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Exceptional upholstery cleaning services in Hampstead

For all your professional upholstery cleaning needs in Hampstead, you can trust ProLux Cleaning company. Our experienced mobile cleaning teams are always ready to take your emergency order. ProLux has been constantly rated as the number one upholstery cleaning company, with more than 10 years in the cleaning industry. We provide exceptional cleaning services around the clock, including at weekends and bank holidays.

Our sofa cleaning services are safe for your health, as we use only eco-friendly cleaning products and professional equipment. Hot water extraction machines with multiple settings for water pressure and temperature will be used on your furniture. The chemicals we use are completely safe for children and pets, as well as all sofa materials.

ProLux: A reliable cleaning partner

Professional sofa and rug cleaners in Hampstead ensure the following:

  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • High-powered steam cleaning machines
  • Possibility to order same day sofa cleaning services
  • Fully insured, trained and certified upholstery cleaners
  • Your best chances of stain removal

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Revive your upholstery: Effective stain removal and deep cleaning by ProLux

Act swiftly in case of accidents

Upholstered furniture is very simple to keep in pristine condition. All you have to do is use professional upholstery cleaning services once or twice every year. As a professional cleaning company, we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as any kind of stain happens. When stains are fresh, we have a higher chance to completely remove them and restore your sofa to brand-new condition.

Deep sofa cleaning & spot removal

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ProLux experts have the needed knowledge on how to effectively remove various types of stains. Our professionals use the steam extraction cleaning method, which is the best stain removal cleaning technique. It cleans the upholstered furniture in-depth and disinfects it, leaving the cleaned sofas or armchairs free of bacteria. We can help you preserve the beauty of your upholstery for many years.

Keep your items clean with regular professional cleaning

Even if your sofas seem clean, they should be deep cleaned by professionals once every 6 months. While they might seem normal on the outside, a lot of dust has built up inside over the period of time. Deep cleaning services should be used every so often, not just for your sofas, but also for your rugs and mattresses.

Powerful machines able to clean delicate fabrics

The machines we use also work under varying temperature and pressure settings, letting us clean all sofa types. We use high settings on durable synthetics and mid to low ones on delicate natural sofas. On most types of velvet sofas, we use a minimal amount of water, making the service resemble to dry cleaning.

Cleaning solutions you can trust: Child and pet-friendly upholstery cleaning

Booking an upholstery cleaning service from ProLux is a guarantee your furniture will be cleaned harmlessly. Our cleaning methods are appropriate for homes with children, pets and people with allergies. Our cleaning solutions are child and pet friendly, have no repelling odour, and are highly efficient in dealing with stubborn stains.

These cleaning products are made by Prochem, who have been on the cleaning market for about 50 years. We trust them to deliver the highest calibre of smell and stain removal products, who are 100% safe for our clients. By choosing our company, you choose the most harmless cleaning service available in London.

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Save with combined cleaning services for rugs and upholstery

If you want to get a free quotation for our cleaning services in Hampstead, contact our customer service centres. Aside from sofa cleaning, we are also a professional mattress and soft floor cleaning company. We even offer tenancy cleaning services for tenants who need to professionally clean everything before moving out of a property.

For combining services like rugs and upholstery cleaning, you can get the best prices in North London. We also cover the surrounding areas of Cricklewood, Belsize Park, Hilldrop Estate, Primrose Hill, Camden Town, Finchley, Archway and more.

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