Nowadays, there is no household without at least one carpeted room. Carpets and rugs have been a part of human life for centuries. They have always been popular, either for comfort or decoration purposes. But one of the most frequently asked questions is “How often should I clean my carpet?”.

Everyone wants their carpet to be a beautiful and hygienic piece of floor furniture. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task, but it is definitely cheaper than replacement. Apart from weekly hoovering, every once in a while you should have it professionally cleaned.

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How ofter you should clean your carpets

How often do I have to clean my carpets?

There are several factors that everyone should have into consideration. They determine the cleaning frequency for the carpets in your home. Keep reading below to understand and be more aware, as they are all important.

How ofter should I clean the carpets

How often should you vacuum a carpeted room?

First of all, of huge importance is whether you vacuum your carpet regularly or not. By regularly hoovering, you could remove any loose dirt or dust, while they are on the surface of the carpets. This will stop them from settling deeper and worsening the carpet fibres.

Carpet manufacturers highly recommend hoovering your carpets at least twice a week. If you have pets or children in the property, you should do it 4 times a week instead. The crumbs and pet hairs on the carpets and sofas may even persuade you to do it daily.

Most of the cases, regular vacuuming could prolong the time space between professional carpet cleaning sessions. Nevertheless, even daily hoovering of the carpet cannot remove stains and embedded dirt. Sooner or later, it always has to be professionally deep cleaned.

How often do you clean your carpet when you have allergies?

The second of the main factors, determining how often a carpet should be cleaned, is whether you have allergies. It is generally true that the carpet fibres play the role of a filter. The textile flooring collects most of the dust and allergens which float in the air.

As time passes, those little particles in the air could easily build-up inside the fibres. Imagine what you step on every time you walk on the carpet in your home. To prevent health hazards, regular deep steam cleaning is required to restore the healthy household environment. Moreover, if you have chronic allergies, it would be necessary to deep clean your carpets more often.

Should I clean my carpet

Should I clean cream carpet more often than brown?

Third of all, the colour of your carpet is another major point you should be aware of. Light-coloured carpets are proven to add brightness to your room. However, it is also commonly known that the dirt and stains are more visible on bright colours.

So, in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of light carpet, you would have to order professional cleaning more frequently. The good thing of having a lighter carpet is the fact that it is easily visible when it's dirty. Thus, you would have clear signs when the time for a professional deep cleaning service has come.

When you think about it, light coloured carpet is healthier than dark coloured carpet. This is because, especially on high traffic areas, it is obvious when it needs a deep clean. Sure, it needs more frequent proper care and cleaning, but it pays off in the long run. If you order deep carpet cleaning with cleaning machines very often, mould and mildew will never grow in the fibres.

Will carpet cleaning services void my warranty?

Fourthly, follow a certain cleaning regime, required by the manufacturer, if you would like to keep the warranty. It is not a rare case to have your terms state the carpet needs deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months. This rate is usually doubled or even tripled on carpeted areas with high foot traffic.

Furthermore, never forget to save the receipts from professional cleaning sessions. They would help if you experience any problems connected to the warranty. You would be able to confirm that you have followed the manufacturer instructions for proper maintenance of your carpet.

How often do you clean your carpet when you have pets?

Fifth, pets could have a big impact on the carpet cleaning frequency. If you live in the same place with a pet, it is more than important to have your carpet regularly steam cleaned. It is not uncommon that even well-trained pets could cause a mess from time to time.

There are bigger issues apart from muddy paw marks spoiling the appearance of your carpets. Always be aware that pets could urinate or vomit onto the carpeted areas, or even defecate. Troubles like those could easily leave unpleasant to see stains and very bad odours, which are rather noticeable to any guests.

Luckily, by ordering a professional carpet cleaning service, you receive special cleaning solutions. These come in the form of stain, smell, bacteria treatments and other problem solvers. They would help disinfect the carpet in depth and neutralise any biological stains or smells by your pets.

Cleaned carpets

How often do you clean the carpet if you have children?

Sixth, another quite important factor is whether you have children in your home. Everyone who does would know that they are so playful and energetic that it is impossible to avoid spatters, smears or spills. It doesn’t matter if it is footprints, paint or juice, adults always struggle when trying to keep their carpet clean.

Furthermore, if you have small children or babies, most of the time they would spend is over the carpet. Even after they learn how to crawl and then walk, they will still play a lot on the floor.

Thus, you would always want to have it disinfected and clean for them to safely read books on, for example.

This is the reason why you should be having your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company often. They know which products to use, namely, environmentally friendly and harmless carpet cleaning solutions. Eco-friendly products are perfect for thorough and proper cleaning of the carpet, without any toxins or side effects.

How often should I clean the carpets if I wear shoes at home?

Seventh, it is very important whether you allow shoes to be worn inside your home or not. Not everyone agrees, and for good reason, but some people don’t mind it when guests wear shoes inside. Be advised that this could cause the fibres of the carpet to wear faster.

And respectively, the more shoes grind onto the carpet, the more mud and wear your carpet endures. To prevent any constant worn patterns on the carpeted areas, have it periodically cleaned. This will lessen the chance of dirt being permanently ingrained, and allow you to remove shoe marks from your hallway.

How is professional carpet cleaning helpful?

Professional carpet cleaners are experienced and highly trained in the art of cleaning services. They know exactly what your carpet needs and how to prolong its service life. Moreover, every professional company cleans with completely harmless and eco-friendly products. And what is more, you can always get carpet cleaning at affordable prices.

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