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Experience Excellence with ProLux Upholstery Cleaning in Chelsea SW3

ProLux offers deep upholstery cleaning services in Chelsea SW3 using industrial steam extraction machines. With over 15 years of experience, we have proven ourselves as responsible upholstery and carpet cleaners. Using the best chemicals and professional equipment allows us to provide the highest quality deep cleaning services. Our fully insured, highly trained and certified cleaners can solve the most complex cleaning tasks.

Advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions

Armed with commercial hot water extraction machines and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our cleaning teams are there to assist you. As a cleaning company, we work 7 days a week, providing professional carpet, rug and sofa cleaning services. All of them are performed with child and pet friendly, smell and stain removal cleaning products.

Conquer stubborn stains with confidence: Our commitment to maximum cleaning efforts

Our company can promise you maximum efforts in dealing with very complex pollution. We know how to remove all physically removable by cleaning stains with our high-powered sofa and carpet cleaning machines. Our experts have the best cleaning materials currently available on the cleaning market.

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Revive your upholstery's charm with ProLux's professional cleaning services

Steam extraction cleaning of upholstered furniture is the most necessary service which gives a second life to your favourite interior items. We will remove stains and unpleasant smells from your sofas and armchairs. Professionally executed cleaning of upholstered furniture always guarantees an excellent result. Thanks to the use of properly selected equipment and chemicals, ProLux specialists ensure the complete disinfection and cleanliness of your upholstery.

Steam and Dry Upholstery Cleaning in Chelsea

Depending on the type of sofa material and its condition, the following types of upholstery cleaning Chelsea can be used:

Steam cleaning with extraction

The steam extraction cleaning method allows us to deeply clean soft furniture items from old and strong contaminants. During the procedure, up to 99% of dust is removed, and all removable stains are extracted. This machine cleaning technique is the best disinfection and stain removal method available.

How exactly is steam extraction cleaning performed?

  1. First, our representative attends your residential or business property and inspects the upholstery. The inspection gives him the information he needs in order to approach the situation properly.
  2. The furniture is hoovered in all physically reachable locations, to rid its surface from debris and dust. After hoovering, the furniture will be steam cleanable.
  3. Our expert cleaner sets the hot water extraction machine to the suitable pressure and temperature. He then uses it to spray the heated water deep inside and reach all layers of dirt.
  4. All dirt, stains and remaining dust are removed via the steam cleaning machine's extraction property. It also sucks out about 90% of the water used during the cleaning process.
  5. Your furniture is left to fully dry out, which takes several hours. This may vary in duration based on how well the room is aired and heated.

Dry upholstery cleaning

Dry upholstery cleaning Chelsea, most commonly used to clean specific types of delicate furniture. ProLux professionals use special powder granules, which are gently poured on the sofa to achieve the highest quality result. Then, the synthetic remnants are removed with the use of a commercial hoover. Dry cleaning is efficient on certain sofa types which are not suitable for wet cleaning.

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Effective solutions for stubborn stains: Professional upholstery cleaning in Chelsea

For every piece of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to select a specific cleaning method. If you don’t want to experiment with your expensive upholstery, leave the stains and problems to professionals. ProLux have proven to be the most experienced and dedicated expert cleaners in Chelsea for over 15 years.

We will deal with any kind of pollution on your furniture quickly with our cleaning materials. For cleaning furniture with fabric upholstery, high-quality professional tools are used. Namely, commercial and powerful steam extraction machines, in combination with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The products are highly effective and completely harmless to people and pets.

Fully-trained cleaners with experience

Experts of our company, specialising in upholstery cleaning Chelsea, have tremendous experience in this field. For many years of work, many issues of varying degrees of complexity were solved. In our work, we use the specialised equipment of the world-famous companies.

We can not guarantee you that all stains on the carpet or upholstered furniture will disappear. Some old stains can not be removed, especially if you have tried to clean them with unsuitable cleaning methods or products.

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Flexible sofa and upholstery cleaning services: Serving Chelsea and beyond

As professional sofa and upholstery cleaners, we are flexible in and near Chelsea. We also cover Battersea, Kensington,
Earls Court, Clapham, Belgravia and more South London areas. To receive the best prices, we advise booking a mixed order including carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning.

Tenancy cleaning Chelsea

If you are a tenant soon to move out, you need to professionally clean the whole property. ProLux is here to assist you as well, as we do perform tenancy upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Thanks to our flexible working hours and mobile cleaning teams, we even offer same day cleaning services.

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