Carpet textile flooring creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in any home. Newly fitted carpets please people with their cleanliness and bright colours. However, after some time the colours fade, as dust builds up and spots appear.

When this happens, the owners wonder how to properly clean the carpet to restore its beauty. What home remedies are effective, and do not spoil the carpet fibres? A few people know that ammonia is one of the most effective carpet cleaning solutions.

Besides cleaning with ammonia, carpets should be cleaned with a hoover at least once a week. Regular hoovering prolongs the life of your carpet by removing dry dirt before it becomes a problem. If you have pets or children, hoovering should be done at least two to three times a week.

Always use natural, homemade cleaners, instead of harsh products like bleach. Ammonia carpet cleaning solution is the best for bringing your carpet back to its initial condition. However, you should be careful when applying this detergent on carpets and rugs. Ammonia can harm your skin and cause permanent damage to the carpet fibres.

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Ammonia carpet cleaning solutions
How to remove carpet stains

Can ammonia remove carpet stains?

If you want to use ammonia to clean, you will need a few household items first. Get a refillable spray bottle, as well as a clean white cloth. Other equipment includes rubber or latex gloves, a sponge and a bucket.

Ammonia is a powerful carpet cleaner, and care needs to be taken when spraying it. Do not apply it to the whole carpet, just the stain affected area. And always blot it until it dries completely.

Here is an example of a universal stain remover involving ammonia. Wear protective gloves and mix the following ingredients in the bucket:

  • 1 tablespoon (15 ml) dish soap
  • ¼ cup (60 ml) of ammonia
  • ¼ cup (60 ml) of vinegar
  • 11 litres of water

Stir this mixture a bit, then fill a spray bottle and apply directly onto the stains. Let sit for only a few minutes, then begin blotting from the edge to the centre. Never do the opposite, as that will make the stain spread.

After blotting the stain out, rinse the carpet with the sponge dipped in clean water. Repeat all steps for as long as necessary, and be careful. Remember to do a patch test on a small, barely visible area of the fibres first.

What carpet stains can be removed with ammonia?

Ammonia is an effective carpet stain remover, on par with other home remedies and cleaning agents. It is as effective as hydrogen peroxide or laundry detergent in most cases, especially on synthetic carpets. When using this product, remember to blot the stains instead of scrub them. If you scrub, the excess liquid will go deeper inside and become hard to remove.

Stain removal on the carpet

Can acidic stains come out when ammonia is used?

Caroet cleaning solutions

Stains from spilled vinegar or bleach require quick action. Clean them right away with baking soda and cold water. It is recommended to apply ammonia, diluted 1:10 in water. Rinse with cold water, allow to dry, then carefully hoover the carpet.

Can ammonia remove carpet vomit stains?

Use paper towels or rubber gloves to remove the solid chunks of food from your carpet. Open the windows so the smell can start leaving the room while you clean. Spray the fibres with ammonia carpet cleaning solution: 1 part of ammonia and 10 parts of water. Rinse with cold water, allow the carpet to dry, and repeat if you still sense a smell.

Will ammonia remove blood stains from carpets?

Stains of fruit and blood should be cleaned with cold water. Do not use hot or warm water, as that will turn them solid much faster and ruin your carpet. Add one tablespoon of ammonia to one litre of water and rinse the stains after blotting them.

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Would ammonia get rid of carpet coffee stains?

Coffee stains need to be reacted to immediately, start blotting them with paper or cloth towels. You should also open windows, so the coffee aroma can weaken. Then rinse thoroughly with water, using cold instead of hot. If the carpet fibres are wool or cotton, use ammonia carpet cleaning solution, then blot and rinse.

Can wine stains be removed with ammonia?

White wine or champagne can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, then rinsed with warm water. Red wine stains are removed with ammonia carpet cleaning solution - lukewarm water and ammonia. In either case, apply the solution or rubbing alcohol with a clean white cloth. However, if the red wine stain is not easily removed, call professional carpet cleaners.

Will cooking oil be removed by ammonia?

Cooking oil stains can be removed with a solution of ammonia, cold water and salt. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of ammonia in 4 litres of water. Apply freely, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then blot and rinse.

How to refresh carpet colours with ammonia carpet cleaning solution?

To make your carpets go back to their original brightness, use a powerful hoover first. To use ammonia or citric acid, dilute the ingredients in water at a ratio of 2 tablespoons to 1 litre of water. Then blot the carpet and let it dry completely before trying again if necessary.

Can ammonia clean wool carpets and rugs?

Ammonia can be used to clean natural fibre carpets and rugs, but care must be taken. The natural materials are less durable to ammonia. They also should not be cleaned with hot water, as they may shrink.

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