No matter how hard we try to keep clean at home, especially when working on a home improvement project or arts and craft activities, we won’t be insured against accidentally getting paint stains on carpet, even if we strategically use different means to protect our carpet from said paint spills and splatters.

Getting rid of paint from any hard surface can be difficult, but to remove paint stains from carpets and rugs is especially tricky. The best way to get paint out of a carpet or a sofa is to clean up the splattered paint stains as quickly as possible because once the paint dries, it becomes pretty much impossible to remove without professional help. The worst case scenario is having to buy a new carpet.

Be aware that the best way to take paint out of carpet ultimately depends on the type of paint. To find out what type of paint it is, is not difficult – just read what's written on the box: acrylic, latex or oil paint. Once you know what to use to get the paint off the carpet, strictly follow the clean-up steps, so you can prevent the paint stains on your sofa or carpet from becoming a permanent part of your home furniture.

In this article, you will find some excellent tips on how to remove stains of paint from carpets and area rugs; how to clean paint out of carpets depending on type of paint including:

  • how do you get acrylic paint out of carpet;
  • how do you get latex paint out of carpet;
  • what to use to clean oil paint off
  • how to remove artistic paint stains from carpet
  • how do you get dried paint out of carpet;

Let’s begin!

How to clean paint off carpet
What to use to remove paint

Removing acrylic paint from carpet

If you follow these instructions, you can easily clean the spilled acrylic paint from almost any carpet and any fabric. This method is well suited for fresh, still damp paint. Be quick, as acrylic paint is the fastest drying type of paint!


  1. Vacuum the treated area.
  2. Dry the wet area with a dry towel.
  3. Use a sponge soaked in an aqueous solution to finish cleaning the carpet from the acrylic paint. Do not use too much water.
  4. Pour warm water into the bucket and add a little dishwashing liquid.
  5. Use nail polish remover or acetone to clean all paint residues.
  6. Pour the glycerin onto a dry paper towel to soak the paint-affected carpet. Keep blotting until the paint is minimal.
  7. Put paper towels around the spot so that the paint does not spread further. Use dry paper towels to soak up as much as you can, and do not rub it in.

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Acrylic paint 2

Cleaning latex paint off of carpet

Unlike acrylic paint, this type of paint is water-based, but can also have chemical additives.


  • Place an old towel onto the puddle of paint.
  • Wet the stain with water and start wiping it.
  • Rub the spot of paint with a soft brush, periodically dousing it with soapy water.

Stain removal of emulsion paint from carpets

Emulsion paint is made from water, pigments and tiny particles of polymers acting as a base, staying in the aqueous medium in a suspended state, while the emulsion particles are not dissolved.


  1. Soak the paint with a towel or paper towel, and do not rub it in!
  2. Dampen a cloth with vinegar
  3. Put the soaked cloth onto the stain, and again - do not rub it! Wait until the paint is absorbed into the cloth.
  4. Turn the cloth over on its clean side, and start slowly rubbing the stain. (It is advisable to have more than one cloth at hand; all cloths need to be moistened with a solution of vinegar!)
  5. Lastly, remove the residue of the stain with a soft sponge in soapy warm water.
How to remove pain stains

Cleaning carpet oil paint stains

Removing oil paint can be much more difficult, but it can be removed by quick successive actions.

Procedure 1:

  • Onto the puddle with oil paint, place a dry towel and do not rub it in. Then gently remove the stain with dry napkins!
  • Apply a little "dry cleaning agent" onto a sponge. Use only a small amount to not damage the carpet fibres!
  • Mix one teaspoon of dish detergent with 240 ml of warm water.
  • Remove the stain with a soapy sponge.

Procedure 2:

If there is a stain from the oil paint on the rug, you first need to put a white cloth under the product, and then treat it with a solvent. Next, you need to use a sponge, after moistening it in cold water. If the first attempt fails, repeat this procedure again.

If you need to remove the dried paint, the first thing to do is put a white napkin under it and treat with stain remover or denatured alcohol. You can also use turpentine, or another solvent.


It is allowed to wash the carpet only after the stain disappears. Otherwise, after washing, the paint will penetrate even deeper into the fabric. If it is not possible to cope with the contamination, it is advisable to defer the textile flooring to a deep cleaning company.

If the oil paint has dried, you need to seek the help of specialists.

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Cleaning art paint stains off of carpets and rugs

Procedure 1 (for rugs):

If you need to remove stains from art paint, then first you need to remove unabsorbed paint with paper towels. Then, the rug should be thrown into the laundromat, carefully applying soap on it. Then rinse the rug in the traditional way.

Procedure 2 (for carpets):

If carpet products have stains from natural or artificial colours, then without any delay, they should begin to remove them. You need to blot them with a dry cloth. Use of water here is not recommended, as this will lead to dilution of the pigment and the spread of pollution over a large area.

Myths how to clean carpet

How do you get dry stains from hair dye out of carpet?

Dry stains from hair dye are hard to remove, and most often the only way is professional deep cleaning. However, there is a way to effectively remove stains from stale paint from the carpet.

To do this, you need:

  • Glycerin
  • Clean wipes
  • Vinegar
  • Dish soap or a solution of laundry soap


In order to clean the place of contamination, you need to apply glycerin to soften it, and leave it for 4-5 hours. Then, the stain is treated with a soap solution and, if the result is not satisfactory, with a vinegar composition (apply soap before washing it off).

In the end, it is worthwhile to thoroughly wash it with water, alternating between a wet and dry cloth, so as not to increase the area of ​​the stain. Dry naturally by leaving windows open.

If nothing is working out – call in professionals!

If the above techniques and tips on how to get paint out of carpet do not provide the desired results, you need professional help!

We at ProLux Cleaning use the best-advanced methods and tools to bring back your carpet's original look, before it was damaged by any issues - even paint stains.