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The Trusted Choice: ProLux's Hot Water Extraction Method for Upholstery Cleaning in Bayswater W2

ProLux is a provider of professional upholstery cleaning services in Bayswater W2. Our insured, certified and highly trained textile flooring and upholstery cleaners specialise in the hot water extraction deep cleaning method. It involves a commercial steam cleaning machine, highly suited for deep disinfection and stain removal purposes.

For the last 15 years, we have gained renown as an expert upholstery and textile flooring cleaning company in Bayswater and London. We use the most effective odour and stain removers by Prochem, which are completely harmless to pets and children. Contact our customer service centres on 020 3318 6387 and schedule your next sofa cleaning service.

Why choose a professional upholstery cleaning company

  • Cleaners with insurance, certificates and years of experience
  • Industrial hot water extraction cleaning machines
  • The number one stain removal method available
  • Child and pet friendly chemicals
  • Available 7 days a week

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What makes ProLux stand out?

A team of fully-trained technicians

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As a leader on the cleaning market, we have some of the highest trained and well equipped cleaners among us. Each of them has passed our supervisors' training with flying colours, and they attend additional courses when available. This lets them remain prepared for every challenge the cleaning world has to offer.

Versatile cleaning equipment suitable for any fabric

In terms of equipment, our experts use the most powerful and modern steam cleaning machines available. They are built to have different settings for water heat, amount and pressure. By regulating them, we can clean all types of sofa fabric with ease. Your artificial, velvet and natural sofas are safe in the hands of our professional cleaners.

Safe yet effective cleaning solutions by Prochem

The powerful cleaning gear is complemented by equally powerful cleaning solutions, made by Prochem. This UK manufacturer has been dominating the entire cleaning field for about 50 years. Their secret is the harmlessness of the products, as they have no environmental impact. They do not cause any side effects and are completely safe for pets, children and adults.

How we approach the upholstery steam cleaning?

  1. A professional representative of ours attends your property in the pre-arranged time and date. After an inspection of the upholstery, he will know the best approach to the cleaning service.
  2. The furniture is hoovered in all of its accessible areas, then it is pre-treated. The pre-treatment product will make the task of stain removal easier to overcome by our technician.
  3. Our cleaner uses the steam extraction machine to spray heated water under high pressure into the material.
  4. Stains, odours and other issues are treated with the most appropriate cleaning products by our expert.
  5. About 90% of the total water amount is extracted, leaving the upholstery to dry out naturally.

We clean the following types of upholstery in residential and commercial properties every day:

  • corner and straight unit sofas, curved sofas, sofa beds and recliner sofas
  • high back chairs, wing back chairs, armchairs, cuddle chairs and love seats
  • ottomans and footstools
  • pouffes and chaise lounges
  • modular sofas
  • office chairs and dining chairs
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Unlock the Savings: ProLux's Special Discount for Combined Cleaning Services in Bayswater

Our cleaning company's technicians are also highly mobile in Bayswater and the rest of the West London districts. We clean for residents and offices in the surrounding areas of Chelsea, Earls Court, Paddington, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Hammersmith and more. You can receive a full list of covered areas and a free quote by contacting our customer support assistants.

What is more, we offer additional cleaning services besides sofa cleaning. Professional textile floor cleaning, mattress and curtain cleaning, and car upholstery cleaning is what we also specialise in. Customers who book a mixed order will receive a special discount on the total service fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are zero unpleasant odours left by our Prochem cleaning solutions. By design, the chemicals have pleasant aromas of the citrus or otherwise plant variety. Of course, if that's not up to your tastes, or you have allergies/irritable nostrils, you can always discuss with our technician on site, as not all of the products are aromatic (except the deodorisers, where it's a product feature).

The drying process for upholstery varies depending on the type of fabric, how thick it is and the time of the season as well. The average, however, is between 6 and 12 hours, due to our equipment extracting most of the water during the cleaning. You can accelerate the drying process by opening windows, using the heating, and using any fans or dehumidifiers if possible.

Indeed, all products used in our upholstery cleaning procedures are eco-friendly, and completely harmless to children and pets alike. They are hypoallergenic as well, and due to the nature of our cleaning method, there will not be any remaining residues after the cleaning. By choosing ProLux, you choose complete safety for your loved ones, and the highest quality of professional cleaning services money can buy.

The equipment we use to carry out upholstery cleaning services with are commercial hot water extraction machines. They have multiple power and heat settings, making them suitable for all kinds of sofa material. Our technicians have many years of experience in treating all of them, and you can be sure yours will be cleaned to the best of their ability, as many times as the fabric allows.

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