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What are The Requirements for Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Pinner Firm?

The main specialization of Prolux carpet cleaning Pinner based company is the provision of services for cleaning carpets, area rugs and upholstered furniture. To develop this direction, we have done a lot – we use a wide range of carpet cleaning equipment that enables us to apply various cleaning methods on different types of textile coatings, as well as a wide range of professional carpet cleaning products by Prochem. All this has allowed us to improve the quality and efficiency of the carpet cleaning services provided - in Pinner we are the only ones who can offer this level of service to the client.

carpet cleaning PinnerTo become successful in this field, it is not enough to buy cleaning equipment and professional chemistry. Even if you have expensive equipment and carpet cleaning detergents, it does not mean that you have become a professional carpet cleaning Pinner expert and will cope with any pollution on the carpet. Our experience – thousands of washed carpets and sofas is a proof we do not experiment, but guarantee the quality of cleaning and safety of products.

What distinguishes us from all the other carpet cleaning Pinner based companies? Prolux is a closed-cycle company, in our arsenal we have everything we need – industrial carpet cleaning equipment, professional chemistry and trained experts. This allows us to respond quickly to incoming orders, to perform a wide range of works qualitatively.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

4 Reasons to Work with Us, If You Need a Guaranteed High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Service:

1. The first and only carpet cleaning Pinner based company that gives a 100% guarantee to remove any smells from any carpets

2. The first and only carpet cleaning Pinner based company that combs and raises the nap of any carpet

No automatic line, no equipment can cope with this task - only manual labor and a special comb. The combing stage is one of the main and without it, it is impossible to completely dust the carpet, since the entangled carpet fibers will hold up grains of sand and dust.

3. The first and only carpet cleaning Pinner based company that guarantees 100% removing sand from any carpet

Do you think that the stage of cleaning the carpet with foam detergent is the main and most important? You are wrong! The most important stage in cleaning carpets is vacuuming, which allows you to remove from the carpet the main pollution - dust and sand. It is impossible to carpet out qualitatively without effective vacuuming.

4. The first and only carpet cleaning Pinner based company that uses steam carpet cleaning method.

After our cleaning, the carpets do not turn yellow, the colors do not darken, they do not fade, and most importantly the pile of the carpet becomes soft to the touch.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The availability of a variety of equipment indicates cleaning company’s ability to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks. And not just to execute but to perform with high quality and within a reasonable time.

A carpet cleaning Pinner Company that uses in its work professional equipment can significantly reduce the material and time costs of cleaning, and hence reduces the cost of carpet cleaning services for the customer. Many cleaning services can not be performed without specialized equipment, for example dry cleaning of furniture and carpets.

Also, for different cleaning volumes, the best cleaning company must have the appropriate equipment, for example, for cleaning carpets and furniture in living quarters, a small class of small size and weight extractor is quite enough, and for cleaning large volumes of carpet we already have to use powerful, heavy extractors.

Not Everyone Can Be Top Quality Carpet Cleaner

Today, it is possible to organize business in almost any field. Cleaning is no exception. That is why there is great competition in carpet cleaning Pinner based services. The newly created cleaning companies primarily rely on carpet cleaning services as the easiest, most in demand and low-cost. But it is not as easy as it seems.

The quality of the services, offered by carpet cleaning Pinner based company depends on the equipment selected. What should be the arsenal of a budding carpet cleaner? What is more preferable from the equipment? And without which at first you can do without? The choice of technology depends on the planned volume of services and, of course, on the availability of funds. Here we define the 5 most important tools that are one of the reasons for the top quality services we provide: a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, a carpet extractor or a carpet combine, a single-disk machine, carpet dryer, chemicals.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning draws up to 50% of all dirt, dust, hair, small debris. This is the beginning of carpet cleaning Pinner procedure. Vacuum cleaners, used by Prochem, are extremely powerful and productive. These vacuum cleaners are designed to work in harsher conditions and are designed for a long time of operation.

Advantages of such a vacuum cleaner are obvious: Due to the electric motor, spinning with constant speed, all the fibers of the carpet are carefully combed; its original form is restored. Subsequently, dirt is easier to clean. The average homeowner cannot afford such expensive equipment. That is why people look for our efficient services.

