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For the last 25 years Prolux carpet cleaning Edgware based company has earned the great reputation of number 1 cleaning company in this and the surrounding areas! Working with the most innovative cleaning techniques, powerful equipment and eco-friendly preparations, is the reason for having thousands regular customers. Each member of our team is high experienced, trained and dedicated to his work.

We know how to cope with various stains and how to return the brand new look of your carpet! If you like to save yourself from the expensive purchase of a brand new carpet, give us a call, and we will completely transform your old carpeted flooring!

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Edgware – Remove 100% of the Carpet Contamination

Carpet cleaning EdgwareDry cleaning of carpets is an important part of high-quality cleaning. For example, consider the possibilities of a domestic vacuum cleaner: the proportion of dust absorbed by the vacuum cleaner is up to 10% of the total amount of contamination. The fact that did not get into the dust collector, the person continues to breathe. Another example is related to the stain removal procedure. Any hostess knows how hard, and sometimes impossible, to remove stains from carpets.

Nevertheless, chemical cleaning of carpets allows deducing practically any stains, returning an impeccable appearance to those subjects which seemed hopelessly spoiled.

Professional deep cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture is the most complex kind of cleaning services, requiring a lot of knowledge and skills from the performer. It is very important that a carpet cleaner can determine the type of carpet and choose the right cleaning agent and the proper carpet cleaning method.

We carry full warranty and responsibility for your carpet or coating. Having ordered dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpet cleaning Edgware in our company, you can be assured of the professionalism and responsibility of our masters.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – Eco- Friendly Cleaning

Advantages of using a steam generator for carpet cleaning Edgware: - when cleaning steam (due to high temperature), the best result of the quality of cleanliness is achieved at times; - a pair of dust mites and the like are killed; - it is possible to clean only with steam or with a small amount of chemistry, which is very important if you or your loved ones are allergic, children; - steam "pierces" the carpet through, smoothing it.

Such apparatus, as a steam cleaner, is great for cleaning and refreshing carpets and upholstered furniture. Cleaning furniture with a device such as a steam cleaner has many advantages. Unlike a vacuum cleaner, it can penetrate into different hard-to-reach areas. With the help of various attachments it is quite convenient to process surfaces of different complex configurations. Steam allows for gentle cleaning of almost all types of materials. Penetrating deep into the structure of the tissue fibers, the steam sprays remove the contaminants that are entangled in them, without damaging the material and not stretching it. This method of cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets is one of the best.

Steam jet not only eliminates dust and pollution, but also kills germs. It successfully destroys dust mites, which multiply in the furniture fabric and fillers. Many models of steam cleaners are equipped with containers for cleaning agents, which allows us to more effectively remove dirt and stains.

Steam carpet cleaning is absolutely safe for human health, since we can work without the use of chemicals.

The result of the work of Prolux team of professionals always exceeds expectations: soft and clean carpets acquire pristine beauty, and cleaning of offices, houses and apartments is considered brilliantly completed!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

For the average householder, dry carpet cleaning Edgware seems to be an incomprehensible and difficult to implement. And how can you clean the carpet without the use of water and detergents based on it? Yes, it's very simple. There are no complications in dry cleaning technology. First, people are surprised when they see how effective dry carpet cleaning method is.

A sponge-based cleaner is soft, pleasant to touch, of organic origin. It is applied a small amount of a special formulation to dissolve any type of contaminants. Sponge-cleaner is wetted in a small amount of water, as well as a solution of a safe environmentally neutral solvent. Then, the sponge with the solutions applied on it is cleaned with a carpet. In view of the fact that a small amount of moisture is used, after cleaning the surface of the carpet remains dry.

The process of dry cleaning can be divided into several stages:

  • On the dirty areas of the carpet, the cleaner is applied manually or by means of an applicator.
  • A special machine with control-rotating brushes deeply rubs the cleaner into the carpet, where it interacts with the contaminated material, then dissolves and absorbs the dirt.
  • Thanks to a special cleaning mechanism, the pile rises on the carpet, which facilitates the process of further purification.

Why You Should Use Prolux Services?

Use the services of a cleaning company is now very relevant. However, this is not an indicator of luxury, but a necessity. Why should you contact our company specialists? There is an explanation for this: 1. The speed and quality of the work. Practice shows that cleaning professionals cope with their duties several times faster and better than carpet owners. This is facilitated by a well-established system of the company, from recruitment and training of personnel to the use of professional equipment and chemistry. 2. Cleaning company services are cheaper than the maintenance of full-time cleaners. The economy in this case consists of several components: - purchase and updating of inventory, equipment, care and consumables will be the concern of the cleaning company; - Absence of unjustified expenses: You do not need to purchase professional cleaning equipment and products! - Professional care ensures an increase in the service life of the carpets and area rugs; - an individual approach to each client, constant cooperation allow us to provide substantial discounts to our customers. 3. Trained, sociable, neat staff will provide the necessary image of the organization 4. Work without holidays and weekends will not break your usual routine.

5. A wide range of cleaning services can fully meet the current demand for servicing. For example, you do not need to call in addition to cleaning the sofa; this can be combined with a general carpet cleaning Edgware procedure. 6. Ecological compatibility. Our company seeks to use less aggressive preparations if possible, and, ideally, do without it. It is with this goal in mind that we buy steam generators and clean up a lot of steam. In our work we use only Prochem cleaning agents. 7. Prompt response to customer orders.

Hot water extraction by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Edgware
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
floor cleaning services by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Edgware
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
clean carpet service by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Edgware
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Joanna Summers

My place was a mess. I have been very busy recently ,i had less time for cleaning, maintenance and anything except work and was about to hire a housemate to clean, cook and arrange our house. We solved the problem with the cooking but the house left dirty and messy and dusty so me and my husband started searching for some kind of professional cleaning service. So we gave a call to a few cleaning companies, but our attention focused on a company called Prolux. We gave them a phone call and a customer service answered, they were polite and quick, full information about service was provided so that we can compare to the other we have in minded. So we consulted to a friend of ours which was an estate agent and he said: “Prolux, oh they are excellent, hire them, like immediately”. So we fixed an appointment and they gave us a reasonable price with a discount. They came in Saturday afternoon, they were fantastic! They made everything bright and shiny and clean, they did a cleaning on a very high level, all the carpets rugs, our kitchen and ovens bathroom, it was all clean again!

Vic Johnson

I contacted Prolux because I needed urgent cleaning of my white carpet. It was a gorgeous high-quality carpet that was ruined after the last party I organized at home. After that gathering I promised myself never to do the same mistake again. There was smashed chocolate cake on my carpet, several red wine stains and some dirt from the guests’ shoes.At the end of the party, I just removed the remains of the chocolate cake from the carpet, and I called Prolux. I didn’t try to clean those stains because I was 100 % sure I will make the problem even bigger!It was the first time I was using Prolux services but my best friend told me they are amazing! She was Prolux regular customer and she was really impressed! Actually, I saw how clean her carpet was after her birthday party, that she had organized a month ago! So I wasn’t nervous about the final result!Prolux specialists arrived on time and were very precise in the procedure. They made thorough inspection of the carpet and decided that dry carpet cleaning method would be the most proper choice. The whole procedure took them about 2 hours. At the end, my carpet looked brilliant! No stains! No bad odors! Just like brand new!This was my first professional cleaning procedure. From now on I will use Prolux services regularly – at least twice a year!

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