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Expert upholstery cleaning Brixton

Looking for a reliable sofa cleaning company?

Cleaning company ProLux provides professional upholstery cleaning services in Brixton SW2. Our trained, insured and certified technicians offer the most efficient cleaning method on the market. Hot water extraction takes place via industrial steam cleaning machines.

We provide the ultimate method for disinfection and stain removal

The method is highly recommended for two reasons, which are being unrivalled at both disinfection and stain removal. It is assisted in both regards by the high quality cleaning products we apply. They are made by Prochem, and are confirmed to be child and pet friendly chemicals.

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Reasons to call a professional upholstery cleaning company

  • Experienced cleaners with insurance and certificates
  • Powerful steam cleaning machines
  • Available 7 days a week and highly flexible working hours
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Maximum chance to remove stains and odours

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Professional sofa cleaning Brixton

ProLux Cleaning is the most reasonable choice you can make of a sofa cleaning company, for a variety of reasons:

Availability and mobility

Our specialists work 24/7 for your convenience, even on bank holidays, with no added charges. They can always be sent to you on the date and time of your choosing, as we work around your schedule. For a free quote and inquiry into our services, contact our customer service assistants.

Powerful cleaning method

The steam extraction machines we use have multiple settings for water temperature and pressure. Adjustable modes of operation let us clean all types of upholstery. Artificial, natural and even luxury sofa covers are what we deeply clean, disinfect and refresh on a daily basis. Since we can also regulate the amount, we can even make the cleaning loosely resemble dry cleaning.

Harmless cleaning products

We use Prochem green line cleaning solutions to perform all our cleaning services. These chemicals have been extensively tested and are certified 100% safe for use near children and pets.

Experts in the cleaning field

Cleaners of our company have trained for many years, and they are contracted full-time. We do not use any subcontractors or unfamiliar people to perform the cleaning services. Our customers can feel safe when making an order with us, as every cleaner has over 5 years of experience.

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What is the steam extraction cleaning process?

  1. A professional cleaner of our company will be sent to your residential or business property in the arranged time and date. Once he arrives, he will begin by inspecting the upholstery he has been booked to clean. This check-up will give him the information he requires in order to perform the cleaning by our high standards.
  2. All reachable areas of the furniture will be hoovered with a powerful vacuum cleaner. This will prepare it to be steam cleaned, as the surface hair, crumbs and dust will be removed.
  3. A pre-treatment stain solvent or thinner will be applied to the furniture. It will be left to sit, then extracted after a few minutes.
  4. The powerful steam machine sprays heated water within the sofa fabric, with pressure dependent on the material. About 90% of it will afterwards be extracted, taking with it all dirt and chemical residues.

Sofa cleaning near Brixton

ProLux sofa and textile floor cleaners in Brixton are highly mobile, available 7 days a week in all of South London. We are especially popular among businesses and residents in Herne Hill, Clapham, Battersea, Vauxhall, Peckham, Streatham and more. To receive availability and a free quote over the phone or online, contact our customer service centres.

Unlock exclusive discounts: Combine sofa and rug cleaning services

Apart from deep cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture, we offer other services as well. You can order professional rug cleaning, curtain and mattress cleaning, as well as car upholstery services. Booking a mixed order, such as sofa and rug cleaning, can net you an exclusive discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are zero unpleasant odours left by our Prochem cleaning solutions. By design, the chemicals have pleasant aromas of the citrus or otherwise plant variety. Of course, if that's not up to your tastes, or you have allergies/irritable nostrils, you can always discuss with our technician on site, as not all of the products are aromatic (except the deodorisers, where it's a product feature).

The drying process for upholstery varies depending on the type of fabric, how thick it is and the time of the season as well. The average, however, is between 6 and 12 hours, due to our equipment extracting most of the water during the cleaning. You can accelerate the drying process by opening windows, using the heating, and using any fans or dehumidifiers if possible.

Indeed, all products used in our upholstery cleaning procedures are eco-friendly, and completely harmless to children and pets alike. They are hypoallergenic as well, and due to the nature of our cleaning method, there will not be any remaining residues after the cleaning. By choosing ProLux, you choose complete safety for your loved ones, and the highest quality of professional cleaning services money can buy.

The equipment we use to carry out upholstery cleaning services with are commercial hot water extraction machines. They have multiple power and heat settings, making them suitable for all kinds of sofa material. Our technicians have many years of experience in treating all of them, and you can be sure yours will be cleaned to the best of their ability, as many times as the fabric allows.

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