Carpet is a type of textile flooring with fibres made of wool or nylon. Carpets are diverse in colour, method of production and type, as there are handmade, loop pile, cut pile and others. Carpeting enables the existence of a functional and cosy environment with a wide range of colours.

Nowadays, more and more companies choose to place carpets in the workplace. Textile flooring is comfortable and visually pleasing. It also offers a wide selection of fabrics and colours.

The disadvantage of this type of flooring is that it requires more frequent maintenance. Depending on the intensity of use, it must be regularly hoovered and deep cleaned. The reason is that the carpet collects a lot of dust and dirt, and is quickly stained.

The best daily carpet cleaning is hoovering, and the best way to maintain it is to order professional carpet cleaning services. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on how bright the carpets are, and how often people use them.

Why to use professional services for carpet cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

What are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning services?

The first benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning company is a lot of saved time and money. You will not need to spend your day off cleaning the carpet, or spend hours training employees to do so. Moreover, there is no need to be aware of the various carpet cleaning tips, nor the specifics of carpet care.

All expert cleaners working in the industry for many years have attended annual cleaning courses. They are trained in all effective carpet cleaning methods and stain removal techniques. As a result, the cleaning experts know how to deal with all kinds of carpet problems.

Another advantage of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the high-end cleaning equipment. The best cleaning companies have commercial carpet cleaning machines, suitable for dry or steam cleaning of dirty carpet. The cleaning process of professionals is nothing alike with the home remedies for carpet cleaning. Save yourself the time and money, and let cleaning experts extend the life of your carpet flooring.

Additionally, cleaning specialists know which products are most suitable for all types of carpet stains. Most companies use only eco-friendly cleaning products which are safe for your health and for the environment as a whole. The majority of store-brand cleaning solutions are often health hazards, and can threaten the aesthetics of your home textile flooring.

Furthermore, professional cleaners will offer helpful advice and after-care tips after they have professionally cleaned the carpets. For instance, having a door mat reduces the dirt and mud making it into the house. Regular hoovering is a crucial part of maintaining your carpets in good condition for many years. However, the best way to ensure you have spotless carpets is to regularly order professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Can professional carpet cleaning remove stains?

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When it comes to stain removal, there are many ways to deal with all types of carpet related issues. While there are effective home remedies for just about any spillage, some issues are more complex. Additionally, not all kinds of carpets are suitable for store-brand products, or repeated rinsing with water.

Professional cleaning companies have a full arsenal of cleaning solutions at their disposal. These are divided into pre-treatments, general products and specific issue thinners. The expert cleaners know which chemical is suitable for your carpet situation, taking into account the material and stain.

Pre-treatments, for example, are applied before any other cleaning treatments. Their goal as a cleaning product is to dissolve or thin the stains present on the carpet fibres. After they are applied, usually some form of extraction is required before further treatment can proceed.

General cleaning solutions are considered a universal solution to almost any stain. They are the basis of any cleaning session, as they can tackle any fresh carpet stains. However, there may be more suitable cleaning products for specific problems, such as paint thinner.

Particular marks such as red wine, paint and coffee need special treatment with specific products. There are special cleaning solutions for dealing with rust, ink and red wine stains. Every professional cleaning company has these products, and that is their secret to successfully removing these stains.

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Why to use professional carpet cleaning

What carpet cleaning methods exist?

Many people wonder what is the best carpet cleaning technique, but there is no right answer. There are many carpet cleaning methods available, each with their own benefits and downsides. What follows below is a list of the most common ways to clean and maintain textile flooring:

Dry carpet cleaning is done with powder cleaning products, and is suitable for office carpets and sisal carpets in particular. The powders consists of thousands of micro jaws, which stick to the dirt and are removed together. Before and after the powder cleaning, the carpet needs to be hoovered thoroughly.

Dry cleaning can be done with cleaning solutions only, or with special cleaning machines. In either case, the carpet moisture level does not exceed 10%, and the carpet is ready for use immediately after. However, dry cleaning is not particularly effective on severe staining and worn out carpets.

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is a machine cleaning water-based method. A powerful steam extraction device will pre-heat water and spray it into the fibres. This is a high-pressure cleaning technique, which is the best at disinfection and stain removal.

The equipment also extracts most of the water used, with around 90% being the maximum. However, a downside of the method is that there will still be a drying period. The carpets will need a couple of hours to fully dry out, for which airing and heating are helpful.

While steam extraction may seem at first glance the better of the two methods, it has another con. Not all carpet fibres are suitable for steam cleaning, particularly the natural fibred carpets. A cleaning company which has advanced equipment can bypass this obstacle, although not entirely. Wool carpet may be cleaned with cold water, but handmade carpets are not suitable for any kind of water cleaning.

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Cleaned carpets

How often should carpet be professionally cleaned?

To combat natural dust build-up, you should hoover the carpets at a minimum of once a week. If you use deep cleaning services by expert cleaners, you need not worry about damaging the carpet by incorrectly cleaning it. All professional cleaning companies train their staff to tell apart synthetic and natural carpet types.

Carpet manufacturers recommend using deep cleaning services at least twice a year. The suggested frequency is doubled for homes with pets and children, as well as busy commercial areas. However, do not hesitate to contact specialists more often if there is an emergency or a major spillage.

If you have never had your carpet thoroughly cleaned, it may be the reason for a bad odour in the room. Bear in mind that many kinds of harmful bacteria and dust mites live in your carpets. In order to get rid of them, you have to use professional steam cleaning services. The power of steam eliminates all the unwanted germs and converts your carpet into a safe place for your family.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you should definitely look into deep steam carpet cleaning services. Hiring a professional cleaning company is an important factor for feeling well and healthy. Steam extraction carpet cleaning is the best method for disinfection on the cleaning market.