Ever wondered how much you end up spending on professional cleaning services over the course of a year? Obviously, the answer will vary for each household, depending on their budget and needs. Having said that, it wouldn’t hurt to know the average yearly spent for expert cleaning services.

What’s more, we will help you understand how to easily acquire the best possible price out of a cleaning company, and trust us – it’s not that hard! Firstly, however, let’s shed some light on…

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What kind of professional cleaning services are there and how much do they cost?

How to clean your carpets

Domestic cleaning services

Cleaning after yourself or your family isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a busy individual. It’s constant work, which does not bring the desired appreciation from other family members. Not to mention, it’s time-consuming and can be very frustrating.

So why not seek help from professionals? Domestic cleaners can assist with all sorts of household chores, such as:

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Dusting and wiping
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning of the dishes, etc.

You can have them over to do a specific room or area, and you can also book your whole house to be deep cleaned. Either way, whoever comes to do work for you will likely be faster and more efficient in the cleaning process.

How much do domestic cleaners charge?

The answer will depend on the type of work you require to be done, and the area in which you are situated. Nonetheless, the below table should give you a good idea on the average UK hourly charges:

Type of CleaningAverage cost per hour
Normal house clean£16.50
Window cleaning£30.00
Floor cleaning£13.00
After-party cleaning£20.00
One-off/ spring cleaning£20.00
Steam cleanin for a decent price

Carpet steam cleaning

Carpets, being the great dust collectors that they are, should receive the needed care, not just with a hoover, but with a steam machine. Why? Because weekly vacuuming can only get rid of the surface debris.

If you want the dust, dirt and other allergens stuck deeply inside your carpet removed, steam carpet cleaning is the way to go. Plus, all carpets have different cleaning requirements and all stains require a specific approach in order to be successfully removed. In general, it’s a cleaning service, which heavily relies on good chemistry knowledge, and hands-on experience with many typical carpet problems.

What are the standard carpet cleaning prices?

In the UK, companies charge per room, as opposed to per square foot in the USA (unless it’s a large commercial space). Of course, the room size does play a role in the price formation, but the questions you’ll be asked by a typical customer service assistant will be:

  • In which room is the carpet situated?
  • Is the lounge standard sized or open plan?
  • Is the bedroom single, double or master?

Having said that, by using the average prices below, you should be able to get a good idea on how much carpet cleaning would cost for your property:

Carpeted areaAverage cost
Standard bedroom£30.00
Stairs + landing£40.00
Stain protection per room£15.00

Upholstery cleaning

Regardless if your upholstered furniture is fabric, leather or somewhere in between, you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. The main reasons for that are: colour preservation, dust and dirt extraction, stain and smell removal.

Moreover, the more well-kept any upholstered item is, the more use you will get out of it. And as we all know, especially in this day and age, good quality sofas tend to cost around £2000 - £5000 on average. An amount, which certainly can be put into good use somewhere else within the family budget.

How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

What you end up spending on upholstery cleaning services per year ultimately depends on the size and number of your upholstered items. Here are the average charges for most types of upholstered furniture found in our homes:

UpholsteryAverage cost
2-seater sofa£50.00
3-seater sofa£70.00
4-seater sofa£90.00
Dining chair£10.00

Mattress and curtain cleaning

We spend a large portion of our day-to-day lives in our bedrooms. Regardless if we’re sleeping or not, our mattresses and curtains collect a great amount of dust and dirt, which need to be removed occasionally. If not, the air within our bedrooms worsens, and so does the quality of our sleep.

Another reason to have mattresses and curtains steam cleaned is to avoid stains and smells settling in. Whether you live in a rental home or you have a place of your own, you want to be sure that your curtains and mattresses retain their appeal and freshness. Plus, steam cleaning is proven to be the number 1 enemy of mould, and a good solution against a dust mite infestation.

What’s the average cost for mattress and curtain cleaning?

We can’t simply answer this questions for you, but we can let you know how much roughly do professional cleaning companies charge for steam cleaning of mattresses and curtains. And to make things easier, we’ve spilt curtains into two main categories: full (floor) length and half (window sill) length. Mattresses are naturally charged depending on their size – single, double, king, superking and queen:

ItemAverage cost
Single mattress£30.00
Double mattress£35.00
King size mattress£45.00
Super King size mattress£50.00
Queen size mattress£55.00
A set of half length curtains£35.00
A set of full length curtains£45.00
Oven cleaning 1

Professional oven cleaning

You may firstly wonder why this is on the list, but if you had a go at cleaning your oven recently, you’ll know where we’re coming from. A good portion of UK households still prefer cooking at home as opposed to ordering in. If you’re also a part of that group, you’d be aware of how quickly our ovens get dirty.

The worst part is, most store-bought degreasers are not nearly as effective as professional ones. Hence, even if you wish to do the cleaning yourself, it’ll certainly take a great amount of time and effort.

How much does professional oven cleaning cost?

Do you have a single, double or master range oven? Do you use it often? Have you even turned it on? You’re the only one who knows the answers to these questions. However, we are here to provide you with the average rates of professional oven cleaning companies:

ItemAverage cost
Single oven£50.00
Double oven£70.00
Master oven£90.00
Master range oven£110.00

Important note: The recommended minimum use of carpet, upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaning services is once or twice a year, and slightly more often for homes with children or pets. As for domestic and oven cleaning jobs, how much you spend on them in the end depends on your lifestyle and needs.

Despite that, you are here to know the average yearly spent for professional cleaning services, and we are happy to deliver!

