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Transform Your Upholstered Furniture with ProLux Steam Cleaning Services

ProLux upholstery cleaning Putney based company guarantees amazing transformations of your upholstered furniture. Our deep cleaning services will improve the look and condition of your sofa and will extend its service life as well. We use innovative cleaning techniques and powerful equipment that will restore your furniture’s freshness and colours.

Our upholstery cleaning services are performed with the most efficient cleaning method, known as hot water extraction. This is the number one stain removal technique, also used by our technicians for cleaning of textile floors, curtains, and mattresses. All services are performed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions by Prochem, the best UK manufacturer of cleaning products.

Why you should order professional upholstery cleaning services

  • Fully insured, highly trained and certified cleaning experts
  • Powerful steam cleaning machines
  • Child and pet friendly chemicals
  • The most effective smell and stain removal method

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ProLux: Your Trusted Experts in Sofa Steam Cleaning in Putney

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High-tech cleaning for supreme results

With over 15 years of experience, we know how to handle every cleaning situation in the best way. Our professional cleaning experts offer the highest quality of sofa and textile floor cleaning services available. ProLux technicians use the most high-tech steam extraction cleaning machines to perform all services. This gear works under varying settings for water pressure and temperature, letting us clean all kinds of sofas.

Expert care for delicate fabrics

At the beginning of the cleaning service, we will carefully inspect your upholstery, paying attention to any particular issues. We will apply a special pre-treatment product, which enables better results to be achieved. Depending on the type of upholstery, we will choose the best machine settings, as some fabric needs to be treated delicately.

Particularly, the luxury materials (velvet, silk, velour) require special attention, which ProLux operatives can certainly provide. We know how to deal with all types of fabric, and yours will be treated to the very highest standards. During the service, we will use harmless chemicals by Prochem to achieve the very best effect in all cases. These cleaning products are environmentally friendly and safe for your family and furniture.

Steam or dry, ProLux adapts to your upholstery needs

Depending on the particular type of fabric, it may be steam or dry cleaned. It is worth noting that we do not offer the traditional dry cleaning, as we still use the same machines. They will simply be set on lower settings and the technician will use a minimal amount of water. For additional questions, our customer support teams are always happy to assist.

How often does furniture need to be cleaned: Advice from our experts

Experts highly recommend using professional sofa cleaners in Putney every 3 to 6 months. Timely upholstery cleaning is very important, because stains can stick into the fabric if left unchecked.

Even if the furniture seems clean, there is a layer of dust on it, which is a health hazard. All stains that appear should be removed immediately before they have time to become a problem. Most often, these are stains from food and drinks, as well as pen marks, and so on.

Professional sofa cleaning should be carried out with frequency depending on the conditions in which the furniture is located. If you have a big family and pets, the upholstery should be cleaned once every 3 to 4 months. The same applies for high traffic office furniture, as it gets used by many people.

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Extensive coverage: Upholstery cleaning services in Putney and surrounding areas

With thousands of happy customers and unbeatable prices, we are constantly rated as the number one upholstery cleaning company in Putney. We cover all of West London and the surrounding areas of Barnes, Hammersmith, Earlsfield, Kensington, Wimbledon, Fulham, Earls Court, and more. If you want to book an upholstery, rug, mattress or curtain cleaning service, contact us. Our customer service centres are available every day, and so are our sofa and textile floor cleaners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are zero unpleasant odours left by our Prochem cleaning solutions. By design, the chemicals have pleasant aromas of the citrus or otherwise plant variety. Of course, if that's not up to your tastes, or you have allergies/irritable nostrils, you can always discuss with our technician on site, as not all of the products are aromatic (except the deodorisers, where it's a product feature).

The drying process for upholstery varies depending on the type of fabric, how thick it is and the time of the season as well. The average, however, is between 6 and 12 hours, due to our equipment extracting most of the water during the cleaning. You can accelerate the drying process by opening windows, using the heating, and using any fans or dehumidifiers if possible.

Indeed, all products used in our upholstery cleaning procedures are eco-friendly, and completely harmless to children and pets alike. They are hypoallergenic as well, and due to the nature of our cleaning method, there will not be any remaining residues after the cleaning. By choosing ProLux, you choose complete safety for your loved ones, and the highest quality of professional cleaning services money can buy.

The equipment we use to carry out upholstery cleaning services with are commercial hot water extraction machines. They have multiple power and heat settings, making them suitable for all kinds of sofa material. Our technicians have many years of experience in treating all of them, and you can be sure yours will be cleaned to the best of their ability, as many times as the fabric allows.

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