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Where to Find High Quality and Safe Carpet Cleaning Surbiton?

Prolux is a well known local carpet cleaning Surbiton based firm with more than 15 years experience in this sphere. We offer professional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in Surbiton with both the highest quality and great costs for the procedure.

Using only the most innovative carpet cleaning equipment and advanced cleaning methods, our non-toxic and eco-friendly approach guarantees to restore your carpets and furnishings to their brand new condition.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Surbiton – The Best Care for Your Family

Textile floor coverings create a cozy atmosphere, give warmth and comfort to any room. Their use is associated with various contaminants, which are difficult to remove with the help of improvised means. The most powerful household vacuum cleaner eliminates only 60-70% of dust. The rest of the mud makes the colors dull, contributes to the rapid wear of the product, the development of bacteria, ticks.

Periodic carpet cleaning Surbiton by professional carpet cleaners means can restore to them novelty, freshness and beauty. The main thing is to turn to experienced specialists.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Surbiton: Elimination of Hidden Threats

carpet cleaning SurbitonPeople suffering from allergic manifestations and sensitivity to the presence of dust in the room, are forced to completely abandon this stylish element of the interior. Especially dangerous in this respect are variants with high pile, where potentially dangerous substances settle.

A compromise solution will be the cleaning of carpets at home, completely removing common and point pollution. Such cleaning will not leave chances to dust mites, pathogenic microorganisms, settled and entrained particles, which often cause an unpleasant smell. What is inaccessible to human vision, will be eliminated, so the carpet will become completely safe and dazzlingly clean.

Why Not Choosing Wet Carpet Cleaning?

Wet carpet cleaning has a lot of advantages, but this cleaning has some disadvantages as well. One of them is a long drying period. Depends on the thickness of the product and the type of material, it can last from 6 to 24 hours, which leads to the need to use a special dryer, acting on the principle of a hair dryer.

Absorption of a large amount of moisture can lead to the formation of mold and shrinkage of natural materials. Moreover, wet cleaning with a poor washing in the depth of the nap can remain chemical agents. This has a negative effect on the condition of the product and on your health.

There are carpets to which aggressive methods of influence are not recommended. This category includes silk and wool products, which require especially careful care. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you should order dry carpet cleaning services.

How is Dry Carpet Cleaning Done?

Dry carpet cleaning Surbiton is carried out with the help of a special tool, which consists of micro sponges. Micro-sponges are microscopic sponges of cellulose fibers, the basis of which is biological raw materials, and then they are impregnated with a cleaning agent - a surfactant composition. Cleaning with micro-sponges effectively fights many types of contaminants and dust mites.

The powder is absolutely safe for health, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Dry powder cleaning can be carried out not only in office and industrial premises, but also in apartments.

Powder Cleaning Technology

The first step is to remove surface dirt from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. This makes it possible to remove large debris and raise the pile. The next step is applying the special equipment. Rotating brushes of the apparatus rub the powder into the carpet fibers. As a result, dust and dirt are separated from the fibers and absorbed by sponge sponges.

The final stage of the vacuum extractor removes the cleaning agent. Absorbed dirt along with the powder is removed, not smearing on the carpet. Powder is able to remove carpet stains of different levels of complexity, including fat.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

Thus, the advantages of dry cleaning are obvious if it is carried out by a professional carpet cleaning Surbiton Company that has the necessary equipment and has extensive experience with such substances. The carpet cleaning process takes place on the customer's premises.

During cleaning, the carpet is not impregnated with moisture, therefore, does not require drying. Dry cleaning method guarantees complete safety of the product, as well as an excellent result, which is in no way inferior to wet cleaning, and sometimes surpasses it.

How to Dry Clean Carpets and Area Rugs

Prolux carpet cleaning Surbiton based specialists carry out thorough dry cleaning of carpets in Surbiton with the use of special equipment and tools. Coating with a pile of any length passes several stages of processing:

  • Surface dry cleaning of carpets on the client's site. Removal of visible coarse-grained dirt, pet hair, plaque, sand. Performed by a powerful vacuum cleaner

  • Accurate even application of a special detergent composition. We use environmentally friendly, effective and safe products that gently dissolve stains without harming the coating;

  • Local processing of complex spots from wine, blood, coffee, berries. Special acid solutions are used;

  • General cleaning of carpets at home or in special premises. Extractor machine completely removes chemical residue.

As a result, the product of a respectable age will once again shine with bright, fresh shades. Perfect purity is the key goal of our staff.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Surbiton

This method is also called hot water extraction carpet cleaning and no matter whether you want to clean the carpet with hot steam or with dry powder, you should know that you can not achieve these results yourself. Commercial steamers can not measure the effectiveness of these appliances that Prolux professional carpet cleaning company has.

Among other things, Prolux cleaning company will be able to advise you if this is the most appropriate option or there are other carpet cleaning methods that you should consider. Now this type of service is not as expensive as it used to be in the past, and if you have a small cleaning area, it may be a much better option for you.

Many people think that the steam carpet cleaning does not use any preparations, and that's right. Steam cleaning machines use boiling water that turns into steam, the steam itself cleans the carpet's depth. The machine injects up to five bars of steam pressure on your carpet, then finally sucks out with a vacuum and dries.

Some people choose to clean their carpets with steam with the thought that this avoids the adverse effects of preparations used in extraction cleaning. When our customers ask, "Can you clean my carpet without preparations?", they actually ask, "Can you clean my carpet safely?" - And our answer is "yes". In principle, the steam used in professional equipment is often quite sufficient to remove the residue from a preparation from your carpet.

Quality Carpet Cleaning in Surbiton

We offer everyone an affordable, high-quality, prompt service:

  • Complete elimination of stains, adherent chewing gums, unpleasant odors;

  • Eco-friendly dry cleaning of carpets with removal or at home from customers;

  • Individual selection of funds, careful treatment of delicate products.

Entrust caring for your home professionals, and you will forever forget about the mess!

100% money back guarantee by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Surbiton
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Dry HOST carpet cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Surbiton
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
carpet steam cleaner by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Surbiton
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Amy Pearson

The first time I tried Prolux services I was deeply impressed. Although my carpet was just 5 years old it was in poor condition – several stains of liquids, food, ink, etc. Usually I vacuumed the carpet once a week, but I suppose my vacuum cleaner was not powerful enough because it couldn’t cope even with the spread hair on the carpet. After each vacuum cleaning I had to knee down on my carpet and collect the remained hair with hands. That is not only unpleasant procedure but also it is a complete waste of time. If I had industrial vacuum cleaner, the situation would be different. In fact, after purchasing this carpet, I invested a lot of money in a high quality vacuum cleaner which, however, after 4 years of exploitation, was useless.

Last summer I took the carpet out in the backyard, I wet cleaned it. Although the carpet was not too big, it took me more than 2 hours to clean it, and about 2 days to dry. Luckily, the weather was shiny so it was helpful for the quick drying. However, although I was satisfied by the result I accomplished, I promised myself I would never repeat that procedure. I was completely exhausted!

This May, I decided it is time to have my carpet professionally cleaned. I live in Surbiton and like in any other area; there is a great offering of carpet cleaning services. It took me about 2 hours to choose the cleaning company. I chose Prolux because of the safe cleaning products they were using.

The two experts that came home were extremely punctual. They came fully equipped with all kinds of cleaning products and machines. It took them less than an hour to perfectly clean my carpet! They removed all stains from it and gave it a fresh light odor which lasted for weeks.

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