with one cup of water. It’s better if the water is cold. Then spray the solution over the stain and after 5 minutes blot it off.
  • If you have carpet made up of natural fiber, then mix non-alkaline detergent with water in a spray bottle. Spray it over the stain and after 5 minutes blot it. You may repeat the process if required.

You can do this yourself or rely on some professional services. Just call Prolux Carpet Cleaning for taking care of various types of stains.

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