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If you're in the search of carpet cleaning experts, you have come to the right place. ProLux is a professional carpet cleaning company, based in Barnsbury, with 15 years of experience in the industry. Our preferred carpet cleaning method is the world-renowned hot water extraction cleaning technique. It's performed with industrial grade steam cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions by ProChem.

In all carpet cleaning service in Barnsbury we apply:

  • pre-treatment product to react with the most soiled areas over the carpet
  • stain removal products to deal with even the most stubborn stains and marks
  • deodorizers to tackle unpleasant odours
  • disinfectants to remove all traces of germs and bacteria

The result is a carpet which is fully disinfected, with revived colours and with a pleasant aroma. Moreover, steam cleaning procedures rarely take more than 1 or 2 hours, depending on the property size. Drying also happens fairly quickly, with a waiting time of just a couple of hours. Aerate well or heat up the rooms to accelerate the process.

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Carpet manufacturers highly recommend deep carpet cleaning to be performed once or twice a year. In case you have pets or children, however, the suggested frequency is doubled. Neglecting the regular use of deep carpet cleaning may lead to the formation of dust mites, mould and other health hazards. Additionally, one of the immediate effects of professional carpet cleaning is improved indoor air quality.

The cleaning services itself is performed in the following way:

Our representative arrives at the property and examines the areas which require cleaning. He assesses the carpet type and identifies the stains and marks. Based on the established information, he selects the appropriate cleaning products and the most optimal machine settings.

What follows is cleaning of the carpet with an industrial hoover. Once the surface level of dirt and dust is extracted, the carpet will be pre-sprayed. We wait for the product to take its full effect, during which time the steam machine is loaded with water.

Once the water reaches suitable temperature, it's sprayed deep into the carpet fibres with high pressure. During this time, the machine is also extracting the polluted water into its dirty tank. The most soiled areas receive a second go-over, and the most stubborn stains a proper scrub.

Lastly, the carpet is stain protected to help prevent future stains and marks. Stain protection is a non-toxic cleaning agent which allows for better results to be achieved with domestic and professional means. As for the drying time, it's usually a couple of hours, depending on the carpet properties and humidity in the air. Good ventilation is typically enough to speed things up, but if not - feel free to turn on the heating.

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Since 2007, ProLux has been the number one carpet cleaning company in Barnsbury and the nearby areas. We provide outstanding cleaning services at affordable prices. Working with harmless cleaning products and innovative cleaning techniques is the primary reason we have thousands of satisfied customers.

For those of you willing to book a combined cleaning services (sofa and living room carpet), special discounts await. We are always more than happy to provide with a specialized quote. List of services in Barnsbury N1 which we offer include:

  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning (fabric and leather sofas)
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Tenancy cleaning


As a fully mobile company, we have perfect coverage of all Central London areas: Islington, Holloway, Dartmouth, Highbury, Finsbury, Fitzrovia and many more. Furthermore, we work every single day, including national and bank holidays, with no hidden fees. Our customer support team is more than happy to book you in at a day and time most convenient for you!

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Barnsbury?

Carpet CleaningPrices
Single bedroom£20
Double bedroom£25
Living roomfrom £30
Dining room£25
Hallwayfrom £10
Staircase (maximum 16 steps)£25
Landingfrom £5
Commercial Carpet Cleaning£1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is the recommended cleaning method by nearly all carpet manufacturers. The only carpet types not suitable for the method are sisal, seagrass, coir, etc. – these materials do not react well to prolonged moisture exposure.

We have a team of fully mobile technicians, able to arrive at your doorstep within the same day should an accident occur. Our cleaners work every single day, and appointments on weekends or bank holidays are not extra charged. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support centres, which are also open 7 days a week.

We leave the carpets nearly dry upon completion. On average, it takes between 2 to 5 hours, depending on the initial carpet condition, the fibre type, and the weather. We suggest keeping the rooms well aired and heated until the carpet is fully dry.


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