Let's face it, nobody likes doing their chores at home, especially the ones that seem to pile on forever. It can be very tedious and tiresome to clean after your kids and pets, especially since you don't have a choice. And if you let the tasks pile up, they may seem like an endless nightmare.

But why should we only look at cleaning like it's a chore? When you make a system to do it, and distribute tasks, cleaning can almost become a family hobby. Let us teach you how to do it by reading below to find out:

What are the top 5 tips for home cleaning?

When you come home after a long day of work, you feel like sitting down on the sofa and relaxing. However, the kids have just made a mess on the floor, and the bathroom needs a scrub. And you can't ignore the long overdue hoovering of the staircase carpets for much longer. When you look at it this way, it all appears to be too big to handle.

Yet, the easiest way to handle a big task is to break it up into many small tasks. Which brings us to our first cleaning tip:

Top 5 musts for cleaning

Create a routine

A source of wisdom once said that to make something a habit, you have to do it a minimum of two months in a row. Now I know what you're thinking - and the answer is no. We are not telling you to hoover your whole house and clean the bathroom every single day.

However, what we are telling you is to break it down into a system, and get the rest of your family involved. For example, one of you can handle the hoovering and dusting, and the bathroom can be cleaned by another. You can work together on rooms that require spending more time, like the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Make sure to have the children participate, but don't give them something they can't handle. Don't forget that some activities are hazardous, such as doing the laundry, due to the washing machine cleaning products. However, they can definitely dust, and most kids even find it entertaining to help you out. Just remember to ask them to dust everywhere, even the top of the light switches.

When making your routine, try to be specific with what each task involves. You want to avoid wasting time, so make sure the family is cleaning more than one room at a time. Instruct your children on how to properly clean to the best of their ability. This will teach them to be responsible, and to look after themselves once they grow up.

And do your best to split the work as evenly as possible throughout the week. For example, if you put it all on the weekend, you're going to work tired on Monday. But if you do it little by little every day, it will feel like a breeze and your weekend will be free.

But knowing where to clean is not knowing how to clean efficiently. The best way to simplify your cleaning is to:


Follow a system

Want to know what's the best way to ensure you never finish one room? Clean anything on the floor, then begin dusting, then clean the floor again. Then remember your ceiling fan needs a duster too, and suddenly you're back to step one again.

Yet this is easily avoided by knocking all the dust off of everything on top, then in the middle, before cleaning the floor. This way, you can be sure you won't have to go back and redo a task. This applies to more than just dust, as cleaning the bathroom works much in the same way.

Speaking of bathroom, there's one thing most people get wrong when it comes to bathroom cleaning. They think tiles can look spotless if they use cold water and a microfiber cloth to clean them. However, remember the primary rule of dishwashing - use warm water or hot water. If you do that in the bathroom, you will achieve better results with less elbow grease.

And regarding how often bedding should be cleaned, this is no shocker at this point of our article. We recommend washing your sheets and bed linens once a week with the hottest water they can handle. For any questions how hot that may be, look for a cleaning label on any of them. And if the symbols look like moonrunes to you, looking up what they mean online can help.

Now that you know where and how to clean, let's discuss another big step in home cleanliness:

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Declutter before cleaning

Having your property deep cleaned or doing it yourself is not just said and done. So many people get this wrong, and it costs them valuable time and energy in the process. There's a way to cut your cleaning time in half, and that's to remove your personal items from the shelves and furniture.

You heard us - pick up your clothes, clear your desk from all those pens and notes, and take the toys off the floor. Only then should you reach for the paper towels and your choice of home remedy or cleaning product. After all, if you pour white vinegar or baking soda on the carpet, then it gets on your clothes, why bother? That just adds to the laundry basket, which is already full enough as it is.

Now that I mentioned vinegar, on a somewhat related note, how do you clean a coffee maker? Personally, I use white vinegar and water in equal parts by pouring them in the tank. Then, I let this mixture be brewed for a bit, and after an hour or so passes, I wash it with clean water.

Anyways, let's get back to decluttering, and why it is so important. Think about how the children's room looks when you haven't made them clean it for even two days. How do you expect to run a hoover past the dozens of toys, the out of place chairs, and the pencils? All of that needs to be picked up before you can grab your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust.

Think you're prepared for efficient domestic cleaning, and need not read any further? You are mistaken, because spring is coming:

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Prepare for seasonal cleaning

There is a reason spring cleaning is considered scary to young housewives, and you're about to find out why. Winter can be depressing, as it's really cold outside, and the wind doesn't help one bit. When you also take into account the holidays, who thinks about cleaning at all?

But then the snow is gone, the trees are green, and the birds are singing again. Now, everyone remembers they were putting off cleaning all winter, and they panic. Why should you go through the same stress as anyone else?

Instead, by willing through the winter worries and cleaning little by little, when spring comes, you will be prepared. Circle back to the beginning of our article, where we said breaking up a big task is the easiest way to complete it. If you clean bit by bit every day of winter, spring cleaning will be amusing for you. What I mean is that you'll get to see your friends overwork themselves cleaning, while you relax and giggle about it.

On another note, winter is probably the worst time to use steam cleaning services. Due to the cold, and the very high humidity in the air, the drying time will be longer than usual. However, you can compensate for it by turning your heating up some and periodically leaving your windows half-open.

But don't forget, if you think spring cleaning was rough, remember that summer is on its way too. There are three things you think about before summer comes, and none of them are cleaning. Holidays, summer break, and exotic countries are the top priority, hence why fall cleaning is also a staple of many homes.

And this is completely unrelated, but you should always clean even harder if you're a tenant. If you keep the place nearly spotless, your checkout report will be nearly flawless when you end your tenancy. As a result, you will have no issues claiming back your deposit from the landlord or agency. Additionally, some agencies require the property to be professionally cleaned before they return deposits, so be ready.

So, you made it this far, and now assume you know all about home cleaning. Well, there's just one last thing to it:

Cleaning products

Choose your deep cleaning solutions wisely

Out of all things to get wrong in cleaning, poor choice of products is the most frequent one. I'm sure you all know a person who uses bleach to clean their black carpets or their mattress. If you are that person, we apologise for breaking it to you, but you're doing it wrong.

Bleach is a harsh chemical, whose vapours and residues have negative side effects for people and pets. As a professional cleaning company, we do not advise you to ever use it on fabric materials of any kind. Even when diluted, if not properly removed from the material, it can permanently alter its colours.

Instead, what we advise is looking for eco-friendly alternatives to clean your carpets and sofas with. Should these be trusted home remedies, or WoolSafe approved cleaning products, is entirely up to you. We only ask that you be careful, as improper cleaning may lead to permanent stains on your costly furniture.