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Fully insured local cleaners

Local carpet cleaning company ProLux provides professional carpet cleaning services in Bermondsey SE1. Our hot water extraction method involves a powerful steam cleaning machine and eco-friendly products. They will be used by a fully insured, certified and highly trained professional carpet cleaner Bermondsey.

Flexible scheduling options

Prolux Cleaning offers top quality services at the best prices in Bermondsey. Our customer service teams and professional carpet cleaning teams work 7 days a week for your convenience. We provide the most efficient deep cleaning method for your carpets and rugs.

Professional Cleaners Bermondsey

Four reasons to call a professional cleaning company today:

  • Hot water extraction is performed with industrial steam machines
  • 100% harmless, eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Experienced, trained, certified and insured carpet cleaners
  • Five star customer support assistants
  • High quality cleaning solutions by Prochem

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Quick and Easy Booking

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100% Stain Removal

Reclaiming the Beauty of Your Carpets

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Professional carpet cleaning Bermondsey

ProLux Cleaning guarantees the highest level of deep carpet cleaning will be performed at your property. Our cleaning technicians have over 15 years of experience in the use of hot water extraction machines. They know how to clean carpets of any type at the most affordable prices in all of South London. ProLux' highly trained professional carpet cleaners have an individual approach to every carpet cleaning appointment.

A safe and effective way to clean carpets: our eco-friendly hot water extraction method

The steam extraction machines we use have multiple settings for water pressure and temperature. This lets our carpet cleaners efficiently and deeply clean artificial and natural carpet fibres. The extraction technique also saves a lot of time in terms of carpet drying. Approximately 90% of the water is sucked out during the cleaning process, leaving your carpets slightly damp.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is performed with harmless cleaning solutions. The method does not involve any harsh products, only eco-friendly ones. The cleaning chemicals are eco-friendly and safe for children and pets. This way of carpet cleaning has almost no effect on the environment.

Carpet Cleaning - Pet stain removal Bermondsey
Carpet Cleaning - Water stain removal Bermondsey

Reasons to Choose Our Carpet Specialists in Bermondsey

Emergency Same Day Carpet Cleaning

When you have a tight schedule to run, we will cooperate with you and make the cleaning happen at the best time for you. If you have a big stain to deal with before it ruins your carpet, call us and we'll be there before you can blink twice!

Steam Cleaning - The Top Rated Carpet Care Method

Hot water extraction is the best way to clean and disinfect your carpet fibres. Our technicians have many years of experience in using it on synthetic and natural carpets.

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Our green line products ensure complete safety for your family, your carpet and the environment during and after the cleaning. Once the job is done, your stains and odours will be gone with no downsides for your health and your flooring!

Your Best Chances of Carpet Stain Removal

When it comes to tackling stains, our method and years of experience are the ace up your sleeve. Deep cleaning by our certified specialists is how all removable stains will be taken out of the fibres.

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How we perform steam extraction carpet cleaning?


1. Inspection

Our professional carpet cleaner Bermondsey attends your residential or business property. He begins by inspecting the carpets to determine the best way to clean them.

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2. Pre-hoovering

After the inspection, our technician hoovers your carpets to remove the surface dust and debris.

pre treatment

3. Pre-treatment

Then, the carpets are pre treated with a harmless solution to dissolve dirt.


4. Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning machine is used to spray heated water under high pressure into the carpet fibres. This reaches even the most deeply embedded dirt in the carpets.


5. Stain Removal

All issues on the carpets are treated with eco-friendly products. The solutions are Prochem smell and stain removers which are completely harmless to people and pets.


6. Scotchgard

We also offer a stain protector spray that can be applied on the carpet. This after-care service will strengthen the fibres against new stains and sun deformities. The product is active for around a year and will make stains less likely to cause lasting issues.

Drying time

7. Drying process

Most of the water used is extracted during the cleaning process, and the rest dries naturally. All our clients need to do is open the windows and use the heating for a few hours.

inspect clients

8. Checkout

After inspection of the results, our clients sign a receipt to complete the service.

Dry carpet cleaning Bermondsey

Manufacturers of carpets recommend looking for dry cleaning services if you have sisal carpets. This type of natural fibred carpet is not suited to wet cleaning methods.

ProLux Cleaning - Vans Bermondsey

Carpet cleaning near Bermondsey

As a local carpet cleaning company, we have perfect coverage of Bermondsey. Our cleaning teams also cover the surrounding areas of Walworth, Peckham, Deptford, Canary Wharf, Rotherhithe and more.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Get to Know Our Local Bermondsey Specialists

Prolux cleaning - carpet cleaners local Bermondsey
Ivan D. Kostov
318 reviews
Number of cleans: 2893
Serves in: Bermondsey, Islington, Southwark, Bethnal Green
Working with us for: 3 years
Expert in:
Stain RemovalUpholstery CleaningRug Cleaning
Recent customer feedback

"When we moved in, the carpet was drowning in dust and dirt left by the previous tenants. In less than an hour, Ivan worked his magic and transformed the place"

Abi - Bermondsey

Dirty Carpet - Steam Cleaning Bermondsey

Andrian - Prolux Cleaning technician in Bermondsey
Adrian T. Pehlivanov
350 reviews
Number of cleans: 4002
Serves in: Bermondsey, Bow, Canary Wharf, Peckham
Working with us for: 4 years
Expert in:
Commercial Carpet CleaningOffice Carpet Cleaning High-Traffic Area Cleaning
Recent customer feedback

"So, my husband turned our carpet into a canvas with paint. Adrian came and used this crazy powerful steam thing and, voila no more paint!"

Haima - Bermondsey

Deep Carpet Cleaning - Paint removal Bermondsey

Aleks - Prolux Cleaning carpets cleaners in Bermondsey
Aleks D. Gospodinov
439 reviews
Number of cleans: 3947
Serves in: Bermondsey, Pimlico, Poplar, Vauxhall
Working with us for: 4 years
Expert in:
Wool Carpet Cleaning Synthetic Carpet CleaningOdour Elimination
Recent customer feedback

Many thanks Aleks. I thought my stairs were in decent shape, but he brought them to a whole new level of cleanliness. The transformation was impressive, and now I have a clear idea of what real cleanliness looks like.

Karen - Bermondsey

Deep Steam Cleaning - Before and after - Staircase Bermondsey

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