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Expert upholstery cleaning Kingston

Are you searching for sofa cleaners you can trust?

ProLux is a professional upholstery cleaning company, providing hot water extraction sofa cleaning in Kingston upon Thames. Our machine cleaning method is performed with industrial equipment by insured, certified, professional upholstery cleaners in Kingston. This is the safest way to clean your upholstery, as only eco-friendly products are used on your soft furnishings.

The cleaning process involves the use of the latest high-quality steam cleaning machines and cleaning solutions by Prochem. As a result, your sofas, armchairs and dining chairs' original look will be restored by our experts. Contact our customer service centres and order our incredible cleaning services for your upholstery today.

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Four reasons to go ahead with a professional cleaning company

  • Powerful steam extraction sofa cleaning machines
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products, safe for children and pets
  • Fully insured, highly trained and certified upholstery cleaners
  • The best stain removal method available

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Professional sofa cleaning Kingston

The importance of regular upholstery care

No matter how you attempt to keep your upholstered furniture free of stains, it will eventually be dusty and dirty. This is why you have to use deep upholstery cleaning Kingston services once or twice a year. For homes with children and pets, as well as communal upholstery, the minimum is once every 3 to 4 months.

The versatility of hot water extraction method

Our method for upholstery cleaning is hot water extraction, done with a commercial steam machine. This device is able to remove numerous stains and disinfect the fabric while restoring its appearance. The ones we use have many settings of water pressure and heat, allowing us to clean all types of sofas.

The safe solution for your sofas

In each procedure, we use only eco-friendly cleaning products that are perfectly safe for your health and for the environment. Prochem chemicals are child and pet friendly, as they cause no side effects or unpleasant odours. They are also the best smell and stain removers available on the professional cleaning market.

What is hot water extraction sofa cleaning?

The upholstery cleaning service starts with an inspection of your furniture and hoovering to remove all the debris and dirt. The type of sofa material and its current state determine the cleaning method which our operative will use. On delicate natural or luxury material sofas, we are able to use a method similar to dry cleaning. It involves a minimal amount of water, as well as low pressure and temperature.

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How we clean almost all types of sofas?

  1. Optionally, we can also apply Stain Protection onto the sofa in the form of a colourless spray. It will create a layer which makes the removal of stains easier for our customers and our cleaners.
  2. The steam extraction machine is used to spray hot water under pressure within the fabric. About 90% of the water used is extracted during the cleaning process, together with the stains and dirt.
  3. A pre-treatment product is applied to the upholstery, with the goal of dissolving stains and marks on it. It will be extracted by the machine after a few minutes have passed.
  4. The furniture is hoovered with a powerful vacuum cleaner in all areas which it can reach. This will enable the steam machine's use by removing dust and crumbs from the surface.
  5. A professional representative of our company will attend your property at the given date and time. He will begin the cleaning service by checking the sofa for stains and issues, as well as asserting its material. As a result, the best way to clean it and the most suitable chemicals will be selected.

And just so you know, this is also the same service we use to clean soft floorings and mattresses. Why not get in touch with us to receive a free quote right now?

Sofa cleaning near Kingston

We guarantee the highest quality upholstery cleaning service in Kingston and all of South London. We cover the nearby areas of Chessington, Esher, Hampton, Epsom, Twickenham, Colliers Wood, Surbiton, Isleworth and the rest of London. For booking a service, contact our customer support centres, who are available 24/7.

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