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Safe and Effective Upholstery Cleaning by ProLux in Ruislip HA4

ProLux is a professional upholstery cleaning company, providing deep sofa cleaning services in Ruislip, HA4. Our cleaning process involves the use of a powerful steam extraction machine for sofa and carpet cleaning. The equipment is operated by one of our own fully insured, highly trained and certified technicians.

In our services, only environmentally friendly products by Prochem are applied. These chemicals ensure the complete safety of your family and your furniture during the cleaning process. The cleaning solutions are 100% safe for use in the presence of children, pets and the elderly.

Five reasons to choose professional upholstery cleaning services:

  • Experienced cleaners with certificates and insurance
  • Industrial steam cleaning machines
  • Eco-friendly chemicals
  • The highest chances of odour and stain removal
  • Possibility to order same day sofa cleaning services

Powerful Steam Extraction for Superior Sofa Cleaning

Extensive training of ProLux Cleaning experts

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The experts of our cleaning company have trained for years and completed additional, special courses to supplement their skills. They can identify all types of sofa cover materials, and know the best way to clean them all. Synthetic, natural and even luxury velvet fabric is not a problem for our 15+ years of experience.

Versatile steam extraction technology

Our steam extraction machines are the latest and most powerful ones on the market. They can heat the water up to 90°, or cool it down below 40°, which is adjusted for your sofa specifics. The pressure with which the water is sprayed can also be regulated by our cleaners. Everything is selected individually, as there are too many factors in upholstery cleaning to determine a universal approach.

Cleaning soft and luxury materials

For delicate silk and velvet sofas, our professionals use a low or even minimal amount of water while cleaning. This allows us to perform the cleaning on these soft luxury materials in a harmless way. If the sofa cover requires it, the cleaning method can loosely resemble dry cleaning.

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We are able to clean any kind of upholstery, including

  • straight and corner sofas
  • armchairs, wing back chairs and high back chairs
  • footstools, pouffes and ottomans
  • dining chairs and office chairs

What is hot water extraction cleaning, and how is it performed?

Below is the brief explanation of our cleaning process:

Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Stain removal - Ruislip
  1. A professional representative of our company attends your business or private property at the given time and date. He performs an inspection on the upholstery he has been booked to clean. The inspection results will determine the most appropriate cleaning method and chemicals in this specific case.
  2. After the check-up, the sofa is hoovered in all its physically reachable areas, which handles the surface dust. By removing other debris such as crumbs, hair and loose dirt, we prepare the furniture pieces for the steam machine's use.
  3. A pre-treatment product is applied to the sofa fabric to start dissolving the stains. It will be left to sit for a few minutes, and will afterwards be extracted by the machine.
  4. The steam extraction machine sprays heated water under pressure in the upholstery material. This water reaches the deepest embedded dirt, and is then removed using the machine.
  5. Specific issues are treated with germ, odour and stain removal products, which are eco-friendly Prochem chemicals. These products are harmless to your family and the upholstery, and among the most powerful problem solvers in the cleaning industry.

Flexible scheduling options for your convenience

ProLux specialists are highly mobile and flexible in Ruislip, working 7 days a week for your convenience. We also clean for residential and commercial customers in the surrounding areas of Uxbridge, Hayes, Harrow, Watford, Stanmore, Wembley and more. Our customer service assistants are always happy to inform you whether we cover your area.

Our total number of completed upholstery cleaning services in Ruislip and all of West London is over 100,000. The company's customer approval rating is 9.8/10, and we are giving it our all to further improve as expert cleaners. To receive additional information and book our professional carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning services, call us today on 020 3318 6387.

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Upholstery Cleaning Prices in Ruislip

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all steam cleaning procedures are performed in situ. All that we require is access to electricity and water. We have a 30-metre-long extension for the power, which only needs a normal socket. And for water, we only need a normal sink to fill up a few buckets of water for the machine to heat on its own.

If the customer is unable to provide free of charge parking or a parking permit, and paid parking charges apply, they are separately added to your quote. We will never fail to inform a customer when this is the case. We will also never charge any customer for something we do not need to use, as in, when the job is estimated to take about one hour, you won't pay for three hours of parking, but just the time our expert needs to perform the cleaning.

Yes, we know how to clean all types of velvet. There are many of them, and they all look mostly the same. In all cases, they are cleaned with lower water temperature and pressure than the normal synthetics, as their luxury material requires a delicate approach. In some cases, there may be a lower total amount of water used to clean the velvet. Be certain that our certified and insured specialists know exactly how to leave your velvet as clean as it can be, completely disinfected and refreshed.

ProLux Cleaning does have Public Liability Insurance and is also a certified member of The WoolSafe Organisation. All technicians are also insured, and have certificates from many carpet cleaning associations.

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