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Experience excellence in upholstery cleaning with ProLux in Epsom

ProLux is a provider of professional upholstery cleaning services in Epsom. We are proud to work with the most skilful fully insured and certified technicians you can find in London. They offer a high standard of deep sofa cleaning, turning every service into a great job.

For over 15 years, our expert cleaning technicians have been using the steam extraction method. It is highly effective in dealing with different types of stains and dirt, as well as deeply disinfecting the material. Our cleaning solutions of choice are eco-friendly, completely harmless to people and pets. They have no harsh, unpleasant smells, and do not provoke allergic reactions.

Why call a professional sofa cleaning company today:

  • Award-winning customer service assistants
  • High-powered steam cleaning machines
  • Harmless chemicals, safe for children and animals
  • Fully insured, highly trained and certified cleaners
  • Your highest chances of smell and stain removal

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Stain removal and disinfection is what we do best!

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The specialists of ProLux know how to handle all manner of sofa cover materials found in residential and business properties. Our technicians have passed numerous courses on how to be the very best upholstery cleaners. They are aware which means are required to remove stains of any kind from every sofa type. They are heavily assisted by two main factors:

First, the cleaning method of hot water extraction is the most efficient stain removal technique. All stains which haven't damaged the material yet will be removed, and we guarantee this. The fabric will also be fully disinfected, as steam extraction is also the best at that.

Safe and effective solutions

Second, our chemicals of choice are made by Prochem, the leader on the UK cleaning market. These cleaning solutions are designed to be eco-friendly and 100% safe for use near children and pets. The solutions do not cause any side effects, nor do they impact your health.

Speedy drying for your upholstery

During the hot water extraction cleaning process, we also shorten drying times to a minimum. This is achieved with the extraction machine itself, as it removes about 90% of the water used immediately. The remainder can be handled by opening the windows and using the heating in the property.

The steam extraction cleaning process: How the magic is done

  1. Inspection of your furniture to discern cleaning method and products
  2. Hoovering, followed by pre-treatment of the stained areas
  3. A steam machine is used on the fabric, spraying heated water inside under pressure
  4. Most of the water is extracted immediately
  5. Stains, odours and germs are treated with special chemicals to remove them
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Exceptional results with skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment

No matter how carefully you monitor the cleanliness of your upholstered furniture, it will inevitably become dusty and need cleaning. Using professional services for rug and upholstery cleaning twice a year is the only way you can protect your health. You can never achieve the same remarkable results in cleaning, without possessing the needed skills, knowledge and high-standard equipment.

100,000 happy customers and counting

ProLux is the company that's here to assist you in all your domestic and commercial textile flooring and sofa cleaning needs. We have completed over 100,000 sofa and rug cleaning appointments in Epsom and the nearby regions. Thanks to the hard work of our professional sofa and soft floor cleaners, we have achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 99%.

Individual approach to every job

The secret to our success as a professional sofa and rug cleaning company is our individual approach to every customer. Every cleaning service starts with an inspection, which determines the cleaning techniques and products which will be used. By selecting everything based on the specifics, we guarantee the very best results will always be achieved.

Skilled in multiple cleaning fields

Professional soft floor cleaning services are just a small part of our team's portfolio. Aside from cleaning rugs and sofas for you, we can also clean your curtains, mattresses and car interiors. All services are performed with powerful machines and eco-friendly products, and by our own trained and experienced personnel.

Wide coverage and convenient availability

Our company is highly mobile in Epsom and South London, with perfect coverage of all nearby areas. Examples of covered regions include Banstead, Mitcham, Croydon, Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Chessington, Leatherhead and more districts. If you are unsure we cover your area, please contact our customer service centres, open 7 days a week for you. By doing this, you can also receive a free quote and availability, which we offer even for bank holidays.

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