How do I find the right carpet cleaning services?

In this day and age, carpet cleaning is a constantly developing process. There are many methods for deep carpet cleaning, and lots of companies eager to perform them. Each company and method are being proclaimed as the best at what they do. But how can the customers know who they can trust for their textile flooring cleaning needs?

The first thing you need to know is where and how to find a good carpet cleaning company. Street ads and newspapers are informative, but they give much less information than the Internet. Another method is the recommendations made by friends and acquaintances, who have used a company before. And social media is the newest way to find carpet cleaners while sitting on the sofa with your phone.

However, each of the above methods is a double-edged sword when looking for carpet cleaning specialists. Let's look at why this is the case:

On the Internet, unfortunately, there are many offers of carpet cleaning from unqualified companies. They often steal and rewrite data from the websites of professional carpet cleaning companies and issue them for their own services. So, if you are looking for cleaning of carpets, then we advise paying attention to the websites of specialised carpet cleaners.

Recommendations of friends and acquaintances should be taken into account. However, you should first confirm if they used carpet cleaning services similar to what you're looking for. If they recommend dry cleaners, and you need a deep cleaning method, you may need to ask someone else.

Social media can be a rough place to look for carpet cleaning businesses, as it is ripe with false advertising. Every cleaning system can appear high-quality when you have years of experience in video editing.

And on the other hand, some professional carpet cleaners have bad online feedback which is not verifiable. When choosing a carpet cleaner franchise, always look for verified reviews. These are confirmed to be left by a real customer by the review website, such as Trustpilot or Checkatrade.

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What to look for when hiring a carpet cleaning company

What should I look for to find deep carpet cleaning services?

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of criteria that a carpet cleaning company needs to match. They always have to adhere to recommendations by the carpet manufacturers, as well as requests of the customer. Some companies offer different cleaning methods, and primarily choose environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. In our blog, we have dedicated articles for both steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, and dry carpet cleaning services.

There are other cleaning methods as well, but detailing them would take your precious time. And after all, if you're reading this, it's probably time to call a cleaning company instead. Without further ado, let's find out what are the main factors for determining the correct carpet cleaning company. Here are a few simple tips for choosing a carpet and rug cleaner:

How long the company has been operating

You have to find out for how long the company has existed. Avoid businesses that opened recently, try to find a carpet cleaning franchise that has been operating for a decade or more. The more experienced a carpet cleaning provider is, the more likely it is to resolve your cleaning issues.


In the Internet age, online feedback is increasingly more important to a company. Verified reviews are practically the only sure-fire way to cement a company's reputation. That's why you should carefully read a franchise's online feedback before you commit to them.

Public Liability Insurance

A company which is not insured is likely to not take responsibility in case of any side effects from the cleaning service. Therefore, it would be harder to hold them accountable if there are severe faults in the carpets. It is important to know if a company has insurance in place for their cleaners and for the business itself.

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Provision of documents

A company which provides invoices and work orders is a company you can rely on. A business which does not is legally shady, and questionable in more than one regard. It is your right as a customer to ask for a receipt for services rendered by the cleaning company.

The company must be registered

The presence of the franchise in a business and trade registry is always a guarantee for the services performed. If the company you chose is not present in any cleaning associations, this is a red flag. Make sure you do your homework well when choosing a carpet cleaning company to maintain your fitted flooring.

The website of the company

If the organisation has a website, then its design can say a lot about them. Trust the company which clearly states on the page about its activities, and does not hide the address and contact information. Also, the more ways there are to contact them, the better. Don't trust a company that's only accessible through one form of contact.


Everyone has a specific budget they are willing to pay for quality carpet cleaning services. You should know that many companies with decent prices do provide excellent results. It is without saying that you cannot expect 5-star service from the cheapest company in your area.

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Professional inventory

All solid cleaning companies have professional tools and equipment - the main trump card. The availability of good equipment and the ability to correctly use it distinguishes professionals from ordinary cleaners. A company coming to you with store-brand products and rental machines is not a professional company whatsoever.

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Qualified staff

A good company always cares about the high level of knowledge of their carpet cleaners. As a rule, the more experienced the franchise is, the better trained personnel it has.

Experienced cleaning masters necessarily have insurance protection:

  • responsibility for the quality of services provided;
  • responsibility for not performing work or incomplete implementation of the order;
  • property of legal entities (equipment, tools);
  • from an accident.

All these, just in case, issued insurance help to partially fill the costs with the cleaning company in the event of incidents.

To summarise, you need experienced professionals with certificates and insurance. They need to have high-standard equipment which is not available in your local supermarket. You need to be able to locate them in a registry, as well as on their own website. And most importantly, they need to have impressive online feedback on verified websites.

What to use

What to do in case you are not satisfied with the cleaning?

Be sure to state your claim in writing and send it to the cleaning company by registered mail. This is necessary to ensure that the paper with the claim was officially registered in the guilty company. Any oral conversations, cries and emotions can not be enclosed as arguments in a trial, but a document can.

Wait for the official response from the company, and based on the results, proceed further. The company may offer to fix everything at their expense and you will be able to agree without involving third parties. If not, it will be necessary to conduct an independent examination of the results from the cleaning.

Write a negative review on the company website. The positive reputation in the market of cleaning services is 90% formed from the opinion of satisfied customers. No self-respecting company for professional cleaning will miss the customer's negative feedback.

If the matter still comes to communications with a lawyer, know that each cleaning company seeks to insure its activities. You may be able to settle it out of court, if you agree to mediation. In any rate, you should be ready to defend what is yours, if the company is indeed at fault.

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