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Reliable and effective upholstery cleaning services in Stratford E15

Professional soft floor and upholstery cleaning company ProLux specialises in domestic and commercial upholstery cleaning services in Stratford E15. Our insured, certified and trained sofa and rug cleaners use the most effective cleaning method available. Hot water extraction is the best technique for deep cleaning rugs, mattresses, and sofas in home and office environments.

In our sofa and textile floor cleaning services, we apply eco-friendly chemicals by Prochem to the fabric. These cleaning solutions are child and pet friendly, and let us achieve spectacular results every time. Take advantage of our safe method of sofa, mattress, and rug cleaning by contacting us on 020 3318 6387.

Benefits of choosing a professional cleaning company

  • Industrial steam extraction machines
  • The number one disinfection and stain removal method
  • Certified and fully insured technicians with years of experience
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Expert upholstery cleaning solutions for unmatched results

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Fabric or leather? ProLux knows wow to care for every type of furniture

ProLux is the cleaning company which can provide the necessary care for your fabric and leather furniture. This includes artificial, natural and velvet fabric sofas, and the many types of leather as well. We know the best way to treat anything is to determine an individual approach to every cleaning job.

Skilled technicians for effective stain and odour removal

Our cleaners have passed extensive training, and undergone additional courses on specific issues, to become cleaning experts. Each team member has at least 5 years of experience, and most of them have been with us since the start. They know how to remove stains of any kind, as well as unpleasant odours, from any type of material.

Frequent sofa cleaning for lasting beauty

As furniture is in use every day, it respectively requires to be cleaned often. Sofa manufacturers recommend ordering professional upholstery cleaning services at least 2 times a year. For populated office compounds and homes with big families, the suggested frequency must double.

Health and safety first: We choose green cleaning products

All cleaning services of our company are performed with environmentally friendly Prochem cleaning products. These chemicals are the most popular green line products for a reason, as they have no environmental impact. They do not cause side effects in people or pets, which is why we choose them for our cleaning work.

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Powerful steam cleaning: Restoring upholstery and rugs with precision

During the cleaning, we use powerful steam cleaning machines on the fabric upholstery and area rugs. They spray water under pressure within the material, reaching the deepest trapped dirt and then extracting it. This process will restore the original look of the furniture and leave it fully disinfected.

The most impressive feature of our equipment is that water pressure, temperature and amount can be regulated. This allows us to clean all types of soft floors and sofas, as we can pick the best settings for each. If necessary, we can even use a minimal amount of water, making the service resemble dry cleaning.

How is the method performed?

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  1. A representative of ours attends your property and begins by inspecting the furniture. This will let him discern the best approach for the cleaning task at hand.
  2. The upholstery will be hoovered with an industrial vacuum cleaner, in all areas we can reach. After this is performed, it will be free of surface debris and dust, and ready for the steam machine.
  3. A pre-treatment product is applied on the fabric to dissolve or thin out the stains and other issues. It will be allowed to sit for a few minutes before being removed via the cleaning gear.
  4. Our expert uses the hot water extraction cleaning machine to insert heated water under high pressure into the fabric.
  5. About 90% of the water used will be extracted immediately during the cleaning process, taking all dirt and germs with it.
  6. Stains, odours and bacteria are treated with specific eco-friendly Prochem products, and are removed by the machine.
  7. Once the cleaning is finished, we have the opportunity to apply Stain Protection* to your upholstery.

*Stain Protection is an after-care spray which strengthens the fabric against new stains and sunlight deformities. It will make spillages easier to remove, both by yourself and by professionals of the cleaning industry.

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Leather sofa cleaning: How we revive and preserve leather furniture

The majority of leather upholstery we clean is done in the most harmless way of cleaning leather. Manual treatment with a sponge and a soft brush, as well as eco-friendly chemicals, is what the service involves. Afterwards, the leather is conditioned, which restores its shine and prolongs its service life.

The leather cleaning procedure in detail:

  • inspection of the upholstery
  • hoovering in all reachable areas
  • treatment with eco-friendly leather products
  • removal of the products via clean cloth
  • application of conditioners

Convenient and reliable upholstery cleaning for your home or business

ProLux cleaners are highly mobile throughout Stratford and East London, perfectly covering all surrounding areas. We have thousands of residential and business clients in Wanstead, Bow, Barking, Dagenham, Walthamstow, Hackney, Poplar, East Ham, Ilford, Canary Wharf and more. To receive a free quote and availability, contact our customer service assistants on 020 3318 6387.

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Upholstery Cleaning Prices in Stratford

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, once the cleaning process concludes, we would be more than happy to apply Stain Protection spray to your upholstery. We even encourage doing so, as the job of maintaining the upholstery clean will become much easier. The Scotchgard-like product will create an invisible chemical layer on the surface, which will react to new spillages and make them less likely to permanently change the fabric's colour. They will also not go in as deep as they would otherwise, and will take longer to dry. Both of these contribute to the sofa's easier care and maintenance by the client, and professional cleaners as well.

Not much is needed in terms of preparation for an upholstery cleaning job. The only two things which you could do prior to our arrival are to make room around the upholstery, so we can clean all sides, and to give it a quick hoover. And of course, if there are any of your personal items on or around the sofa (check underneath the cushions for any loose change, etc.), please remove those as well.

The actual job duration depends on the number and size of the items, and also the initial condition. For example, a very dirty 3 piece suite needs roughly 1.5 hours to be cleaned up to a high standard. And if you have a very big sofa which isn't in the best condition, the job will be closer to about two or more hours instead.

Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice a year is a great way to deal with old and stubborn stains, built-in dust and stale smells. Regular disinfection is also very important, as sofas build up a solid amount of dust inside, which can lead to a dust mite infestation. In turn, if they have nothing to eat, they'll stop causing allergic reactions for you and your family. On a side note, cleaning your sofa is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having to buy a new sofa every other year.

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