How to Clean Carpet by Hand at Home?

How to Clean Carpet by Hand at Home?

The floor carpet is an excellent alternative to the newfangled warm floors. It is cheaper, and the effect is the same: nice pile allows you to walk barefoot regardless of the season, the child can be allowed to play on the carpet, not being afraid that the legs will freeze, and most importantly - no slippers. How to clean carpet by hand at home, without spoiling its appearance and structure, what tools are most suitable for delicate cleaning, including low-cost - you will learn all this right now in our article.

If urgent help is needed to remove the stain, inexpensive and affordable means will be available to help in every home.

Baking soda 

Baking soda perfectly absorbs odors, and also absorbs dust and dirt. Spread about 5 tablespoons of baking soda on the carpet. In half an hour carefully collect the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. The pile will become clean and will look neat. Similarly, even a white carpet can be cleaned with fine salt, starch, fresh grated potatoes.


Ammonia has proved over the years to be a cheap stain remover. Mix 10 ml of ammonia with 1 tsp. washing powder and 500 ml of water. Apply the liquid mixture to the stain and rub it with a soft brush. Then wipe it with a dry cloth and allow it to dry.

Lemon juice

Corrodes stubborn dirt at home (ink, dried mud). In undiluted form, apply to the contamination, leave for 1 - 2 hours. Then, with a sponge with warm water, treat the cleaning site so that the carpet does not become sticky. Dry the carpet at room temperature.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap will cope with almost any spot (tea, coffee, wine) but be careful when applying it. Therefore, do not directly soap the carpet, and use a more gentle soapy solution - 5 grams of soap sawdust per 0.5 liters of water. Brush to distribute the solution on the problem area, effortlessly wash, and then treat again. After finishing with a slightly damp cloth, wipe the carpet.


Surface stains on the carpet can be removed with vinegar. If you do not know how to clean carpet by hand at home, then take 2 tablespoons of vinegar, dilute it in 0,7 l of water and with the help of a brush and an acetic solution by intensive movements start to clean a problem place. The typical smell of vinegar after cleaning the carpet will go away after airing.

Cold water/ snow

With the help of a brush and icy water you can clean the carpet for a couple of minutes of stains from blood, fresh dirt, traces of animals. Intensive movements begin to clean the material, dipping the brush in the water. After the procedure, we dry the carpet well, without using it until it is completely dry.

It is very good to refresh and clean even a white carpet with a long pile from the dust of ordinary snow.

Is it possible to clean a carpet without a vacuum cleaner?

Of course, it is. Our grandmothers kept the house clean and did not even think of such electrical appliances. The vacuum cleaner does well to remove dust and small mote, but if there is no device, then with the help of a broom and scoop, in the old manner, with a little effort, the carpet will become clean.

A stained spot on the carpet can be removed by moist tea brewing. Welding on a spot and let stand for 1-2 hours. Carefully collect a broom. The stain will disappear, and the carpet will get a pleasant fresh smell.

Spots on the carpet at home can be perfectly removed without the help of a vacuum cleaner. A greasy or oily stain should be wiped with a cloth dampened in gasoline or vinegar. Then the treated area should be sprinkled with baking soda, brushed and cleaned with a broom.

How to remove stains from the carpet?

Every housewife needs to know several tips how to clean carpet by hand at home in order to remove different types of stains. If you spilled tea or coffee on the carpet, you must first thoroughly dry the place with a dry rag. Then brush with soapy water.

If the stain is dry, you must first rub glycerin into it and leave it for the night. Then treat with soapy water.

Stains from blood from the carpet are deduced just like with any other tissue - cold water. If the stain has dried up - put a wet cloth on it, and when it softens - wash it with a dampened cloth in cold water.

It is recommended not to touch ordinary dirt from the street until it dries. Then vacuum with a special brush for carpet cleaning.

It's easier to remove stains from wax or paraffin: you need to apply ice to the stain (in a package, so as not to flow). When the wax cools, it will be easily removed. Or vice versa, after paving absorbent cloth, iron the carpet.

In the same way (with the help of ice), chewing gum can be withdrawn.

An excellent means for removing stains - a mixture of 1 teaspoon "non-nuclear" detergent (you can dilute in water grated household soap), 1 teaspoon of wine vinegar, a liter of warm water. With it, you can get rid of stains of fruit, urine, salad, chocolate, etc. Only the spot should be fresh to achieve a positive result.

Chewing gum is perfectly excreted with ammonia: wet the cotton wool with ammonia, test the ratio of your carpet to this product, and then - provided that everything is fine - boldly apply ammonia compress to the chewing gum. The chewing gum becomes hard like stone and falls off itself.

How to freshen carpet’s color with natural tools?

Any carpet should be refreshed once or twice a year. There are several ways to do this:

- with the help of ammonia. For this you need 2 tbsp. of ammonia diluted in a liter of water and a hair brush moistened in this. After cleaning, wipe it dry with a dry cloth and ventilate the room.
- Add 1 tablespoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of citric acid per liter of water. Wipe the carpet with this solution with a brush.

Types of carpets and differences in cleaning techniques

The carpet cleaning methods that we have listed above are not universal. Each carpet differs in material, structure, and the result of using even a simple soap will be different. To know how to clean carpet by hand at home, we advise you to pay attention to tips for the care of different types of nap and carpets of different colors.


Carpets with long nap differ the most labor-intensive cleaning. At the base of the pile, hair, wool is clogged, and if something is spilled, then even with the help of a vacuum cleaner for one cleaning it will not be possible to completely clean the carpet.

Long nap can not be rubbed with a stiff brush, so as not to damage the adhesive backing. The best way to remove a stain from a carpet with a long nap is to use soap foam. The foam penetrates the nap and dissolves dirt. Then vacuum the carpet, and if there is a steam cleaner, walk through the problem areas of the coating.


The most common type of carpet is with a short nap. They can be cleaned with a damp and dry cleaning. Short nap in most cases unpretentious, the pollution from it is removed quickly.

If you need to lightly revitalize the color and give a more neat appearance, dilute the water in the atomizer, mixed with shampoo and a few drops of ammonia. Before cleaning the carpet at home, 1 ml of tea tree extract can be added to disinfect the surface. Treat the entire surface, dry at room temperature and vacuum.


Those carpets are subject to the gentlest cleaning. Silk does not tolerate moisture, so you can clean the silk carpet only with a vacuum cleaner. Wool, sheepskin and fur are cleaned with baking soda and a soft brush.

Natural fiber is more prone to frequent dirt, it can be attacked by: mole (with a large accumulation of dust under the pile), fungus or mold (in a room with high humidity, with frequent wet cleaning).

Synthetics are unpretentious, but the service life of synthetic carpets is not long - after 5-6 years of constant use the material looks untidy and crumpled. Pressed furniture pile does not restore its appearance, after a heavy press, it will remain so permanently. The color of synthetic carpets does not lose bright colors, does not burn out. It is enough to vacuum twice a week and, if necessary, handle with a brush and soda solution.


A carpet with a light nap can not be cleaned with lemon juice - yellowness may form. From inexpensive means it is best to use the shavings of household soap. A strong soap solution will allow you to wash the most contaminated areas, dissolve most spots within 1-2 hours.

If you need a faster result, professional cleaning products will save the treatment. Foam put on a problem place, after 5 minutes apply a second portion of foam on a light pile.
Dark carpets should not be cleaned with the help of starch and baking soda - they will remove contamination, but there will remain white traces, which are difficult to get rid of. The best tool is ammonia alcohol, which is diluted in water and applied with a brush on the carpet. The spots will disappear, and the pile will become softer.

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