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What are the Most Recommended Methods for Carpet Cleaning Potters Bar?

Prolux carpet cleaning Potters Bar based company is the most reliable firm, which has built its name over the years! Fighting problematic pollution and dealing with complex cases distinguish us from competitors. Where other companies are powerless, we are coping with difficulties. A vivid example is the delicate dry cleaning of rarity carpets and antique pieces of furniture. The spots on the luxurious silk upholstery or homespun woolen carpet are a professional challenge for the specialists of Prolux Carpet Cleaning Potters Bar.

We apply the latest methods of removing contaminants and the best hydrocarbon-based formulations. Such careful dry cleaning with organic solvents does not harm expensive fabrics, removing more than 98% of difficult spots, including coffee, juices, grass.

The main pride of Prolux Carpet Cleaning Potters Bar is our team of experts. All employees are experts in their field. Each of them has a huge experience, the highest qualification, honed skills. Therefore, we always guarantee the perfect result of fulfilling orders. Perfect purity is our unchanging rule!


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning – Give Your Carpet Brand New Look!

carpet cleaning potters bar Attitude to carpets usually develops on the basis of personal preferences, but few will argue with the fact that carpets create a warm atmosphere and comfort in the house. But, since they fit on the floor, the most actively exploited area of ​​housing - it's no wonder that sooner or later the carpet surface becomes dusty and unsightly.

And this is at best, since on the carpet there may appear all kinds of spots that, when easily rubbed off the floor, are removed with great difficulty from the carpet nap. Many, unable to cope with pollution, deeply embedded in the carpet pile, give carpets for steam cleaning. However, it is not a secret that hot water extraction cleaning is not suitable for all carpets, especially for those made on the basis of silk or wool, which is contraindicated in contact with moisture. But, since it is necessary to fight with the dirt of carpets in some way, it remains to rely on the advice of those who are professional in cleaning carpets.

Our experts are well trained and experienced and know how to cope with carpet’s problems. Depending on the type of the carpet and level of contamination, they apply dry or steam cleaning method. Each member of our team of specialists, have gone under special training and is chosen among the best professionals in carpet cleaning Potters Bar!

Dry Carpet Cleaning – Protect Your Handmade Carpets!

According to these tips the best way to get rid of pollution is dry carpet cleaning Potters Bar, which seems at first glance to be very time consuming. After all, in fact, a dry method of cleaning the carpet means that you have to give up all the liquid detergents that we are so used to using. Rather, a small amount of fluid is still used, leaving the carpet completely dry. The essence of the process of dry carpet cleaning is the use of sponges. It is used in a special dry cleaner, with the help of which the contaminated surface of the carpet is cleaned, with a few drops of a special liquid, like a gel. This liquid is able to cope with any kind of dirt, regardless of whether it is organic or a chemical compound.

The cleaning itself is carried out in the following sequence: first of all a special liquid and a small amount of water or a solvent is applied to the spongy cleaner. Further, the cleaning liquid is rubbed into the pile of the carpet, and, the deeper its penetration, the better the cleaning will be. This is done with a dry carpet cleaning machine, the action of which is based on the use of a spongy cleaner. For a deep penetration of liquid into the basis of the carpet, the brush head of the cleaning machine includes brushes that move in accordance with the principle of counter-rotation.

The last stage of dry carpet cleaning Potters Bar is the vacuum treatment of the carpet, with which the pile is cleaned from the penetrated deep into the liquid and the mud dissolved by it.

Dry carpet cleaning is the most optimal and inexpensive method for synthetic carpet and area rugs. Carpets that are handmade, made of wool and, especially, silk are cleaned only in a dry way. The technologist will process and remove stains, then perform a general cleaning with the hydrocarbon reagent.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – The Most Effective Way to Kill Bacteria

The use of carpets is not limited to a particular country or culture. They are popular all over the world for their decorative effect. However, carpets tend to collect dirt and require proper care and cleaning. Spilled drinks and stains from fallen food products, all this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, dust and other microscopic substances remain on the carpet fibers, which leads not only to the accumulation of dust, but also to the formation of mold / fungus.

Elements of home interior, which are regularly used, are constantly exposed to pollution and attacks of various microorganisms. They need to be removed more quickly from the tissue, because they can greatly affect human health, and their life activity spoils the material.

Cleaning carpets and furniture with steam is the best solution for removing the unwanted bacteria and dirt from them. High temperature helps to destroy such weak microorganisms that can settle between the fibers of the material.

Also very popular today is steam carpet cleaning, because in this place of bacteria is going to even more. The cleanliness of your home will be on top after Prolux experts arrive and help you with hot gaseous water. Disinfection of carpets will necessarily take place at the highest level. High-tech equipment will certainly ensure the quality removal of unpleasant substances and microorganisms from all kinds of surfaces.

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Sincere thanks to the masters of "Prolux Cleaning"! Thanks to you, I learned what real professionalism is in the field of carpet dry cleaning. I was afraid to give my woolen carpet, which I had received from my great-grandmother, to processing. After talking with Prolux's consultant and lead technologist, I calmed down. They explained to me that my carpet will be cleaned manually with organic hydrocarbon compounds. The result I'm incredibly happy! No damage, the colors seems to come alive, they are so bright! Once again many thanks!Actually, a friend of mine told me about Prolux. He contacted Prolux for cleaning of upholstered furniture. The guys did an excellent job, for which he was very thankful. Work was carried out at his home, without exporting the headset to the workshop. He had the cleaning procedure on Sunday, the only day he was off work. He told me the prices of Prolux services are moderate, they are made quickly and qualitatively. That was one of the reasons to contact Prolux and I convinced myself their prices are really affordable. Also, I read a lot of feedback about their procedures online, and 100 % of people who had tested their services, were content.Some of the customers had written that they had used Prolux services because they use safe cleaning products that are environmentally-friendly. I have small children, so this is of major importance for me!

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