Children and pets - our great reservoirs of joy and energy. All so cute but they also represent the greatest danger to wellbeing of carpets in the house, and are frequently the culprits behind the last type of stain you want to clean up. Surprisingly, many people do not take into account having children and pets when selecting a new carpet for their homes. They think their pet wouldn’t spoil their gorgeous carpet, but trust me – it will happen.

When your little furball tries to use your carpet or couch as a toilet, the most frequently asked questions are: how to get poop stain out of the couch; how to get dried poop off hardwood floor; how to clean dog vomit from carpet naturally; how to clean the carpet from cat urine.

In pet-shops, there are products which will keep the pet away from using the carpets as a personal toilet, but they won’t save you from occasional incidents on the carpet! The worst thing is that once the pet has used your carpet as a toilet, it is very likely to repeat this procedure, because your dog or cat will consider the carpet its own territory!

If your pet has left a smelly surprise for you in the middle of the most exposed area on your new carpet, you should act quickly! Pay attention, you should use only natural cleaners that do not contain toxic chemicals. Sometimes your carpet can be restored with means that are available in every home.

As the professionals, we know that the biggest nightmare of pet owners are poop and vomit stains and of course - cat urine and offensive odour.

In this article we will teach you proven practical methods on how to clean dried poop off the floor; the best way to clean up dog vomit from carpet; how to clean the carpet of pet urine and cope with its offensive odour, etc.

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How to clean pet diarrhea from carpet

First method: how to get pet poop stains out of floor

How to clean pet stains form carpet

Best way to clean up dog vomit from the carpet and how to get poop stain out

What you’ll need?

  • 1 tbsp. dishwashing liquid
  • 1 tbsp. white vinegar
  • 2 cups of warm water


  1. Remove any solid faeces from the carpet and discard them in the rubbish.
  2. Damp the sponge in this solution and pat the stain several times.
  3. After that, wipe the stain with paper towels to collect any faecal matter that has remained on the carpet. If necessary, moisten the stain again with a sponge soaked in a solution, and wipe with a towel.
  4. Soak a clean sponge in cold water and squeeze it to prevent it from dripping. Wipe the stain again.
Pood stains on the carpet

Second method: how to get pet poop stains out of floor

Best way to get dog throw up out of carpet and how to get poop stain out with professional carpet cleaning agents and disinfectants

The first thing you need to do is to collect the hard faeces and throw them away. If some remains are still on the carpet, you can scrape them carefully using a plastic brush or spoon.

Be careful not to damage the surface of the carpet. If necessary, you can also use a damp cloth to go over the stained area, and then gently pull off the pieces of faeces.

We continue with the essential cleaning of the carpet.

Take professional carpet cleaning agents and disinfectants to clean the carpet. Read the instructions on the packaging by diluting the preparation in the described quantity of water.


  1. Directly apply the mixture onto the contaminated area
  2. Let it penetrate well for about 3 to 5 minutes
  3. Dry with a clean white cloth or paper towels
How to remove stains

Third method: how to get pet poop stains out of floor

Cleaned home

How to clean dried dog poop off floor

If your dog's excrement is hard, then you can consider yourself lucky.

Collect them with a paper towel or toilet paper, and then use a small brush with stiff bristles to clean the area with a mild detergent and water.

After this, blot the stain with a towel and leave to dry.

How to clean cat diarrhoea from carpet

If your cat has diarrhoea, then in its stool there are bacteria.

If possible, clean the area of ​​the carpet with paper towels, and then wipe with a mixture of water and detergent. Rinse the stain with water, blot, and then use one of the neutralizing products, which will help get rid of bacteria and their reproduction.

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Fourth method: how to get pet poop stains out of floor and cope with unpleasant odours

Best way to get poop off sofa or carpet and cope with the offensive odour

Soap water

  1. First, remove excrement from the surface (upholstered furniture, a sofa or a carpet);
  2. Wipe the affected area with soapy water (laundry soap, laundry detergent, gel will be suitable for washing of ware);
  3. Wash the foam away with cold water, and blot the surface with a clean sponge, collecting the remaining moisture;
  4. Leave the area to dry.

