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Deep Carpet Cleaning Slough – Top Quality Services

Prolux carpet cleaning Slough based company is the best option for caring for a variety of carpet products in your home. As the key advantages of this company, it should be noted the relative cheapness, tight deadlines for the implementation of work and the possibility of presence in their conduct. Experienced technologists will be able to arrive at your home or office at the originally specified hour and clean up on site.

Cleaning of carpets in Slough is carried out with the help of high-quality professional equipment. Detergents used during the work are not at all harmful and do not emit an unpleasant odor.

The long-term accumulated experience of the employees of our company allows us, with consistently high quality, to execute orders of special complexity in a short time. Exclusive and individual approach to each carpet allows us to increase the number of regular customers. Coming to us, the client will always be able to get an exhaustive answer to any arising question related to the technology of processing things, to consult on the care of her. Experience, quality, speed of execution of the order а, atmosphere of comfort - our advantageous difference from other carpet cleaning companies in Slough!

Prolux provides professional deep cleaning services, offering its customers the best prices and prompt services in Slough. In the process of cleaning carpets, we use modern equipment and high-quality hypoallergenic cleaners.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning – The Most Reliable Company in Slough

Prolux offers professional services of deep cleaning of carpets in Slough. Thanks to 8 years of experience, modern equipment and professional cleaning products, we effectively cope with the majority of possible contaminants on any type of carpeting: synthetic and woolen carpets, area rugs, rubberized products, etc.

Deep cleaning of carpets at home will be an ideal solution for owners of carpet products with an average degree of contamination, as well as non-removable coatings.

Prolux provides services for cleaning carpets and area rugs. We will clean and eliminate all unpleasant odors. Our services include:

  • elimination of stains;
  • elimination of odors;
  • full cleaning of carpets and area rugs (wool carpets and synthetic;
  • cleaning of stained spots and other services.

Carpet cleaning at home is convenient because our customers do not need to go anywhere. You just call us or leave a request on our website, and we will come to the given by you address in the specified hour. You can make sure with your own eyes that the cleaning is done qualitatively, quickly and you can start using the cleaned carpet at the very same day.

For eight years of existence of our company and work in Slough, we have cleaned millions of carpets and have received a lot of regular, satisfied customers for whom there are convenient commercial offers.

We use the newest equipment for cleaning and we work according to established methods. As our work you can be sure, using our services.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Despite the fact that a lot of nuances have been listed for steam cleaning of carpets, this method is still one of the most effective if you need to quickly and accurately bring the carpet in order. After the steam cleaning, the carpet dries quickly, and the "procedure" itself is quite fast.

So, by choosing steam cleaning as a quick way to make a carpet "as new", if it does not have serious dirt on it, you probably will not lose it! Our company Power Clean conducts steam cleaning of carpets with the help of the newest steam cleaners.

Turning to us, you will definitely be satisfied with the result! Your carpet will be clean and fresh, as if it's new.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Slough

Before cleaning the carpets, our experts must take into account their structure and the thickness of the pile. The dosage of detergents for cleaning depends directly on the structure. We professionally determine the origin of all sorts of spots on the carpet, and this allows us to choose the right spot remover for them.

Dry carpet cleaning includes the following stages:

  • Remove dust and dirt from the carpet with dry cleaning;
  • Carpet structure research: it is checked how the chemicals interact with the carpet. This is done to avoid damaging the carpet or its discoloration;
  • Application of a special solution for cleaning carpets - it is selected depending on the type of contamination;
  • Mechanical carpet cleaning - After the cleaning agent is absorbed, the carpet is cleaned by hand (using special hard brushes) or by washing rotary machines (if the cleaning volumes are large);
  • Collection of contaminated water and chemicals from the surface of the carpet with the help of special powerful extractors;
  • To clean carpets at home, we use only cleaning products that are harmless to humans and pets, as well as equipment from the world's leading manufacturers – Prochem.

