If you want perfectly clean carpets and upholstery, you should buy a professional vacuum cleaner. It is the most important cleaning machine for any home. Ever since its invention, housewives around the world have praised the hoover.

A professional vacuum cleaner is designed for many hours of hard work. It is made of sturdy materials and is reliably protected from damage. Modern hoovers allow many types of cleaning to happen. They have different functions, and can be versatile.

However, there are also highly specialised hoovers for specific cleaning tasks. Vacuum cleaners can vary significantly in their parameters. They are often divided into budget-friendly home hoovers and high-class industrial vacuum cleaners. Each of the types has their own merits, such as high capacity or affordable prices.

What is the difference between domestic and industrial hoovers?

Domestic hoovers are commonly made to be available to all consumers. They are adjusted to offer enough power to deal with most home cleaning situations. Ultimately, their main focus is to be light on your budget.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are meant to clean communal areas. They are designed with power in mind, and are often high capacity as well. They cost a pretty penny, but are worth the investment for business owners. All public buildings are easily maintained with at least one industrial hoover.

Top dry carpet cleaning machines for cleaning at home

What are the parameters of vacuum cleaners?

Dry carpet cleaning

Professional cleaning machines are a mix of innovative design, high efficiency and reliability. Below, we have listed the primary characteristics of each vacuum cleaner:


Watt is the measuring unit of how much power the hoover needs to clean. The average for a domestic hoover is between 1000-1500W. Industrial vacuum cleaners have motors ranging from 1000 to 4000W.

People assume high watt means more vacuum power, which is incorrect. Watt is not an expression of how powerful the vacuum cleaner is. It is merely the minimum and optimal electric output required for the hoover to work.

Suction capacity

The suction capacity is how well the hoover lifts dirt off the surface. It is directly measured in Pascal, or a unit known as mm water column. Household and industrial vacuum cleaners produce between 20,000 to 30,000 Pascal of negative pressure. High powered lift away cleaning for carpets and rugs can be offered by both types of hoovers.

Air flow

Air flow is the hoover's ability to extract air, which contains dust, into its collection container. The flow of air is measured in cubic metres per hour, or in litres per second. In terms of air flow, domestic and commercial hoovers vary from 25 to 65 litres per second.

Suction power

Suction power is the combination of suction capacity and air flow. It is the true measure of how powerful the vacuum cleaner is. The average suction power of most hoovers varies between 250 and 450 Watt.

The measure of suction power defines how much dust is removed with that specific hoover. Most vacuum cleaners remove between 90 to 100% of dust from hard floors, and 50 to 85% of dust from carpets. Powerful suction is a defining trait of industrial hoovers, but domestics compensate with reduced noise instead.

Bag volume

The amount of dust and debris that can be collected in the bag of the vacuum cleaner. This is usually measured when the bag is fitted inside the hoover. If measuring it while outside, it may cause an illusory capacity to be perceived.

Noise level

This is how loud the hoover is to the human ear, which varies greatly. The quiet hoovers are 70 decibels and below, whereas the loud ones can reach over 80 decibels. It is important to note that noise above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage with prolonged exposure.

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Vacuum cleaner with a HEPA

How to choose a professional vacuum cleaner?

When looking to purchase a hoover, either online or in a store, there are a few things to be aware of. Consider how often you will use it for carpet and hard floor cleaning, and how big your property is. Other important factors are whether you have children and pets, or what kind of flooring you have. They vary somewhat when choosing a domestic hoover and when looking for a commercial vacuum cleaner.

Spend time studying the websites of manufacturers, look at the ratings and test results. Visit exhibitions or cleaning shops where you can try out different brands of professional hoovers, and rate their capabilities. After all, there are many opinions, but personal experience is the best arbiter.

Carpet dry-cleaning

Should one purchase a bagged or a bagless hoover for dry carpet cleaning?

Bagged hoovers are hastily emptied without issues or spillages, as you can replace the bag once it is about 70% full. They can be most convenient when you have a large family home or multi storey office. The drawback is that you should always have bags in store in order to clean.

Bagless models circumvent the bag problem entirely by having a container and an appropriate filter instead. This means that you do not need to buy any bags, but you may need to purchase filters every so often. Try to look for a hoover that has washable HEPA filters, as those have an extended mileage. However, bear in mind that some bagless hoovers have a lower capacity than bagged models, so choose wisely.

Are corded or cordless hoovers better for domestic carpet cleaning?

Cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to leave the charger on the ground floor and clean on the second floor, for example. This convenience removes the trouble of having to change sockets every time you want to move past the cord limit. It also saves you some money on purchasing a long extension cable if you have a large house.

However, cordless hoovers present a problem of their own, which is the battery life. You always have to keep your cordless vacuum charged, otherwise it will not operate. Hybrid models do exist, but usually come with very short charger cords, meaning you will need lengthy extensions.

