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ProLux is a professional textile floors and upholstery cleaning company in Bexley DA14 with many years of experience. Our fully insured sofa and rug cleaners provide one of the best cleaning methods on the market. It is known as hot water extraction and is recommended for being the most effective technique for disinfection and stain removal.

Our sofa and upholstery cleaning service is highly popular in Bexley and the rest of East London. The steam cleaning process takes on average between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the job size. Afterwards, the upholstery takes a short amount of time to dry before you can comfortably use it again.

Why ProLux is the best choice for your upholstery cleaning needs

  • Five-star customer service teams;
  • The most effective stain removal method of cleaning business and residential furniture;
  • Certified, insured and highly trained cleaners with years of experience;
  • Child and pet friendly cleaning products;
  • Powerful steam extraction cleaning machines;

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What is hot water extraction cleaning?

It is the most highly recommended method of cleaning your soft floors and sofas, as well as your mattresses and curtains. It involves the use of a commercial steam machine by a trained specialist. The machines we use work under different settings for water pressure and temperature. Our technicians always choose the most suitable settings depending on your sofa cover fabric.

The cleaning technique is highly praised for being the unrivalled champion at stain removal. All kinds of stains with varying origins are easily handled by our operatives and equipment. No matter the specific situation, you are always guaranteed to receive an excellent service with us. We work 7 days a week, including bank holidays, and we offer same day sofa cleaning services.

How does it work? An extensive breakdown of the process

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  1. The process always begins with our technician examining your upholstery. This is necessary so he can choose the best method and products for the cleaning to be successful.
  2. The furniture is hoovered with a powerful vacuum cleaner in all areas where it can reach.
  3. On the sofa surface, a pre-treatment solution will be sprayed by the technician. It will dissolve the dirt and stains on the furniture.
  4. The steam extraction machine removes the pre-treatment product after a few minutes. It is then used to spray water under high pressure in your sofa fabric.
  5. Odours, germs and stains are treated with eco-friendly Prochem cleaning solutions to remove them safely. The products are afterwards extracted by the machine, together with what remains of the stains and dirt.
  6. Up to 90% of the water used during the cleaning process will be extracted by the machine. This shortens the drying time to a minimum, and all you need to do is open windows and use heating.
  7. Optionally, we can apply Stain Protection to your furniture fabric. The product is a spray, which creates an invisible layer on the surface, strengthening the fabric for a period of time. It will be resistant to new spillages and to sunlight deformities during this time frame.

Decade of excellence: Transforming sofas and rugs in Bexley DA14

Our cleaners have been providing deep steam extraction cleaning services in Bexley DA14 for over a decade. They have been expertly trained in the art of professional sofa and textile floors cleaning. Every type of natural, synthetic or delicate sofa cover is suitable for our cleaning method.

The cleaning solutions are made by Prochem, which is the leading manufacturer on the UK cleaning market. These products have been tested for many years and confirmed to be the safest ones available. They are 100% harmless to children, pets and your upholstery material, as they cause no side effects.

Satisfying customers across East London

The company's cleaners are highly requested throughout Bexley and all East London areas. Some of our most satisfied customers reside in Dartford, Eltham, Bromley, Plumstead, Greenhithe, Sidcup, Greenwich and more. You can always contact our customer support teams to receive free quotes and availability.

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