One of the most basic devices in our work is a carpet extractor, or a carpet washing machine. The essence of the carpet extractor operation is that a previously prepared solution with detergent chemical agent under pressure is applied to the surface of the product and, saturated with dirt, is immediately absorbed back. The method of extraction cleaning allows our experts to remove the maximum amount of dirt and effectively cleans any textile coatings.

A single-disk machine (rotor, washer, and polisher) has a mechanical effect on the carpet. Here, one of the four factors (mechanical action, time, cleaning agent and temperature) starts to work, affecting the quality of carpet cleaning. The rotary machine accurately and qualitatively processes the pile of the carpet and is most often used in particularly difficult cases. Depending on the degree of contamination of the carpet and technology, either carpet brushes or bonnet pads are used.

Carpet drier - the good quality of carpet cleaning Pinner service can be said only after the complete drying of the carpet. If you try to clean the carpet by yourself, you may seem formed spots and stains on a seemingly clean carpet. Natural drying lasts from 6 hours to a day and even more and requires certain conditions. For professional drying we use special dryers which reduce the drying time up to 70%.

Of no less importance is the selection of chemical agents for hot water extraction cleaning, shampooing and a set for stain removal. We use products from an exclusive trusted supplier of the chosen brand - Prochem. This guarantees not only high-quality service support, but also the quality of our work.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

1. In dry cleaning procedure there are two options - if dry granules are used, they are applied to the surface of the carpet or upholstered furniture. Then these granules are rubbed into the surface of the product, where they dissolve and absorb dirt on themselves, since they contain special reagents in their composition. After that, the granules are removed from the surface of the product by a vacuum cleaner.

2. If dry foam is used, it is also applied to the surface of the product. In this type of dry cleaning, the foam and the liquid contained in its composition do not penetrate deep into carpets or furniture because the moisture content of the applied solution does not exceed 10%. For this reason, dry cleaning with foam is called "dry". Foam absorbs and dissolves dirt on the surface of the product, 3-5 minutes after application, and the dissolved dirt together with the foam remains collected with a vacuum cleaner.

The greatest advantage of dry carpet cleaning is the rapid drying of the product for several hours. Due to the low content of liquid, this cleaning is convenient and fast in execution, carefully influences the products made from natural fabrics, such as wool, silk. After dry cleaning, you can use the product after a few hours.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also one of the methods of dry cleaning of products. When cleaning with steam, dry steam is used, which does not contain detergents. This version of the cleaning of carpets, furniture, mattresses and curtains are well suited with a mild contamination of products. Steam carpet cleaning is considered to be the most eco-friendly way for carpet maintenance. It is especially appropriate for people suffering from asthma, allergies, respiratory problems, pregnant women, babies and toddlers.

Thus, with proper application of the method of steam cleaning can be quickly refresh the surface of carpets and upholstered furniture. These products will be ready for use after a few hours after cleaning. Removal challenging soils, stains, odors inside the product is only possible when working with specialized equipment and the right carpet cleaning techniques.

Stain removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Pinner
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
best carpet cleaning companies by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Pinner
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Great results by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Pinner
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Joel Walters

I am very satisfied by Prolux carpet cleaning services! I have to confess that this was the first professional service I have ever used; I have no experience with other cleaning companies! However, I did not expect such remarkable change of my carpeted flooring! I vacuum it 3 times a week and I have tested the natural method of cleaning with baking soda. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any change in my carpet after applying baking soda. I have read in internet that the carpet will be brightened and the spots will disappear. However, neither of these happened! I just wasted several boxes of baking soda and an hour in rubbing and vacuuming the carpet. I was really disappointed!

My carpet had many stains – most of which coffee and food stains and I didn’t want to risk applying a special detergent, bought from the store. I was afraid I can damage my carpet even more. That is why I took the decision it is high time to call Prolux and schedule carpet cleaning service. My sister was telling me to do this from a long time! She is Prolux regular customer. However, I was convinced I can maintain my carpet by myself but I was wrong. The main reason was that I wanted to save the money for carpet cleaning service.

Now, when I saw the transformation of my carpet, I can say you should not try clean your carpets by yourself. You will never achieve such spectacular result in cleaning! Trust Prolux experts! They know very well what they are doing!

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