Trustworthy Carpet Cleaning Company in Slough – We Deserve Your Attention!

carpet cleaning sloughConstant customers order from us deep carpet cleaning services twice a year, this is the periodicity that allows you to keep the carpet in perfect condition for a long time. In addition, they apply to us to remove stains from various origins from carpets, eliminate trampled places, animal hair, and unpleasant odors. Deep cleaning of carpets at home is an opportunity to observe how the carpet gets the original look in front of your eyes. You see the effectiveness of our work and you can control it.

Our clients entrust us with professional deep cleaning of carpets, and are satisfied with the result: the carpet becomes clean and well-groomed and gives the house an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Also, we give recommendations for the care of the coating and removal of non-stale spots from it - you can always consult specialists who have passed a professional certification for cleaning carpets. Prolux carpet cleaning Slough based company guarantees an individual approach to customers and high quality carpet cleaning at home.


Is your carpet choked with dust and grime? Then it is high time that you provide fresh oxygen to your ailing rugs, else you and your family member will get infected with dust allergies and other health disorder. Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning service in Slough will not only help to keep your carpets clean, but also you’re rugs, curtains and other furniture upholsteries.


We are an affordable and reputed carpet cleaning service in London. Our expert cleaners are fully trained in the art of carpet cleaning.With the cutting edge cleaning equipments like Prochem steam cleaners & extractors, they comb your carpet, curtain and furniture upholsteries and complete eliminate the minute dust, debris that are invisible to the naked eye. Our Slough Professional Carpet Cleaning professionals use Eco friendly cleaning solution and make your carpet appear radiant and hygienic in a short span of time. We are capable of cleansing 200 sq.ft area of carpet in an hour. Our cleaning specialists are fully insured, vetted and trained for the day to day cleaning standards. We clean all kinds of carpet, fabric, like cotton, wool, etc. Based on the fabric, we employ hot or cold water for the deep cleaning procedure. We ensure that your carpets are immaculately cleaned without spoiling its color or texture.


We are available 24x7 for all 365 days including bank holidays. You can avail our services at your convenient timing. What you are waiting for? Provide your ailing carpets & upholsteries, a new lease of life by availing our services.

  • Industrial, Office and Commercial properties (after hours and weekend service is possible)
  • Regular houses, terraced houses, flats,duplex houses
  • Serviced apartments
  • Rental studios
  • Aircrafts, Mobile homes, Boats and Car interiors
  • Child care centres, Schools, Nursing homes, Community centres, Churches and Kindergartens
  • Fitness centers, gyms and yoga centres
  • Dental & Health centres, Waiting rooms, Medical and Doctor surgery
  • Cafes, Pubs, Shops, Motels, Hotels, Backpacker accommodation, Clubs
The best prices by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Slough
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Thorough carpet cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Slough
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
carpet washer by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Slough
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Danni Holmes

Prolux, thank you for the professional attitude towards customers and the great quality of your services! My carpet looks like brand new and smells adorable! For sure I will use your cleaning services again!I am especially grateful to Mark and John (the specialists that came home to take care for my carpet) for the fast and yet detailed cleaning procedure! They were very polite, and paid attention to each stain on my carpet. Moreover, they gave me some very useful tips how to maintain my carpet in good condition with homemade cleaning products.Before your cleaning services, I had used the deep cleaning procedures of two other cleaning companies in Slough. However, although their prices were the same as yours, I believe they just stole my money! After the cleaning process, my carpet smelled awful – of really strong chemicals, and after it dried out, I saw the old stains on my carpet were still there. Also, there were new soapy stains from the chemicals they had applied. This happened to me both times when I used professional carpet cleaning services.For that reason, I put a lot of energy and time, taking care for my carpets. I didn’t want to use professional cleaning procedures anymore. However, no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t satisfied with the results. My colleague at work convinced me that you are not like all the other companies in Slough. After I gave you a call and scheduled a service, I was convinced you deserve my attention. The phone assistant was very polite and helped me book the procedure in less than 5 minutes. And the cleaning procedure itself was spectacular! Again thank you!

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