If you have a pet, you know it has its own requirements and needs. The biggest problem to anyone who has a dog or a cat is cleaning the hairs from sofas, chairs and carpets. These hairs can be a terrible ordeal for cleaning, very much so during shedding season.

A normal hoover can only deal with so much of the hairs. A damp mop is useless on carpet fibres to begin with. Pet owners need to learn effective carpet cleaning tips for removing pet hairs from carpets. Find out how to make your cleaning life easier by reading more below.

What are the best ways to remove pet hairs from carpets?

Everyone loves domestic animals, as they are a barrel of fun to be around. However, as anything else, they require a lot of looking after. This also extends to cleaning, as there will be muddy paw marks everywhere if you are not careful. But even if you have trained them to use mats, shedding season will always be rough.

There are different techniques to deal with pet hairs, each with their own merits. Sometimes, you will need to use several at once, in order to fully deal with the issue. Learn how to best handle the fluffy leftovers of your fuzzy loved ones.

7 tips for cleaning pet hair at home

Can rubber brooms remove pet hairs from carpets?

Pet hairs on carpets

Rubber brooms, also known as squeegees, are great for picking up pet hairs from carpets and upholstered furniture. The rubber bristles are easy to maintain and safe to use on all fabric types. Due to static electricity build-up, they can be used to gather the hairs in one spot. Afterwards, hoovering is rather simple and you can quickly move on to the next carpeted area.

Can I use a hairbrush to remove pet hairs from carpet?

A normal hairbrush can assist you in getting rid of pet hairs from furniture and carpets. Much like the rubber brooms, the hairbrush will pick them up, helping you remove the hairs easily. Just be prepared to remove a lot of hair from the actual brush as well, once you finish hoovering the carpet.

Is baking soda able to remove pet dander from fabric flooring?

Among our carpet cleaning tips, this is the most readily available tool for removing pet hairs on your carpet and furniture. It is usually found in every home, as well as every convenience store. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, wait a few minutes then hoover everything out of the fibres. The soda will assist with the pet hairs, and it will also deodorize the carpet, all at almost no cost.

Would fabric softener deal with pet hairs on carpet?

Another home remedy for pet hair carpet cleaning is fabric softener, also found in every shop. Softening the material does lead to easier hair removal, as the hairs will stick out more. Dilute the softener with water in a spray bottle, then apply it to the carpet and wait. Once dry, it will allow you to easily remove the pet hairs with a hoover or a brush.

How to clean carpets

Can I remove pet hairs from carpet fibres using rubber gloves?

Rubber gloves can be useful in lifting cat and dog hair from your carpet fibres. Much like a rubber broom, the gloves can scoop up the loose hairs and remove them. This is a way to deal with them without using cleaning products, and you can reach all carpet areas.

Prepare a bucket of clean tap water and the rubber gloves next to the carpet you are going to clean. Put on the gloves, and dip your hand in the water. Then, gently move along the carpet pile, and you will easily pick up the hairs. Rinse the glove after every caress of the fibres, using the same bucket of water.

Are lint rollers useful for pet hair removal from carpet?

Lint rollers are almost mandatory for all pet owners, due to how practical they are. The sticky film and rolling motion ensures the pet hairs are removed from carpet, clothes and even hard floors. Once the film stops being sticky, you just replace it with a new one and keep cleaning. Lint rollers are affordable, and can deal with any size and amount of pet hairs found anywhere.

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Are there special hoovers for pet hair carpet cleaning?

Carpets need regular vacuuming in all cases, which is especially true if you have a pet. But a lot of pet owners are unaware that not all hoovers can remove pet hairs. In fact, using a regular hoover to vacuum up hairs will likely cause problems in the gear.

Luckily, there are hoovers designed specifically for cleaning pet hairs out of flooring. They have different filters and suction mechanisms to better deal with animal fluff. When using a special hoover, you will not have to constantly unclog the equipment. With a pet vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning will be less of a chore.

Can duct tape remove pet hairs from carpet?

Duct tape is one of the best solutions to the problem of pet hairs on carpets. Cut a small measure of tape, place it onto the carpet, then lift it off after a few seconds. Repeat as necessary, and use a new one when the measure stops being sticky.

Duct tape can also be used effectively on other types of material. If you have a car, you will need to deal with pet hairs on the seats and carpets. Tape measures are the best way to remove short hairs, which are really difficult to get out of any material. Short hairs are embedded like needles into fabric, and this is how to remove them safely.

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What else can be done to remove pet hairs from carpet?

Home remedies are often very useful when it comes to dealing with pet dander and fluff. However, uninformed cleaning is a hazard in all cases. If nothing else helps to remove pet hairs from your carpet, it's time to call the professionals.

The first advantage professionals have is many years of experience in pet hair removal. A professional carpet cleaning company has dealt with pet hairs numerous times over the years. They know how to efficiently remove them from all types of carpets and upholstery.

Another trait of professional cleaners is their equipment. Specialised carpet cleaning gear will be used to remove pet hairs and disinfect the textile flooring. An added advantage is that any carpet stains will also be removed.

Eco products are the third benefit of cleaning specialists. All professional carpet cleaning companies need to use eco-friendly chemicals. As a result, the cleaning solutions are harmless to pets, children and adults, enabling safe pet hair removal.

When you combine all three, you get spectacular results and a lot of free time for yourself. It almost seems pointless to try to clean the carpet yourself. However, sometimes the issue can be quickly solved without the experts.

7 tips for carpet cleaning

Bonus tip - how to remove rust stains from carpet?

Rust stains are becoming a frequent issue for people with metal furniture and old radiators. Due to the high humidity in the UK, rust build-up is quick. Learn more on how to deal with this problem by reading below.

Rust occurs due to some metals reacting with water. It causes nasty stains on carpets and rugs, which are hard to remove. The best way to deal with rust stains is to use acidic solutions.

The most commonly found acid at home is lemon juice. You can use a sponge to apply it on smaller stains, and a spray bottle on larger areas. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then use cloth or paper towels to blot everything out.

For severe rust stains, another option is to use a professional cleaning product. Prochem Rust Remover is excellent at dealing with new and old rust stains. The acidic gel is able to deal with rust, iron mould and even blood stains on carpets and upholstery.

The product needs to be applied directly onto the rust stains. Leave it to sit, and agitate it with a brush or scraping tool. After a few minutes pass, blot and rinse the carpet. Repeat this process as necessary, as older stains will need more work.