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ProLux is a professional carpet cleaning company based in Mayfair W1 with many years of experience in the cleaning industry. We provide with the most efficient stain removal method on the market - hot water extraction cleaning. Over the years, we have cleaned carpets with various problems - coffee, tea, chocolate and even red wine. No task is too difficult for our experienced carpet cleaners in Mayfair.

All carpet cleaning services are performed using commercial steam extractors and harmless eco-friendly cleaning products. We have the means necessary to completely remove all traces of germs and bacteria. With our assistance, your deep cleaned carpet will look like new in no time.


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  • The most experienced carpet cleaning company in West London
  • Fully insured and certified professional cleaners
  • Use of the latest and most powerful carpet cleaning equipment
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, harmless to children and pets
  • The highest chances of smell and stain removal
  • 5-star customer service team
  • Available for emergency same-day cleaning services, with no extra fees

ProLux is a company always striving for 100% customer satisfaction! We employ the best carpet cleaners in Mayfair W1 who are fully equipped with modern steam cleaning machines. Moreover, they have the required skill set to effectively both natural fibre carpets and synthetic ones.

Our services are available every day of the year, even on weekends and Bank Holidays, with no hidden charges. Additionally, we have complete coverage of all West London areas: Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Soho, Bayswater, Brompton, Lisson Grove, Knightsbridge, BelgraviaWestminster and more!

We are also experts in terms of upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and rug cleaning services. For those of you willing to book a combined cleaning appointment, unique discounts await. To receive a quote is quick and easy - simply get in touch with a member of our friendly customer support team.

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Steam carpet cleaning, also known as hot water extraction method, is carried out in the following way:

  1. The ProLux cleaning technician will firstly examine the state of your carpet and determine its type. Depending on the established information, the proper water temperature and machine pressure settings will be selected.
  2. The carpet will then be hoovered, removing the surface layer of debris - this is done using an industrial hoover.
  3. We will then pre-treat the carpet using an eco-friendly spray by ProChem. This step of the cleaning process is important as it allows us to achieve better results in terms of stain removal. For the product to take its full effect, 5 to 10 minutes need to pass. During this time, the machine will be loaded with water.
  4. As soon as the water reaches the suitable for respective carpet temperature, it will be sprayed deeply inside with high pressure. Stains will be dissolved, smells removed and the original carpet colours revived!
  5. Optionally, Stain Protection can now be applied to the carpet surface in order to help prevent future staining. The protective layer of spray is effective for about one year and is a great way to preserve the pristine condition of your freshly cleaned carpets.
  6. We leave the carpet fairly dry (about 95% of the moisture is sucked out), but some time does need to pass in order for you to walk over it. On average, it takes 2-4 hours, but during the colder seasons this time can vary. Make sure the rooms are well ventilated or heated up to minimize waiting time.

Dry cleaning is a cleaning method only suitable for some natural fibre carpets, most notably sisal. It's performed using a minimal amount of moisture and high quality carpet cleaning detergents. The main advantage in using dry cleaning services is the ability to use the carpet directly after the cleaning process.

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Mayfair?

Carpet CleaningPrices
Single bedroom£20
Double bedroom£25
Living roomfrom £30
Dining room£25
Hallwayfrom £10
Staircase (maximum 16 steps)£25
Landingfrom £5
Commercial Carpet Cleaning£1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have fully insured, trained and equipped carpet cleaning specialists working in our company. They know how to handle all types of carpets and all manner of stains. On a daily basis, we encounter food and drink spillages, make-up, urine and more, and we know how to remove them all. In most cases, the stains will be gone after the cleaning, as our steam cleaning method is your best chance. However, if the stain has been there for too long, or has been treated already, it may not come out.

Yes, we are able to apply a special after-care spray to the carpet after it’s been cleaned. The Stain Protection will make it more resistant to new spillages, and if any happen, they will be easier to remove by yourself and by professionals.

The average drying time for carpets after steam cleaning is between 2 and 5 hours. We recommend ventilating or heating the rooms for as long as it’s necessary.


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