Leather car upholstery needs special attention. Regular treating with suitable cleaning solutions maintains the elasticity of the leather. Leather upholstery is especially preferred by families with children and dogs, because food stains, stains from sauces, beverages, hairs and remnants of vomiting are much easier to be removed from leather seats than from fabrics upholstery!

However, who has leather upholstery in his vehicle should keep in mind that the graceful and beautifully ageing material requires regular care. At least two times a year, cosmetic sessions are needed. Without them the leather dries and does not look good.

Before car upholstery cleaning procedure, you need to know if the upholstery is made of smooth leather or suede. The suede is used in cars very rarely. The reason for this is that side is very polluted, and it is very difficult to be cleaned.

The first step in cleaning suede seats is in good brushing. Then, with a special preparation or a foamed hair shampoo, carefully wipe the upholstery, and the dirt will gradually be removed. Do not overdo it because you can leave stains! Water is also not a suitable means of cleaning suede seats.

In smooth leather upholstery the problems are much less. The dirt is dissolved and removed with a sponge soaked with a little transparent liquid for windows cleaning. After car upholstery cleaning, you must leave the seats to dry well. Otherwise, bumpy strips are formed at the edges, which are removed only with great effort.

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Leather upholstery

What you have to do to protect your leather seats?

1. If your car has light leather interior, you should give up the clothes with unsustainable colours such as jeans, leather jackets, leather trousers and more.

2. Tubs, belts with caps and sharp objects scratch the leather seats.

3. Perform car upholstery cleaning with colorless, acid-neutral detergents.

4. Ultraviolet rays cause fading of the leather. Therefore, the convertible leather upholstery is treated with a maintenance agent several times a year.

Before and after car leather seats

How to maintain polyurethane leather interior?

  • Cleaning of polyurethane leather should be done every week with a micro fiber cloth in order not to accumulate dust. Choose a thicker, woolen micro fiber cloth that will attract and remove all dust.
  • Make a solution of water and soap using a soft liquid detergent. Gently wipe the leather. Repeat the procedure until apparently you clean all the dirt.
  • The more persistent spots are sprayed with a general-purpose cleaner on an alcohol basis. It will have a greater chance of cleaning stains that are different - like mud and food, for example.
  • Rinse the polyurethane leather entirely with warm clean water and a clean sponge. Make sure that you clean each gap to avoid places where soap or dirt will dry in the pores or cracks.
  • Clean the entire surface with a dry cloth.
  • When stain occurs, clean it immediately with a dry cloth. Polyurethane synthetic leather is water-resistant but still can breathe. This means that stains can easily penetrate the pores of the car upholstery.
  • If you stain the upholstery with ink, crayons, pencil or something similar, clean it with alcohol. Immerse a piece of cloth in the spirits and just rub in circular movements. Use alcohol carefully, especially on dark-coloured leather interiors, because it can cause the trim to fade.
  • If everything does not work, you need a dry cleaning of your polyurethane upholstery. The chemicals for dry cleaning work very well on this type of synthetic leather because it can breathe.
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