1 Bedroom property2 Bedroom property3 Bedroom property4 Bedroom Property
Domestic cleaning£2574.00£3432.00£4290.00£5148.00
Carpet cleaning£140.00£230.00£390.00£490.00
Upholstery cleaning£160.00£230.00£330.00£430.00
Mattress and curtain cleaning£140.00£300.00£430.00£560.00
Oven cleaning£100.00£180.00£250.00£400.00
Total spent per year£3114.00£4372.00£5690.00£7028.00
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What factors can impact the price of professional cleaning services?

Apart from the amount of work you require done, there are other factors, which may come into play in the price formation of professional cleaning companies. Firstly, let’s discuss…


Those of you situated in rural areas, would likely need to pay more to have their homes cleaned. Why? Because the less competition cleaning providers have in a certain location, the higher their rates may be. Moreover, if you’re out of the general reach of a specific cleaning service provider, expect to pay about 10% to 20% more if you want to use their services.

For example, a London based company which normally charges £100 for a carpet cleaning in Wimbledon, Chelsea, Fulham or Harrow, would charge you £110 to £120 for the same job if you’re situated in Slough, Harlow, Chesham or Potters Bar, for example.

For those situated in the heart of London (Westminster, Fitzrovia, Finsbury or Lambeth), in other words within the Congestion and ULEZ zone, expect for said charges (£15 and £12.5) to also be added to the total bill.

Lastly, regardless of where you are, if you cannot provide your cleaner with a free of charge parking space or a permit, an extra fee for the parking may also be added to the total cleaning bill.

Condition of the items/ areas to be cleaned

If your kitchen or bathroom haven’t been well maintained, i.e. have built-up dust, limescale, etc., companies are likely going to overcharge you for their services. The same applies to heavily soiled sofas and carpets. Essentially, if the company expects to spend more time than average for a specific job, you will likely end up paying a bit more than usual.

Experience of cleaners

Each industry giant has the luxury of working with high rates. This applies to professional cleaning services as well. The most experienced and well-rated cleaners will naturally charge more than the ones who’ve just recently started their business journey.

Frequency of cleans

If you’ve already selected a trustworthy provider for all your cleaning needs, chances are you’ll likely benefit from their returning customer discounts and offers. Plus, the more often a specific room or an item is cleaned, the less amount of work it will require the next cleaning visit.

How to receive the best price for professional cleaning services?

Whether you know it or not, there are certain steps you should take to ensure you’re not spending a fortune when it comes to expert cleaning services. Most of them should be pretty obvious, but some may catch you off guard.

Go for a local company

As we briefly mentioned before, a company which has complete coverage of your area of living, will be able provide with the best prices, as opposed to one which occasionally has jobs there. If you live in London, where there’s a ton of options, this may not apply to you.

Shop around

Going about gathering quotes is an easy and safe way of determining the standard pricing of what you need cleaned. Naturally, many companies will try to persuade you into booking with them straight away, so be mindful of that and know when it’s time to hang up the phone.

Get more done in one go

Companies are much more willing to reduce their prices if you book multiple services in one go, for example carpet and sofa cleaning. However, do not expect to get 50% off just because you made an order above £100. Generally, you should receive a discount of around 10% to 20%, which is still pretty good, when you look at the bigger picture.

Know when the best offers are available

Domestic cleaning services are required throughout the year, no exceptions. In terms steam cleaning services, however, most people prefer to have their carpets and sofas cleaned when it’s warm to allow for a quicker drying process. Due to this, the amount of work steam cleaning companies receive during some periods is very lackluster.

To be a bit more specific, the period between the 15th of September and the 15th of November, as well as the period between the 15th of February and the 15th of April, are when companies will provide with the biggest discounts. If you’re wondering why there is a gap between said periods, it’s due to the Christmas holidays when everyone wants a proper deep clean before the guests arrive.

Become an affiliate program member

Many service providers, not just cleaning companies, have their own affiliate programs. By joining one, you can benefit from discount vouchers, and even receive a commission fee for your recommendations.

Be on the hunt for discount coupons

Did you know that there are websites dedicated to providing free discount vouchers and coupons? Sites such as Honey and DontPayFull, offer essentially free money for specific items and services, including those of cleaning companies.

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How to choose the right cleaning company?

Depending on where you live, you either have a ton of options available or just a handful. Nevertheless, you want your choice to be the right one, and here is what you should be on the lookout for:

The company’s reputation

Probably the most important point to consider when choosing a cleaning service provider is to ensure they’re experienced and trustworthy. You can easily do this by checking their Trustpilot reviews or independent business directories like TouchLocal or Scoot. A company with a good number of 5 star reviews is one which has already proven itself and likely deserves your trust as well.

Competent customer support team

One bad interaction with an untrained and inexperienced customer service operator can ruin your whole experience with the particular service provider. Most companies know this, and are willing to do anything in their power to prevent something similar from happening. How exactly do they do that? By dedicating the needed time and effort into fully training their employees to ensure the best possible experience for their clients.

You can easily recognize a good customer service operator by the questions he or she asks, their responsiveness and the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to make you happy.

Branded vans and workwear

A company, which doesn’t respect itself enough to invest in its own workwear, doesn’t deserve your trust. Once a cleaner parks on your driveway, you want to be able to recognize him (or her) just by glancing through the window.

Furthermore, providing your employees with the needed working clothes shows that you care for them, and wish to make the best impression possible on all your customers.

High-end equipment

Undeniably, the best results are achieved with the best equipment and products. If you also want to best for your home, please ensure your company of choice comes well prepared. As a point of reference, the top cleaning companies tend to work with Prochem brand cleaning products, and steam machines with over 500 psi (pounds per square inch).

In conclusion

Professional cleaners help maintain our homes spotless, and are considered an absolute necessity in the modern world. The costs for their services, however, do add up, so you have to be mindful of who you choose to clean for you. Check reviews, compare rates and find someone suitable for your needs and budget. Neither the cheapest or most expensive options will be worth it in the long run, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to ask questions.