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Expert upholstery cleaning Kingston Upon Thames

Expert sofa and upholstery cleaning services for effective stain removal

ProLux is a provider of professional sofa and upholstery cleaning in Kingston upon Thames. Our hot water extraction cleaning method is suitable for all types of sofas, armchairs and dining chairs. It is performed by an insured specialist with years of experience and certificates.

The method involves the use of a powerful steam cleaning machine and eco-friendly cleaning products by Prochem. This high quality equipment is the most efficient way to achieve stain removal and disinfection. Order deep sofa cleaning today by contacting our customer service centres on 020 3318 6387.

Reasons to choose a professional cleaning company

  • The safest cleaning service for all types of soft furnishings
  • Certified, fully insured and highly trained cleaners
  • Powerful hot water extraction cleaning method
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals, safe for children and pets

Your Trusted Choice for Professional Sofa Cleaning in Kingston Upon Thames

Expertly trained specialists

Sofa cleaning technician Kingston Upon Thames

ProLux technicians are some of the best professional cleaners available in Kingston and all of London. Our specialists have been extensively trained to offer deep sofa cleaning services, achieving the best result every time. They have also attended numerous special courses by master cleaners on various topics. As a result, our experts know how to handle all types of upholstery and remove stains of any kind.

Powerful and versatile steamers

Another factor of our 100% customer satisfaction rating is our powerful cleaning equipment. Industrial hot water extraction machines with multiple regimes of water heat, amount and pressure are used on your sofas. Using this equipment, the total disinfection and stain removal from your living space furniture is always achieved.

Safe and effective detergents

The third key element to our success as a professional cleaning company are the chemicals we apply. They are supplied to us by the expert UK manufacturer Prochem, who specialise in green products. These cleaning solutions emit no unpleasant smells and cause no side effects during or after the cleaning process. By using ProLux Cleaning, you select a cleaning service which is harmless to children and pets.

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What is hot water extraction cleaning and how do we perform it?

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Hot water extraction, also known as deep steam cleaning, is our cleaning company's method of choice. As mentioned before, it takes place via powerful steam machines and eco-friendly Prochem products. Below, we have laid out a brief summary of how the service is performed:

  1. One of our certified and insured technicians is sent to your residential or business property. Once he arrives, he will perform a check-up to assess the state and composition of the upholstery.
  2. After the inspection, our cleaner selects the most appropriate method and chemicals to perform the service with. Every cleaning appointment is approached individually, which is how we can be certain the best is achieved in all cases.
  3. The furniture will be hoovered with an industrial vacuum cleaner in all accessible parts to remove dust and dirt. This will also prepare it for the steam machine's use, as the water will freely penetrate the fabric.
  4. A pre-treatment chemical is applied to the sofas and armchairs, and acts as a stain solvent or thinner. The product will be removed via the cleaning equipment once a few minutes pass.
  5. Our operative will spray high pressure hot water with the machine deep within the furniture fabric. Then, about 90% of the water will be extracted, taking with it all dirt and stains in the process.
  6. Unpleasant odours and stubborn stains will be treated with eco-friendly germ, smell and stain remover solutions. They will also be removed with the help of our cleaning gear, leaving no residues in your upholstery.

Items we can clean with this method

  • straight and corner sofas
  • dining chairs and office chairs
  • armchairs, wing back chairs and dining chairs
  • ottomans, footstools and pouffes

Mobile services with flexible scheduling options

Aside from other perks, ProLux Cleaning is also a highly flexible and mobile company. We offer our services in all of Kingston upon Thames, as well as the rest of South London. Areas we have thousands of customers in are Twickenham, Wimbledon, Epsom, Hounslow, Surbiton and many others.

When contacting our customer service assistants, you will always receive a free quote and availability. However, you should be aware that we offer special discounts for combined orders. By booking an e.g. rug, sofa and curtain cleaning appointment, you'll save some money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, once the cleaning process concludes, we would be more than happy to apply Stain Protection spray to your upholstery. We even encourage doing so, as the job of maintaining the upholstery clean will become much easier. The Scotchgard-like product will create an invisible chemical layer on the surface, which will react to new spillages and make them less likely to permanently change the fabric's colour. They will also not go in as deep as they would otherwise, and will take longer to dry. Both of these contribute to the sofa's easier care and maintenance by the client, and professional cleaners as well.

Not much is needed in terms of preparation for an upholstery cleaning job. The only two things which you could do prior to our arrival are to make room around the upholstery, so we can clean all sides, and to give it a quick hoover. And of course, if there are any of your personal items on or around the sofa (check underneath the cushions for any loose change, etc.), please remove those as well.

The actual job duration depends on the number and size of the items, and also the initial condition. For example, a very dirty 3 piece suite needs roughly 1.5 hours to be cleaned up to a high standard. And if you have a very big sofa which isn't in the best condition, the job will be closer to about two or more hours instead.

Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice a year is a great way to deal with old and stubborn stains, built-in dust and stale smells. Regular disinfection is also very important, as sofas build up a solid amount of dust inside, which can lead to a dust mite infestation. In turn, if they have nothing to eat, they'll stop causing allergic reactions for you and your family. On a side note, cleaning your sofa is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having to buy a new sofa every other year.

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