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ProLux: Your top choice for upholstery cleaning in Edgware HA8

ProLux is a professional upholstery cleaning company in Edgware, offering effective cleaning and stain removal from upholstered furniture. Our deep cleaning method is known as hot water extraction and involves the use of a powerful steam cleaning machine. This is the most efficient way to provide sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, and textile floor cleaning in Edgware HA8.

Scheduling an appointment with us is quick and simple, as our customer support teams are unrivalled specialists. All of them are former upholstery cleaners, hence they know the answer to all your questions. They are happy to explain everything related to our eco-friendly upholstery cleaning service in Edgware HA8.

Five reasons to choose a professional upholstery cleaning company:

  • Fully insured, highly trained and certified cleaning experts
  • Five-star customer service teams
  • High pressure hot water extraction cleaning
  • Harmless chemicals, safe for children and pets
  • Possibility to book same day sofa cleaning services

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Flexibility, power, and expertise - Why ProLux stands out

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ProLux Cleaning is a household name in Edgware and the rest of North London for a variety of reasons detailed below:

Availability and mobility

ProLux professionals are highly flexible, covering Edgware and the surrounding North London areas 7 days a week. We have thousands of residential and business customers in Wembley, Harrow, Finchley, Watford, Potters Bar, Borehamwood, Barnet, Pinner and more. Our customer service assistants and technicians work according to your schedule, always available to assist you.

Powerful steam machines

The Ashby hot water extraction machines we use to perform our services are the most powerful ones available. They operate under different settings for water pressure, temperature and amount, letting us clean sofas of any kind. If required, we can use the lowest settings of all three, which makes the service resemble dry cleaning. Your artificial, natural and velvet upholstery is in the best of hands when you contact our cleaning company.

Supreme cleaning experts

Our staff are highly trained professional cleaners with years of experience in the cleaning industry. They know how to perform cleaning services by the highest standards at every single appointment. The secret to their impressive customer satisfaction rate of 98% is an individual approach to all clients.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

All cleaning solutions applied during our services are made by Prochem, a trusted UK manufacturer. These chemicals have been tested for decades, and are certified 100% harmless to people, pets and children. They do not cause side effects or have unpleasant odours, and you can safely observe the cleaning process first-hand.

Hot water extraction: The key to deep and thorough upholstery cleaning

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What follows is an explanation of our hot water extraction cleaning process:

  • An experienced cleaning technician of our company is sent to your property at the given date and time. He will begin the service by inspecting your upholstery to discern its current state and material.
  • The sofas, armchairs and footstools will be hoovered in all reachable areas to remove dust and surface debris off of them. The use of an industrial vacuum cleaner will also prepare them for the machine cleaning process.
  • The furniture is pre-treated with a special Prochem product that dissolves or thins the stains on the fabric. It will be left to do so for a few minutes, before our technician extracts it with the machine.
  • Our expert uses the hot water extraction equipment to insert heated water under pressure in the upholstery. The moisture will reach even the deepest dirt and sources of unpleasant odours, then be extracted with all of them.
  • After extracting about 90% of the water used during the cleaning process, the sofas are left to dry. This process can be sped up by opening windows and using the heating at the property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have offices throughout the city, but we have technicians living in all major London areas. There is always someone available to assist you, even on a short notice. If you’re situated in London, or even partially outside, we can clean for you! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get your free quote.

When it comes to sofas, we clean all upholstered areas: the sitting part, the back rest, the arms, the sofa base, the actual back of the sofa and underneath the sitting area, where the sitting cushions are placed (assuming it's upholstered). The only area excluded is the underside of the base (the material which is facing the floor).

Even if you call us last minute, we can still arrange a cleaning for you on the same day. We have many technicians living throughout London's main areas, and each of them is flexible. They also work 7 days a week, to ensure we can always assist a customer who has an emergency.

Once the cleaning concludes, you will indeed be emailed an electronic receipt as proof of the work performed. It will have the details of the company, as well as your details - or if you wish, we can address it to your business instead. Even if you pay in cash or via card over the phone, but need an invoice for your personal records, or for your landlord if moving out of a rental - be assured we'll send you one.

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