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Expert upholstery cleaning St Albans

Searching for expert sofa cleaners in St Albans?

Cleaning company ProLux provides professional rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning in St Albans. Our technicians have certificates, insurance and offer a powerful machine cleaning method. It is known as hot water extraction, and is performed with an industrial steam machine.

Child and pet-safe sofa cleaning for your peace of mind

During the steam cleaning service, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used on your sofas and armchairs. The cleaning products are made by Prochem, a manufacturer with decades of history in the UK market. These chemicals are completely harmless to children and pets, as well as any sofa material.

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What you receive when choosing a professional cleaning company?

  • Fully insured, highly trained and certified sofa cleaners
  • Powerful steam extraction cleaning machines
  • The highest chances of smell and stain removal
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Professional sofa cleaning St Albans

Our mobile teams of sofa and rug cleaners in St Albans work 24/7 for your convenience. They have decades of experience in cleaning all types of upholstery materials. Your artificial, natural and luxury sofa covers are in the safest hands when you choose our company.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Stain removal - St Albans

There are three main factors which can convince you of this:

  1. Our cleaners' training and experience;
  2. Our industrial cleaning equipment;
  3. Our special cleaning products;

First, our technicians have been thoroughly trained in the art of professional cleaning. They have undergone dozens of training courses and attend new ones when available. This helps them hone their cleaning skills to perfection, so they can be prepared for anything in the cleaning world.

Second, we use the most modern cleaning machines available on the professional cleaning market. These machines are Ashbys hot water extractors with a dual-tank system and multiple settings. They can be set to heat the water up to 90° C, and spray it under varying pressure into the sofa material.

Third and final, the cleaning solutions are child and pet friendly, as certified by years of testing. They cause no side effects and leave no unpleasant odours. As the machine extracts the chemicals, you can be sure there will also be no residues in the upholstery after the cleaning.

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What is hot water extraction, and what are its benefits?

Hot water extraction is the name of our powerful machine cleaning method, also known as deep steam cleaning. The use of an industrial steam cleaner is complimented and highly recommended by sofa manufacturers around the world. It is simply unrivalled at removing stains and dirt, as well as disinfecting the fabric from dust mites and germs. Moreover, due to extracting most of the water immediately, the dry times are very brief.

Deeo Stean Sofa cleaning technician St Albans

This is a brief summary on how the method is applied to your furniture:

  • Inspection of the upholstery by our professional cleaner;
  • Hoovering to remove surface dust and debris;
  • Pre-treatment of heavily stained areas with a special product;
  • Hot water extraction machine sprays water and cleaning products deep inside;
  • Around 90% of the water is sucked out by the machine with dirt and stain residues;
  • Sofa is left to dry, and can optionally be Stain Protected*;

Stay one step ahead: Protect and preserve your sofa with Stain Protection

*Stain Protection is an after-care service which can be sprayed onto the sofa fabric by the technician. It will form an invisible layer which will react to new stains when they happen, making them easier to remove. It will also protect your sofa from being deformed by sunlight.

Sofa cleaning near St Albans

As a professional cleaning company, we are highly mobile in the St Albans and North London region. We also cover the nearby areas of Borehamwood, Watford, Bricket Wood, Edgware, Pinner, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley, Potters Bar and more. If you were also looking for steam cleaning, it's part of our list of services!

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