If the awful smell is still there, use one of the options offered below:


  1. Sprinkle the surface with crushed activated charcoal, ground coffee and weak tea (tea leaves);
  2. Also, well dry mustard incorporates unpleasant smells: mix part mustard powder with water (to a condition of gruel);
  3. Apply the mixture on the polluted place and let's dry up;
  4. Collect the remains of mustard with a damp rag or a vacuum cleaner.

Soda or salt

  1. First, mix salt or baking soda with a small amount of water;
  2. Evenly distribute the paste onto the surface and leave it to fully dry;
  3. Remove the soda or salt or soda with a hoover and repeat the procedure if necessary.


Those products will help you remove the unpleasant smell.

All you have to do is add 15 drops of iodine in a litre of warm water;

  1. Dampen a clean towel or a rag in solution;
  2. Wring out and spread onto the polluted site;
  3. Leave for 30 minutes, if necessary repeat soaking;
  4. When the smell disappears completely, dry the surface.

Vinegar or citric acid

It is simple to remove a smell of excrements with vinegar:

  1. Pour 1 tablespoon of 9% of vinegar in two glasses of water and add several drops of gel for washing of ware;
  2. Rub solution onto the surface or sprinkle a spray;
  3. Leave for 20 minutes and repeat the procedure;
  4. After 20 minutes past, wash away the mix remains with cold water, and dry the area with a towel.

In the same way, an affected area can be treated with lemon juice diluted with water (in a proportion 4:1).

Bleaching powder or peroxide

Chlorine-containing bleach will be suitable for a white carpet:

  1. Rub a small amount of means, in 20-30 minutes wash away the water and dry it out;
  2. Mix peroxide of hydrogen with water (in a proportion 1:1);
  3. Add a little soap or washing up liquid;
  4. Apply the solution on the surface which is previously processed with vinegar (9%) and strewed with baking soda;
  5. Leave for an hour, later, remove the solution remains with a brush;

When cleaning diarrhoea or urine stains from the carpet, avoid the use of means which contain chlorine. One of the reasons is that they are carcinogenic. Besides, such means can cause boomerang effect. For example, the smell will be unpleasant to a cat, and she will decide to hammer it down. For this reason it is undesirable to use liquid ammonia.

Cleaning with a wet and dry hoover

An excellent way of coping with the removal of an unpleasant smell is to use a wet and dry hoover. However, at first we recommend to work on a small area of the carpet. If this "operation" takes goes well, then it is worth cleaning the whole carpet or sofa.

Laundry soap

We also recommend using laundry soap. It is necessary to rub and mix it a little with warm water. The mix should be applied onto the sofa or the carpet, and then left to dry only for a few minutes. After that, it is necessary to take a damp sponge and to remove the foam remains. If you skip this step, there will be spots from the soap.

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odors on carpets

How to clean the carpet from cat urine?


Owners of cats should always pay attention to the causes of inappropriate excretions from animals. It is possible that this is caused by violations of the genitourinary system. And only competent treatment will solve the problem.

The most important thing you should remember when cleaning cat urine is to do it right away, while the urine is still "fresh". Urine begins to split, settling in your carpet - it's caused by bacteria that feed on organic waste that transforms this waste into gases - this causes a strong smell of ammonia. The longer the traces of urine stay on the carpet, the more the odour is absorbed into the surface of the carpet and can even seep up to the wood floor.

If urine has dries naturally, the process of decomposition of bacteria is in full swing.

What can help you in this situation is products that eliminate the smell of urine. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results. Remember that if urine has penetrated up to the wooden floor, then it may be necessary to remove the carpet in order to process the wood directly. Remember to wear protective gloves while cleaning the carpet from faeces and urine stains!

Dog urine

Fresh urine can be cleaned as follows:

  • Blot the stain

Use an old thick bath towel to get as much liquid out as possible. Continue the process with paper towels until all moisture has been removed.

  • Dilute and again blot

Soak the affected area of ​​the carpet with clean water or a weak solution of white vinegar and water, then blot again.

  • Neutralize

If the smell does not disappear after the carpet has dried, it's time to take more serious measures, namely, special compounds for removing the smell of urine, which are based on chemicals, enzymes and bacteria. The formula is designed specifically to neutralize the smell of urine by killing bacteria that provoke this odour.