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ProLux Cleaning offers professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Slough and the surrounding areas. We are fully dedicated to our work and client’s satisfaction, and that is why we work around the clock. You can always contact our customer support centres and be sure we will be able to help you. We have professional equipment and safe chemicals to meet your cleaning needs.

The method we use is hot water extraction, the best stain removal technique available. It is done with an industrial steam cleaning system, which our professional cleaners have been trained to use. This system offers a high quality deep cleaning for your upholsteries, carpets and rugs. The cleaning process involves the use of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Four reasons to choose a professional cleaning company:

  • Fully insured, certified and highly trained cleaners with years of experience
  • Child and pet friendly cleaning solutions
  • Commercial steam cleaning machines
  • The most effective stain removal method


By choosing ProLux as your cleaning company, you enjoy excellent results achieved with eco-friendly products. All cleaning solutions we apply are suitable for use in homes with children, pets and allergic people. They do not have an unpleasant smell, and cause no side effects in people and animals. Most importantly, they are effective at removing stains and dirt from your upholstered furniture.

In our services, we apply the steam cleaning method, which is considered the safest cleaning method that completely removes stains from your furniture. This is the perfect way for disinfecting your upholstery. After the procedure, the furniture will be semi-dry, and will only need a few hours to be fully dry again.

Upholstery cleaning is often overlooked in many homes, as people do not comprehend how dirty sofas can get over the years of use. The dust build-up may lead to dust mites and germs, which will cause allergic reactions. To combat these pests, you need to contact a professional sofa cleaning company.

The best you can do for your family is to use professional upholstery cleaning services in Slough twice a year. By choosing our company, you can enjoy your upholstery for many years to come. We will remove stains and germs from it, as well as unpleasant odours, and extend its service life.

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Our powerful steam machines work under different settings for water pressure and temperature, and even water amount is adjustable. The service can be hot water extraction, cold water extraction, or even similar to dry cleaning. Below is a brief summary of the cleaning process:

  • A professional representative of our company attends your residential or business property
  • Work begins with an inspection of your upholstery to determine its current state and material
  • The furniture is hoovered in all reachable areas to remove surface debris
  • Pre-treatment products are applied to dissolve stains and dirt on the sofas and armchairs
  • Our expert uses his steam extraction machine with the most suitable pressure and heat to spray water deep inside the upholstery
  • Stubborn stains and unpleasant odours are treated with special Prochem cleaning solutions, which are harmless to people and pets
  • The dirt, stains and about 90% of the water are extracted by the steam machine
  • The sofa is left to dry, which can take several hours, and the client is once again given drying tips by our technician

Leather sofa cleaning Slough

As a professional company, we are able to care for all kinds of furniture materials. We have cleaned thousands of fabric, alcántara, suede and leather sofas over the past 15 years. Below is a brief explanation of how we clean leather upholstery:

  1. The leather settee is inspected to determine its material and current state;
  2. Using a hoover, we vacuum it in all reachable areas, removing dust and crumbs;
  3. It is cleaned by hand, using eco-friendly Prochem leather cleaning solutions;
  4. The products are wiped off with a clean cloth by our technician;
  5. After the cleaning, the sofa is conditioned to make it shiny, elastic and extend its life;

It's worth noting that a few types of leather sofas can be steam cleaned by our professional cleaners. However, the majority of leather upholstery is cleaned in the way described above, as they are not suitable for steam cleaning.

To receive additional information and a free quote, call our customer support teams. You can also make a combined order and receive a special discount for your booking. For example, using our upholstery and carpet cleaning services will net you an offer you cannot refuse.

And before you go, you should be aware we also clean near Slough all the time. You can always find one of our experienced technicians cleaning in Uxbridge, Pinner, Ruislip, Isleworth, Hampton, Twickenham, Brentford, Wembley and more West London areas.

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Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Fabric Upholstery Steam CleaningPrices
2 seater sofa£45
3 seater sofafrom £60
4 seater sofafrom £75
Leather Upholstery CleaningPrices
2 seater sofa£55
3 seater sofafrom £70
4 seater sofafrom £90

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re situated in London, or even partially outside, get in touch with us to get your free quote.

When it comes to sofas, we clean all upholstered areas: the sitting part, the back rest, the arms, the sofa base, the actual back of the sofa and underneath the sitting area (assuming it's upholstered).  

In most cases, even if you're calling us on a short notice, we will be able to organize a same-day cleaning for you!

Once the cleaning concludes, you will indeed be emailed an electronic receipt as proof of the work performed.

Our Clients Say it Best

Don’t hesitate to call ProLux! They’re by far the easiest company to communicate with, fair pricing and lovely staff as well. They’ were on time and did a great job removing stains from my toddler and cats - I couldn’t be happier with the new look of my velvet upholstery.

Monica Robinson
Monica Robinson
8 Mar

ProLux just did our headboards and bed upholstery, and left them smelling and looking really fresh and clean! This was our first time using this company and we honestly couldn’t be happier, thank you!

David Wood
David Wood
15 Mar

We had a very pleasant experience with ProLux Cleaning, who came to do our chaise lounge and six dining chairs. Tisho was the cleaner who came and who effectively removed all stains, many of which were older than our 1 year old son. I won’t hesitate to call them again whenever the time for a cleaning comes.

Cheryl Orwell
Cheryl Orwell
16 May


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