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Effective Stain Removal & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Uxbridge

ProLux Cleaning is a professional upholstery cleaning company in Uxbridge, specialising in deep cleaning of upholstery and sofas. Our cleaning method of choice is hot water extraction, the most effective method for stain removal purposes. It involves the use of a powerful steam cleaning machine and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

The cleaning products and techniques we apply are aimed at stain removal and 100% harmlessness. That's why our upholstery cleaning service involves the use of two main components: hot water and eco-friendly chemicals. By deciding to use our services, you pick the highest bet for your family's safety.

Reasons to call a professional sofa cleaning company

  • High-powered hot water extraction cleaning equipment
  • Fully insured, certified and long experienced cleaning technicians
  • Child and pet friendly cleaning products
  • The number one stain removal technique
  • Possibility to order same day sofa cleaning services

Aside from professional sofa cleaning, our hot water extraction method is also applicable for textile floorings, curtains, and mattresses. You can take advantage of special discounts if you book a combined cleaning service with us. If you schedule a cleaning for your sofas and armchairs, we can also clean your textile floors on the same day. Get a special offer on soft floor and upholstery cleaning today by contacting us on 020 3318 6387.

Expert Sofa Cleaning by ProLux

Specialized training for spot removal

Sofa Stain removal technician Uxbridge

ProLux professionals have been heavily trained and have many years of experience in sofa cleaning. They have attended dozens of special training courses, in order to learn new techniques for stain removal. As a result, they are aware how to deal with stains from food, drinks and others which are affecting your furniture.

Industrial strength cleaning equipment

Their difficult task is made simpler by the powerful steam cleaning machines they operate with. The steam reaches the deepest embedded dirt, and removes all stains and unpleasant smells from the material. The equipment is able to spray water under different settings for temperature, pressure and amount into sofa fabric. With the minimal settings for each, we are able to perform a service similar to dry cleaning.

Harmless and odorless solutions

In their professional cleaning services, our cleaners apply eco-friendly germ and stain removal products. The chemicals are made by Prochem, and extensively tested over many years. They are confirmed to be 100% harmless to children, pets and pregnant women, with zero side effects or bad smells.

Upholstery cleaning: Your shield against dust mites and health risks

Sofas and armchairs are the core of any home environment, and they require frequent maintenance. If your furniture does not seem polluted, and has no stains, it becomes dusty over time. Dust build-up leads to dust mite colonies, which are a health hazard that needs to be dealt with.

Health experts recommend using a professional upholstery cleaning company once every 6 to 12 months for disinfection purposes. The frequency should be higher for homes with big families and busy offices with canteen furniture. For pieces of furniture in these locations, the bare minimum of deep cleaning required is once per season.

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How will your upholstery be deep cleaned?

Below, we have briefly detailed our hot water extraction method's practical application:

  1. Inspection of the upholstery by the professional cleaner of our company
  2. Hoovering with a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt and dust
  3. Pre-treatment with special mark solvent products
  4. Powerful steam machine inserts water into sofa material
  5. Use of bacteria, odour and stain removal products
  6. Extraction of about 90% of the water, together with product residues and dirt
  7. Optional application of Stain Protection*

*Stain Protection is an after-care spray which may be applied to the drying upholstery by the technician. It creates an invisible layer which strengthens the fabric against new stains and sunlight deformities. To get a free quote on Stain Protection, ask our customer service assistants when making your order.

Contact us for a free quote: Serving Uxbridge, Hayes, Hanwell, and more

Our upholstery and soft flooring cleaning services are not limited to Uxbridge, as we cover all of West London. Notable areas with happy customers include Ruislip, Hayes, Hanwell, West Drayton, Hounslow, Harrow and more. To receive a full list of covered areas, availability and a free quote, contact us today. Our customer service centres are open 7 days a week for your comfort.

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Ensure a smooth move-out with our tenancy cleaning service

If you are a tenant ready to move out of a property, you should look into professional cleaning services. There have been cases where letting agencies withhold the deposit if the property is not deeply cleaned. To avoid unpleasant experiences, call ProLux Cleaning and ask for our tenancy sofa cleaning in Uxbridge. We have emergency teams ready to be sent to you at any time with no extra fees.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices in Uxbridge

Frequently Asked Questions

We have offices throughout the city, but we have technicians living in all major London areas. There is always someone available to assist you, even on a short notice. If you’re situated in London, or even partially outside, we can clean for you! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get your free quote.

When it comes to sofas, we clean all upholstered areas: the sitting part, the back rest, the arms, the sofa base, the actual back of the sofa and underneath the sitting area, where the sitting cushions are placed (assuming it's upholstered). The only area excluded is the underside of the base (the material which is facing the floor).

Even if you call us last minute, we can still arrange a cleaning for you on the same day. We have many technicians living throughout London's main areas, and each of them is flexible. They also work 7 days a week, to ensure we can always assist a customer who has an emergency.

Once the cleaning concludes, you will indeed be emailed an electronic receipt as proof of the work performed. It will have the details of the company, as well as your details - or if you wish, we can address it to your business instead. Even if you pay in cash or via card over the phone, but need an invoice for your personal records, or for your landlord if moving out of a rental - be assured we'll send you one.

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