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Expert upholstery cleaning Hemel Hempstead

Looking for a sofa cleaning company in Hemel Hempstead?

ProLux Cleaning company is a provider of professional sofa and textile floor cleaning services in Hemel Hempstead. Our expert upholstery cleaners have years of experience, along with certificates and insurance. They know how to perform top quality domestic and commercial cleaning of sofas and rugs.

Our professional service is built upon the use of industrial cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals. Using this gear, we know exactly how to clean area rugs and sofas of any type, and achieve the best result. Call us today, receive a free quote and availability, and prepare to have your expectations shattered.

sofa cleaning services Hemel Hempstead

Perks of using a professional cleaning company

  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, harmless to pets and children
  • Commercial steam extraction cleaning machines
  • Fully insured, highly trained, certified and experienced sofa cleaners
  • Award-winning customer service teams, available 24/7
  • Your highest chances of stain removal
Sofa Stain removal technician Hemel Hempstead

Professional sofa cleaning Hemel Hempstead

In our upholstery cleaning services, we use the highest quality of Prochem stain removers and germ killing products. These chemicals are eco-friendly, but nonetheless a major threat to the bacteria in your sofas. Choosing ProLux means choosing the safest option for your health and safety, as no dust mites can survive our cleaning process.

Odourless and allergy-friendly: Our gentle approach to upholstery cleaning

Spilt liquids, greasy stains, chocolate marks on your favourite sofa can be expected, especially if you have small children. For that reason, ProLux has specialised in the use of Prochem's eco-friendly line of chemicals. We apply only non-toxic cleaning products that do not pose any danger to your children and pets.

The cleaning solutions have no repelling odour and do not provoke allergic reactions. They are perfectly safe for children, pregnant women, allergy sufferers or pets. You do not need to leave the room while we are cleaning for you, as the process is harmless.

Leave stains in the past: ProLux's expert stain removal for upholstery

We are proud of our cleaning team that is skilful enough to handle any problem, associated with upholstered furniture. We can eliminate various types of stains on your sofa, and we have the right tools to deal with unpleasant odours. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of professional experience and has gone through dozens of courses.

Regular use of professional sofa cleaning services is the most important factor for preserving your furniture for years to come. In fact, it is highly recommended to order deep cleaning services at least once a year, for disinfection purposes. Additionally, only professionals know how to remove stains of high complexity, such as coffee, tea and red wine. Don't risk your upholstery becoming permanently discoloured, call ProLux specialists and let us handle it for you.

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expert sofa cleaning Hemel Hempstead

Steam sofa cleaning in Hemel Hempstead

Restoring the beauty and freshness of your upholstery

If your upholstered furniture has lost its beautiful colours and freshness, contact our company and book a deep cleaning service. You will see how our high-powered machines and harmless cleaning products can restore it to its previous state. This can happen on all sofa materials, as our gear can clean synthetic, natural and even luxury sofa cover fabrics.

Tailored solutions for every fabric

The secret to our success are the steam extraction machines themselves, as well as our unique approach to every customer. Our cleaners have been specially trained to discern the material before taking any additional actions. This way, we as a company can be sure the best is done in every single cleaning appointment.

Our hot water extraction gear works under varying levels of water heat and pressure, as regulated by our cleaner. The amount of water can also be controlled, as some sofas are too delicate to withstand lots of water exposure. This is why we have invested a lot into proper equipment and training for our specialists.

We are the company that can take care of your

  • sofas
  • armchairs
  • footstools
  • dining and office chairs

For tenants looking to move out of a property, we even offer emergency tenancy cleaning services. As you should be aware, some letting agencies require the furniture and soft floors to be deep cleaned before returning deposits. Let ProLux assist you in getting what's yours by booking us to deep clean your landlord's upholstery today.

How is hot water extraction performed?

  1. A professional sofa cleaner of our company attends your property at the given date and time. First and foremost, your sofa will be inspected to discern its material and condition.
  2. The next step in the cleaning process is to hoover the furniture in all reachable areas. This is required before we can use the steam machine, as hoovering removes the surface dust and debris from your sofa.
  3. A pre-treatment eco-friendly chemical is applied to the upholstery. It will dissolve the stains and dirt in a few minutes.
  4. Our operative uses the steam extraction machine to spray heated water in the fabric areas under pressure. Afterwards, the gear extracts the dirt and about 90% of all water used during the process of steam cleaning.
  5. The stubborn stains and unpleasant odours are given special treatment with eco-friendly solutions. All physically removable stains will be removed with us, as this is guaranteed.
  6. The furniture is left to dry, and the customer is given advice for future care. We also offer Stain Protection, which is an after-care spray that makes the sofa resistant to new stains.

Sofa cleaning near Hemel Hempstead

Undoubtedly, ProLux has the most reliable team of cleaning experts you can ever find in Hemel Hempstead. We also cover the nearby areas of St Albans, Borehamwood, Kings Langley, Nash Mills, Watford, Bovingdon, Pinner, Edgware, Ruislip and many more. To receive a full list of areas we cover, you can always get in touch with our customer service assistants. Our company is open 7 days a week, and our technicians work around the clock, all for our clients' convenience.

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