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ProLux: Your Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Experts in Blackheath

Cleaning company ProLux is a provider of professional upholstery cleaning services in Blackheath. Our cleaning method of choice is known as hot water extraction, the number one stain removal technique. In the cleaning process, we use powerful steam cleaning machines and apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

The art of deep cleaning: Skilled technicians and advanced equipment

All our deep cleaning services for sofas, mattresses and rugs are performed by our own technicians. They have certificates, insurance and years of experience in providing professional soft floor cleaning and sofa cleaning services. To be granted a free quote and receive additional information, contact our customer service centres on 020 3318 6387.

Perks of booking with a professional upholstery cleaning company

  • Industrial steam extraction cleaning machines
  • Certified, fully insured and highly trained cleaning experts
  • Child and pet friendly chemicals
  • Your highest chances of odour and stain removal
  • All services are available 7 days a week
  • Emergency sofa and mattress cleaning service teams

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Achieving Sofa Cleaning Excellence: The ProLux Approach in Blackheath

As a cleaning company, our customer satisfaction rate is 98%, as gathered from over 300,000 successful cleaning appointments. The secret to our success lies in four major factors, as described below:

Individual approach to all clients

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There are too many factors in a cleaning session, such as composition of the material, condition and many more. This is why we always assess the situation before beginning the cleaning service. In this way, we can be sure we will do the best we can to exceed your expectations.

Powerful steam cleaning devices

To perform our cleaning services, we use the latest and most powerful hot water extraction machines available. The equipment is built with multiple settings of water amount, heat and pressure, letting us clean synthetic, natural and velvet sofas. If necessary, we can use minimal settings to perform a steam or dry cleaning, as per the sofa requirements.

Harmless chemicals

All cleaning services take place with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are brought to us by Prochem, a powerhouse on the UK cleaning market for the last few decades. These cleaning solutions are 100% safe for your family, including children and pets, as they have no harmful effects on anyone.

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How we take care of your upholstered furniture: A step-by-step explanation

  1. A professional cleaner of ours will attend your residential or business property, and begin by inspecting the upholstery.
  2. Once inspected, the furniture will be hoovered in all its accessible areas, so as to remove dust and debris.
  3. Then, a pre-treatment chemical will be sprayed onto the sofa surface to thin and dissolve the stains. It will be removed by the machine after a few minutes pass and its effect is achieved.
  4. The powerful machine sprays heated water under pressure into the material. Then, about 90% of the moisture will be extracted into the device, taking with it all dirt and germs.

Professional upholstery cleaning services in Blackheath and beyond

Apart from being the most qualified upholstery cleaners, we are also the most mobile in Blackheath and the rest of South London and East London. Our cleaning technicians are highly requested in Lewisham, Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Catford, Sidcup, Bromley, Woolwich, Eltham and many others. Get in touch with our customer support assistants on 020 3318 6387 to receive your free quote and cleaning availability.

Our wide range of specialized cleaning services

Other than sofa cleaning, we also specialise in mattress, car upholstery and rug cleaning Blackheath services. Each of them is performed by our own technicians, using the same equipment we use on your upholstery. Clients are advised to book combined orders, as this will net them a special price for their cleaning appointment. After all, it makes sense to have cleaned rugs and sofas, as these are the main parts of your home interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, once the cleaning process concludes, we would be more than happy to apply Stain Protection spray to your upholstery. We even encourage doing so, as the job of maintaining the upholstery clean will become much easier. The Scotchgard-like product will create an invisible chemical layer on the surface, which will react to new spillages and make them less likely to permanently change the fabric's colour. They will also not go in as deep as they would otherwise, and will take longer to dry. Both of these contribute to the sofa's easier care and maintenance by the client, and professional cleaners as well.

Not much is needed in terms of preparation for an upholstery cleaning job. The only two things which you could do prior to our arrival are to make room around the upholstery, so we can clean all sides, and to give it a quick hoover. And of course, if there are any of your personal items on or around the sofa (check underneath the cushions for any loose change, etc.), please remove those as well.

The actual job duration depends on the number and size of the items, and also the initial condition. For example, a very dirty 3 piece suite needs roughly 1.5 hours to be cleaned up to a high standard. And if you have a very big sofa which isn't in the best condition, the job will be closer to about two or more hours instead.

Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice a year is a great way to deal with old and stubborn stains, built-in dust and stale smells. Regular disinfection is also very important, as sofas build up a solid amount of dust inside, which can lead to a dust mite infestation. In turn, if they have nothing to eat, they'll stop causing allergic reactions for you and your family. On a side note, cleaning your sofa is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having to buy a new sofa every other year.

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