Corded hoovers do not need to be charged, as the power supply from the cord is constant. This also saves you money on potentially replacing the battery if it dies. However, cords can vary in length, so try to look for a model that offers a longer than average cable. In the worst case scenario, you can compensate for a shorter cord with a long extension instead.

Are attachments important when buying a vacuum cleaner?

The standard tool every hoover comes with is designed to efficiently clean hard and soft flooring. However, having different attachments opens up a new world of cleaning possibilities. There are special nozzles for cleaning carpets, particularly for cleaning stairs and hard to reach areas. Other attachments allow you to hastily remove pet hairs when cleaning carpets, sofas and car seats.

Carpet cleaning at home

Which vacuum cleaner is the best for communal carpeted areas?

There is no correct answer to the above, as there are many types of hoovers, and many types of carpeted rooms. For example, an upright hoover is best for a flat or single floor office building, and is easily stored. As the upright is heavy, it has an easier time to reach ingrained dirt from your carpets. If you have a multi-floor office, it may be best to choose a lighter model than an upright vacuum cleaner.

For bigger offices, or homes where hard floor dominates, canister vacuums are a wiser choice. They are easier to carry around with two hands, and are equipped with long hoses. You are free to hoover the stairs without taking the canister up with you. In fact, you can leave the canister where it will not obstruct anything, and freely clean the room.

Stick vacuums, or pole hoovers, are a lighter and more portable version of uprights. They are a very reasonable choice for a small flat with hard floors or low pile carpets and rugs. However, most of them are battery only, and are not the best choice for office carpet cleaning.

In homes and some communal areas, robot vacuums are gaining popularity, and rightly so. These small AI hoovers are great at regular cleaning, due to their technology. Their cameras and sensors guide them around furniture, under beds, and through your property. Once their battery is low, they return to their chargers, so you can let them clean while you go to work.

As an extra piece of advice, communal carpets have higher foot traffic than any home. This means that special equipment is required to keep them clean. A dry carpet cleaning machine will help a lot, but a professional deep cleaning is necessary every few months. That is what health experts and cleaning specialists worldwide recommend.

What hoover to choose for domestic carpet cleaning?

Every home in the UK has children, and studies show that about 52% of UK houses are inhabited by pets. When there are children and animals in a property, it needs to be cleaned more often than usual. To no fault of their own, pets and children tend to make messes every once in a while.

Therefore, a domestic vacuum cleaner should have an impressive tank for collecting dirt, and nozzles for a wide variety of surfaces. If possible, it should have a long cord or battery life, but those are easier to compensate for. Most importantly, it should be able to deal with just about any home cleaning situation a hoover is useful for.

Which vacuum cleaner do professionals recommend?

If you are looking for top dry carpet cleaning machines for cleaning at home, we recommend Kärcher. Vacuum cleaners from Karcher clean the textile surfaces of all kinds. They are distinguished by reliability, high productivity, wide functionality and a wide range of accessories.

The product line includes compact models for cleaning small homes, as well as high performance devices for offices. Kärcher carpet cleaning machines are the ideal solution for cost effective cleaning of large carpeted areas.

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Are there other dry carpet cleaning machines?

Aside from powerful vacuum cleaners, the carpet dry cleaning world makes use of other equipment. For example, disc machines with rotating brushes can help you to have your stains removed. Always remember to use appropriate eco-friendly powders and other dry cleaning solutions, refrain from harsh products.

Blower vacuums are a type of handheld hoover, and are built to offer a powerful air blowing function. The purpose of this tool is to blow the dust into one area, or make leaves fall out of house gutters. Then, they can be easily collected with another device, or even with the blower itself. It has a small vacuum nozzle, which is useful for reaching narrow spaces, such as a workbench.

Professional dry carpet cleaning companies have specialised equipment for use in their cleaning sessions. The previously mentioned disc machines with contra rotating brushes are very effective and simple to use. The TM3 CRB Agitation Machine is one of these dry carpet cleaning systems, which can also agitate any pre-spray solutions.

It is simple to use, just sprinkle the dry cleaning compound over the fibres, then use the machine to spread it. Afterwards, hoover the compound out, with the help of your trusty vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning equipment is best used to dry clean carpets which cannot be wet cleaned, such as sisal weave.

The core advantage of dry cleaning is that you can use the carpet right after you are done cleaning it. Timely cleaning of carpeted floorings and area rugs removes dust and dirt from them, and prolongs the life of the carpet. If you want to remove severe stains, however, you need to contact a professional carpet cleaning company.

Cleaning specialists use tools much more effective in their work than conventional household appliances and chemicals. These are special carpet cleaning solutions that remove any dirt quickly and without a trace. Professionals have powerful equipment that provides brilliant results with maximum efficiency.