Steam mops are a versatile tool to have at home or in the office. They offer all benefits of having a mop, with the additional ups of having a portable steam machine. Steam mops enable various methods for carpet cleaning.

The question is whether steam mops can clean carpets efficiently? Can they be considered a powerful tool against dirt, bacteria and stains on your carpeted flooring? The answer is most certainly yes, and they are quite effective at germ and stain removal.

Home cleaning should not be considered a tedious chore, when it may be perceived as an alternate hobby. The steam mop is a household appliance, which makes the carpet cleaning process rapid and easy. With minimal effort and time spent, the effect of cleaning with a steam mop is simply stunning.

Do steam mopd clean carpets

Where can I learn more about steam mops?

All the parameters of this device can be viewed on the Internet. Steam mops come in different versions, and you can choose the one that suits you best. You can find many steam mops and even order one to be shipped to your home.

One example of a versatile steam mop is the PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1. This powerful steam mop is able to clean almost any kind of flooring, as well as clothes and garments. It is also pet and child friendly, and anyone can learn how to use it for home cleaning.

With the help of steam mops, it is simple to keep any flooring clean, including linoleum, tiles, parquet, laminate and carpets. The mop offers a light steam cleaning, which allows you to clean the floors, as well as curtains and blinds. They can also be used on most clothing, although you need to look at the laundry label first.

Another benefit of steam mops is that they kill dust mites and other germs. Over 80% of dust mites are killed when cleaning your carpets with a steam mop. It can even help you deal with flea and tick infestations in your carpet fibres.

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What is the best way to clean carpets

How can hard floors and carpets be cleaned with a steam mop?

As a rule, a set of various nozzles is sold together with a steam mop. Each mop head is designed for a specific type of hard or textile flooring. Among them is a brush for steam cleaning your carpets at home. Even stale spots and stubborn stains can be removed if you combine the steam mop with cleaning agents.

Before any use of the steam mop on the carpet fibres, vacuuming your carpet is required. Steam mops are good at catching loose dirt and other particles, but hoovering is necessary.

The appropriate brushes and nozzles can be used on hard floors. First, you need to hoover the floor with a vacuum cleaner while charging your steam mop. Then, pour a hard floor cleaning solution into the water of the mop, and clean the floor. The third step is to apply the appropriate type of polish and make your laminate shiny again.

Car you clean carpets with steam mops

Do steam mops have other applications?

Owning a steam mop will be beneficial to every family and office building with hard or fabric floors. The machines are versatile, and can clean everything which is suitable for steam cleaning. This also extends to mattresses, curtains, fabric upholstery and all hard or soft flooring.

Medical experts highly recommend using a steam mop to clean your furniture at least once a month. The hot steam will purge all manner of bacteria from your interior elements. However, care should be taken, as some types of upholstery material are not suitable for steam cleaning.

Another useful feature of the steam mop is its ability to perform deep bathroom cleaning. You can safely steam clean the tiles and tile grout in your bathroom or restroom. Remember to leave them to properly air afterwards, as there will be a large amount of moisture in the room. You can even use it to defrost your refrigerator, as well as clean your oven or other appliances.

Everything will be left fully disinfected, as steam is able to remove germs and pests of any kind. This is very important for homes with small children or pets. Cleaning with a steam mop enables anyone to live in a pristine home.

What does a steam mop consist of?

Steam boiler

This is the water heating component of the steam mop, usually in the middle of the device. Manufacturers tend to use stainless steel when making the boiler element of a mop. The more expensive steam mops come with steam generators which can heat the water as quickly as 1-3 minutes.

Water container

The water tank is where the water is actually poured, and it is always adjacent to the boiler. Depending on the exact model of steam mop, the tank capacity may greatly vary. Cheaper steam mops can fit about 200 millilitres, whereas the deluxe models can take up to 600 millilitres. Remember to use distilled water instead of tap water, if tap water in your area is considered hard.


The longer the cord is, the easier it is to clean the room without unplugging. If you unplug your steam mop from the outlet, you need to wait for the water to cool and reheat. Of course, if the model you chose has a short cord, you can amend this with long extensions.

Nozzles and additional functions

The nozzles enable cleaning of hard and soft flooring, as well as other interior elements. The main application of a steam mop is washing the floor. For this purpose, rectangular or triangular nozzles with special microfibre cloths are used.

For carpet cleaning, the steam mops have an attachment known as the carpet glider. Without this attachment, the mop head would get caught on the fibres and potentially damage them. The carpet glider allows the head to glide across, hence the name.

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How to use a steam mop to clean carpets?

Start from the edge of the room, going in straight lines and not blocking your exit. If you imagine painting a wall, it will be much easier to understand how to use a steam mop. Go over the fibres slowly, and hover over heavily stained areas, but do not linger too long in one spot. Leave windows open and place a moisture absorber into the room once you are done cleaning.

Always hoover the flooring you intend to clean with a steam mop beforehand. After that, attach the suitable nozzle to the device and fill its water tank. Do not plug it in before doing both of those, as most steam mops start automatically.

Steam mop - carpet cleaning

Is a steam mop and a steam cleaner the same thing?

Steam mops and steam cleaners operate on the same principle. However, the devices and their possibilities are very different. A steam mop, while useful for anyone, is not as powerful as a steam cleaner machine.

Steam cleaners, even the small portable ones, require training and cleaning chemicals to be used effectively. The high-end steam cleaning machines are very heavy, and some are mounted on trucks. Usually, the heavy equipment is only found in the hands of professional carpet cleaning companies.

Steam cleaners come with a high water capacity, much higher than any steam mop. Even the portable ones can fit about 5 to 10 litres of water inside the tank. The industrial ones can fit 25 litres, and all of these machines are used with special cleaning solutions.

For the average homeowner and business, a steam mop is a cheap and safe investment. Anyone can use a steam mop to clean hard or soft flooring with good results. However, for stubborn stains or unpleasant smells, it is best to call professionals.