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Expert upholstery cleaning South London

ProLux: Your top choice for upholstery cleaning in South London

ProLux is one of the most highly recommended cleaning companies, providing hot water extraction upholstery cleaning in South London. Our cleaning technicians are fully insured, highly trained and certified professional upholstery cleaners. To perform deep sofa cleaning, they are equipped with the most powerful steam cleaning machines and eco-friendly products.

Certified technicians for deep sofa cleaning services

Our goal as a cleaning company is to restore the original look of your upholstered furniture. Our professional sofa cleaners work 7 days a week, including bank holidays, at the best time for you. Call our customer service centre and book upholstery cleaning by experienced professionals. We work 24/7 with no added fees for same day upholstery cleaning services.

Expert upholstery cleaning for fabric and leather sofas

The company specializes in providing the most effective cleaning services for your fabric and leather sofas, chairs and footstools. Our staff are highly experienced in cleaning all types of upholstery material, including artificial, natural and luxury types. Your sofas will be cleaned to the very highest standards of the cleaning industry, using harmless chemicals.

The gold standard of upholstery cleaning: Hot water extraction method

For over 15 years, we have been deep cleaning your upholstery with hot water extraction. This is the most popular upholstery cleaning method available on the market. It is performed by one of our expert sofa cleaners with a powerful steam machine. In the cleaning process, only harmless, child and pet friendly chemicals are used.

Sofa Stain removal technician South London

Certified and safe cleaning products for optimal results

The cleaning products are extensively tested by professional cleaning companies and certified 100% harmless. They are completely safe for use near children and pets, and we extract their residues from your upholstery. The solutions are the most effective at dealing with germs and removing stains from any kind of furniture.

Advanced equipment for deep and effective cleaning

The equipment consists of an industrial steam extraction machine with multiple extensions and a flexible hose. It heats water to the most suitable temperature and sprays it under high pressure deep into your soft furnishings. This is the deepest and most effective way of getting your sofa professionally cleaned. It is highly recommended by sofa manufacturers for its stain removal and disinfection possibilities.

Quick drying for minimal disruption

As the machine extracts most of the water, the upholstery takes only a few hours to dry after steam cleaning concludes. All our customers need to do is open the windows and use the heating for several hours. The drying time always varies based on the weather, the sofa condition and how drying instructions are followed. For any additional questions, never hesitate to contact our customer services team.

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How is sofa steam cleaning performed?

  • our professional upholstery cleaner inspects the material to determine the most suitable way of cleaning it
  • the sofa is hoovered to remove dust, crumbs, hairs and debris from the surface
  • the steam extraction machine heats up water to the suitable temperature and sprays it deep inside the fabric
  • using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, the cleaner removes stains and bacteria
  • about 90% of the water used during the cleaning process is extracted, shortening the drying time significantly
  • a smell treatment product is applied to give the upholstery a pleasant aroma after the cleaning
  • optionally, it can also be Stain Protected* by our technician:

*Stain Protection is an after-care spray which can be included in your upholstery cleaning order. It is applied by our expert cleaner after the service is performed, and it creates an invisible layer on the fabric. The layer chemically reacts with new stains, making them much easier to remove by any means. The layer lasts for around a year and also prevents solar deformities, a typical issue for sofas.

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Need expert leather upholstery cleaning?

Discover our effective process for restoring, refreshing, and extending the life of your leather furniture

professional leather sofa cleaning services South London

We have decades of experience in cleaning various types of leather upholstery. In most cases, it is performed manually by our professional cleaners, using a sponge, brush and eco-friendly products. On very few occasions, we are able to delicately steam clean some types of leather. The technician will determine the most suitable course of action after inspecting your furniture.

The ProLux leather cleaning process:

  • the leather sofa is inspected, then hoovered by our professional upholstery cleaner;
  • it is scrubbed with a soft brush, a sponge and eco-friendly cleaning solutions;
  • all physically reachable dirt and removable stains are removed;
  • the sofa is left fully disinfected and refreshed;
  • our cleaner applies two types of conditioner to it, cream and oil;

Once conditioned, your leather sofa will have its natural shine restored. The material will be slightly more elastic, and its service life will be prolonged. The conditioner takes a few hours to be fully absorbed, during which the sofa should not be used. To inquire more, please get in touch with our professional customer service assistants.

Complete coverage of all South London areas

Our company provides deep upholstery cleaning services to residential and business clients in South London. Notable areas we cover are Croydon, Greenwich, Crystal Palace, Brixton, Tooting, Wimbledon and many others. You can always call us on 020 3318 6387 if you want to know whether we cover your area.

Tenancy cleaning South London

You should know that most landlords and letting agencies require professional cleaning to be performed before they return your deposit. ProLux offers emergency upholstery cleaning services, as we have flexible working hours and are capable to assist you. Call us today and schedule an appointment for tenancy upholstery and textile floor cleaning in London.

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