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Expert upholstery cleaning Watford

Are the sofas in need of deep cleaning?

For reliable professional upholstery cleaning Watford services, contact ProLux Cleaning company. We guarantee top-quality results, accomplished with safe cleaning products and innovative cleaning methods. Our company provides steam cleaning services to domestic and business clients in Watford at competitive prices. We are equipped with the most powerful steam machines that will bring your upholstered furniture to the best possible condition.

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What should you expect when booking a professional upholstery cleaning Watford service?

A few minutes over the phone with an experienced customer service specialist of the company, who will answer all your questions. The structure of the sofa fabric and any specific issues will determine the cleaning method and the products used.

Four reasons to choose a professional sofa cleaning company

  • High-end industrial steam cleaning machines with multiple modes of operation;
  • Child and pet friendly cleaning products applied to your furniture;
  • Fully insured, experienced and certified upholstery cleaners;
  • Possibility to order same day sofa cleaning services;

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Professional sofa cleaning Watford

In our work, we employ the best sofa cleaning method of deep steam cleaning. It is the most effective way to perform professional rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. This method is used for stain removal and disinfection of all the below:

  • rugs
  • sofas
  • mattresses
  • curtains
  • car upholstery
Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Stain removal - Watford

How do our experts approach the steam cleaning process?

To clean the rugs and upholstery quickly and efficiently, ProLux technicians follow a whole algorithm of actions:

  1. Inspect furniture and identify the material, origin of the dirt and how long it’s been there.
  2. Select the optimal pre-washing agent, stain remover or thinner. All products used in the upholstery cleaning service are environmentally friendly, harmless both during the procedure and after.
  3. Apply cleaning agents to the dirty surface to destroy the structure of the stain.
  4. Hot water extraction cleaning is carried out, most of the water being removed immediately.
  5. The furniture is treated with bacteria, smell and stain removal products to restore the original colour.

For leather upholstery, you should be informed that only some types of leather can be cleaned in the way described above. The vast majority of leather settees are only suitable for cleaning by hand, via sponge and soft brush. In all cases, we apply eco-friendly cleaning products by Prochem, the most trusted manufacturer on the UK market.

Masters of stain removal: How we continue to achieve the best results

Our expert cleaners have passed dozens of training courses in order to become the cleaning veterans they are today. They even continue to attend new ones, in order to keep learning the latest cleaning developments. Thanks to the extensive training of our operatives, we know how to deal with stains of any origin.

Logically, more complex stains take longer to deal with. However, our company has many years of experience dealing with all issues which are typical for upholstery. You can be sure that any stain which is removable will be removed by our powerful steam extraction method.

Deep sofa cleaning

Using high-end steam cleaning machines, we are able to clean all types of sofa fabrics. This includes the naturals and synthetics, as well as the delicate luxury ones, e.g. velvet or silk. This is possible due to the multiple settings on our cleaning equipment, letting us properly approach every unique situation.

When necessary, we are able to clean sofas with lower pressure or temperature of the water. We can even use a low or minimal amount of water itself, making our cleaning service similar to dry cleaning.

Sofa cleaning near Watford

As a cleaning company with highly mobile teams, we cover all of Watford and North London. We also perform cleaning services in the surrounding areas of Borehamwood, Harrow, Edgware, Barnet, Pinner, Potters Bar, Ruislip and many more.

Convenient and affordable: Book your upholstery cleaning today!

Upholstery cleaning Watford is a service that has to be used at least twice a year. For a special price, you should combine it with another of our deep cleaning services. Call our customer service assistants, get a free quote and book an appointment today.

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