Dealing with a flea infestation or any other pest outbreak can be challenging. Luckily, professional carpet cleaning services can be of great aid in handling said issue. High temperatures and detergents are able to remove adult fleas, but that won't be the end of the story. You also have to keep in mind their larvae, cocoons and eggs.

Furthermore, fleas are found not just in carpets. They can also live in our sofas, mattresses, curtains, our clothes and, of course, our pets. While this may sound overwhelming, they're definitely an issue which can be dealt with.

Does carpet cleaning kill fleas

How can I identify a flea infestation in my house?

The worst part about a flea infestation is that you likely won't know of it until it's too late. They're small reddish-brown insects, which reproduce incredibly quickly and are relatively hard to kill. The way they get into our homes is through pets or human traffic.

Excessive itching or licking is a good sign that your pet may already be infested by fleas. If your pet is infested, it likely means that your carpets, upholstery and even your clothing are also affected.

Another way to know if fleas have infested your home is through bite marks. Fleas leave small red marks, which can easily be identified if you know what you're looking for. Additionally, a flea bite hurts almost instantly as opposed to a bite from a bed bug. They usually bite on our feet, ankles and calves, as they're naturally residing mostly in carpets.

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Fleas in my home
Dog fleas, how to remove

How to get rid of fleas in the house?

1. Treat your pet

If you're asking yourself, "Does washing a pet with soap and water actually kill flea eggs?", the short answer is yes!

After finding a suitable host, adult fleas will mate and start laying eggs in a pet's fur and their surroundings. This can lead to diseases not just for the animal, but for yourself as well. After you put the pet bedding and its toys in the washing machine, you must then give your pet a bath. Using hot water and soap will indeed kill adult fleas and most of their eggs.

We recommend repeating the process after a week, and even more often if needed. If you have reasons to believe that your pet requires further treatment, please consult your local vet.

Can steam cleaning remove fleas

2. Get in touch with a professional carpet cleaners

Steam cleaning your carpet is of the most important steps needed to deal with a flea infestation. As carpets are the main place of residence for these creatures, they require the utmost care as well.

Hot water extraction cleaning removes fleas in your carpet, as well as all other types of microorganisms. It's also the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Essentially, hot water, under very high pressure is sprayed directly into the carpet and then extracted immediately. And with the help of commercial detergents, the carpet is left completely disinfected.

The method is also suitable for upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaning. In essence, anything which you cannot put into the mashing machine should be deep steam cleaned. And while you're waiting for the professionals to come, we advise hoovering. Just make sure to remove the waste bag, as fleas and their eggs will still be alive in it.

Important note: The complete removal of all fleas and their eggs may not be possible with the first and even the second cleaning session. It's best to schedule a carpet and upholstery cleaning service at the end of each week, over the course of a month.

3. Use a flea bomb

A flea bomb or a flea fogger is another way of dealing with fleas in your home. It's essentially your last DIY option before calling in a proper pest control company. Flea bombs are able to kill fleas in all stages of their lives. To be able to use them, however, you must prep the house and be ready to vacate it.

In terms of preparations, you have to turn off all lights and electrical appliances, as pesticides are highly flammable. All drawers and shelves should be emptied out and left open. Dishes and utensils must be wrapped in stretch foil thoroughly. Pet beds, clothes, duvets and so on must also be removed or wrapped in foil.

After you come home, make sure to ventilate for a few hours until the smell disappears. Additionally, any newly hatched adult fleas will be killed due to the bomb's residual effect. The hard surfaces should be wiped and disinfected, and any exposed clothes and bedding washed. After 48 hours, the carpet must be hoovered, and in two weeks - deep cleaned.

In case you're wondering "Is flea bombing safe?", the answer varies. "Dry bombs", for example, have a reduced smell and stain residue, and are the ones recommended if you have pets. All bombs, however, can be a threat to our children. This is why we informed that it's key to wipe and disinfect all surfaces, especially those to which kids have access to.

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Answers to FAQs regarding fleas:

When are fleas and ticks the most active?

Fleas thrive in warm and humid environments. Such weather can be found in the UK from April, all the way down to September. They are also nocturnal creatures, meaning they're more active in the night.

Can you have fleas if you're not a pet-owner?

Fleas can survive outside for a certain amount of time during spring and summer. They can easily be picked up on the way back from work or when you're out with friends. You could also catch them if you go to a house or a building which already has a flea infestation.

How do you know how bad a flea infestation is?

The first tell for a flea infestation would be your pet or yourself. If anyone in the house has complained about bite marks, chances are they're everywhere. It's also possible to find shed flea skin on carpets and sofas - another good sign that you need to take action.

What is the difference between a flea and a bed bug?

Bed bugs do not jump or flea and are way more common on humans. The bite of a flea, as mentioned, hurts almost immediately. Bed bugs bites appear as raised and are usually seen with a line of three or four.