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Expert upholstery cleaning Richmond

Do you need sofa cleaners you can trust?

ProLux is a Richmond based professional upholstery cleaning company with over 15 years of experience in sofa cleaning. Our fully insured, certified and highly trained upholstery cleaners in Richmond provide high quality deep cleaning services. The method is known as steam cleaning with extraction, and is a deep cleaning method which is most effective for disinfection and stain removal.

Our upholstery cleaning services are performed with industrial hot water extraction machines and eco-friendly cleaning products. ProLux is the best professional soft flooring, sofa and rug cleaning company in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Call our customer service centres, receive a free, no obligation quote, and book your cleaning appointment.

Why choose professional sofa cleaners in Richmond?

  • Five-star customer support teams
  • Insured, certified and experienced sofa cleaners
  • Powerful machine cleaning method
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Number one smell and stain removal cleaning technique

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Professional sofa cleaning Richmond

Trained experts delivering unmatched cleaning results

Our experts have been trained and undergone additional courses to earn the title of the best professional cleaners in Richmond. Their considerable knowledge gets further expanded every day, as all of them continue to attend new training when available. They know how to remove stains of any kind, such as ones caused by spillages of red wine and chocolate.

Powerful machines for all upholstery materials

The powerful machines we use are suitable for all kinds of upholstered furniture materials. This is partly due to the great experience of our cleaners, and partly due to the actual machine possibilities. They have multiple settings of pressure and heat for the water, and we can also regulate the amount. If necessary, we are able to use a low amount of water, applying a form of dry cleaning to your sofas.

Harmless and odourless cleaning solutions

All ProLux cleaning services take place with the use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These products are environmentally friendly and completely harmless to adults, children and pets. They do not cause unpleasant odours to appear, nor do they have any side effects to anyone involved. Your soft furnishings will be cleaned in the safest way possible, and will be fully disinfected and refreshed.

Types of furniture we can clean for you:

  • straight and corner sofas
  • armchairs, high back chairs and wing back chairs
  • footstools, pouffes and ottomans
  • office chairs, dining chairs
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Sofa cleaning and stain removal in Richmond

We are proud to say our method is the best chance you have to rid your sofas of stains and dirt. All stains which are removable by cleaning will be extracted by the machines during the cleaning process. This will restore your furniture to its original appearance, and also disinfect it, as the germs will also be removed.

There are three main factors why we are your best chance of stain removal:

  1. The experience and training of our professional cleaners
  2. Our industrial steam extraction machines
  3. The smell and stain removal products by Prochem

Taking all of these into account, we are confident that we will be your one-stop shop for any cleaning needs in the future.

Sofa cleaning near Richmond

ProLux cleaning teams are highly mobile in Richmond and in the rest of South-West London, working 7 days a week. We also cover the surrounding districts of Kingston, Twickenham, Hounslow, Wimbledon, Hampton, Brentford, Surbiton, Isleworth, Surrey, Esher, Epsom and more.

Get a free quote and book with ease

To receive a free quote and availability, you can always contact our customer service centres. They are open 24/7 for our clients' convenience, which is inclusive of bank holidays. You can also inquire about our rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and curtain cleaning services, all performed throughout London.

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