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Expert upholstery cleaning Croydon

Do you want incredible sofa cleaning results?

ProLux Cleaning company provides high-quality professional upholstery cleaning in Croydon. Individual approach to each client and careful attitude to your furniture is a guarantee.

We remove stains and marks with ease

We will remove all stains and smells from your gorgeous pieces of furniture. For deep steam extraction cleaning, we use a commercial steam extraction machine, a powerful hoover, high-quality chemicals and other equipment.

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Revive your furniture's beauty: Discover the safest and most effective upholstery cleaning

Hot water extraction services are the most effective for any kind of soft furniture and soft flooring. The secret to our effective rug cleaning and sofa cleaning services is our staff. Highly-trained, certified and fully insured professional upholstery cleaners will bring back your sofa's original look.

Moreover, our upholstery specialists clean including only eco-friendly solutions. These products are completely safe for pets and children, and do not cause allergic reactions. You can be sure that we are the most harmless choice of professional upholstery cleaning company in Croydon.

Four reasons to choose professional sofa cleaners

  • Insured, experienced and certified staff
  • Commercial steam extraction cleaning machines
  • Harmless cleaning solutions
  • The highest chances of stain removal
Stain and smell removal technicain Croydon

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Croydon

The importance of regular sofa steam cleaning

Every few months, the furniture in a home should be professionally cleaned. The main reasons are natural dust build-up and occasional spillages of food and drinks, which are inevitable. Deep steam extraction cleaning will deal with all issues ruining your furniture and restore its original look.

Unlock the full potential of deep steam extraction

Our experienced technicians know how to use this cleaning method to its full extent. They are able to professionally deep steam clean all kinds of sofas, other soft furniture, curtains and mattresses. This is accomplished via the machines' multiple modes of operation. The gear has settings for hot, warm and cold water, and varying pressure as well.

Prochem cleaning products: A safe and healthy choice for your home

Sofa deep cleaning services are performed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The products we use are made by Prochem and 100% harmless to children and pets. This makes them suited to regular cleaning of upholstery, area rugs and mattresses.

Sofa Stain Removal Croydon

Have the kids turned the sofa into their dinner table? Stop worrying and start calling ProLux, so we can make your sofa food and drink stains disappear. Our cleaners have the necessary experience to safely clean both sturdy and delicate luxury sofas. All stains which are removable by cleaning will be extracted - we guarantee it!

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How we perform our professional upholstery cleaning service

  1. A trained and experienced sofa cleaner of the company comes to your property. He will first inspect the sofas, chairs and footstools he has been booked to clean. After the inspection ends, he will know which products to use on the issues affecting the items.
  2. The furniture is hoovered with a powerful vacuum cleaner, which extracts dust from its top layer. The crumbs, hairs and other debris will also be removed by vacuuming. This step is required before the steam machine can be used.
  3. Our operative uses his hot water extraction machine to spray water and cleaning products deep inside the sofa. Both are sprayed with varying amount and pressure based on the sofa material and condition.
  4. The stains, smells and other problems of your furniture are treated with Prochem solutions by our specialist. The chemicals are completely harmless to your family, and will assist in removing all removable issues. They also cannot leave any residues on the upholstery due to the machine's extraction property.
  5. Around 90% of the water, which was sprayed during the cleaning process, is sucked out using the machine's extraction. The chemical product remains, dirt and stains are also pulled into the machine with no chance of coming back. The sofa is deeply cleaned and disinfected, and must be left to dry for several hours.
  6. We can also apply an after-care service to the furniture if included by the client. It is known as Stain Protection and is sprayed on the fabric surface by the technician. This allows new stains to be much easier to remove, and also prevents the Sun from deforming your sofas.

Steam upholstery cleaning

ProLux is very popular in Croydon, and the rest of South London, due to achieving incredible cleaning results. We have many residential and commercial customers in Bromley, Crystal Palace, Sutton, Mitcham, Streatham, Beckenham and more. Aside from sofas and other furniture, we also clean shaggy rugs and mattresses, among others.

To get a full list of services we offer and areas we cover, call our customer support centres. They are full of friendly customer service assistants who will gather only what is necessary to book you in. None of our staff ask for your personal data, or questions on how exactly certain stains happened.

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