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Why to Choose Prolux for Carpet Cleaning Streatham Services?

Prolux carpet cleaning Streatham based company has been professionally engaged in cleaning in this area since 2004. We will undertake any cleaning work - and the result will exceed your expectations. In our work we use professional equipment and innovative safe cleaners. Our clients always find in us a solution to any of their problems associated with deep cleaning.

  • All our employees have a special training and regularly attend refresher courses.
  • Our specialists have more than 10 years professional history in the cleaning sphere and take care of the client's property.
  • All procedures are carried out in good faith and very carefully: after cleaning the carpet in your apartment, house or office, you will find your things in the same places where they were before cleaning.
  • The process of deep cleaning is controlled by experienced technologists who select the best method after analyzing the product - the fabric composition, the nature of the impurities, the manufacturer's instructions.
  • For regular customers, we have a discount program that gives the right to a discount.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Streatham – Keep Your Carpet Free of Microorganisms

Of all types of flooring in offices or residential areas, soft-type coatings, that is, carpets are the most often used.

carpet cleaning StreathamAlong with such advantages as remarkable sound and heat insulation, they have a characteristic drawback: unlike parquet and laminate, carpets very well accumulate dirt and dust, and after a while turn into a real hostel for microorganisms that adversely affect both the health of residents and and on the structure of the coating itself.

Nevertheless, carpets in apartments are practically necessary, which means that they must be periodically cleaned. The most effective means to combat this problem is a regular deep cleaning of soft flooring. Carpet manufacturers advise people who have carpets in their homes, to clean them thoroughly at least twice a year!

Dry Carpet Cleaning – Advantages and Disadvantages

An excellent way to relieve carpets from contamination is to clean them with the extraction method in Streatham. But it must be said that this method is not appropriate for all pile products. For example, steam carpet cleaning Streatham method can damage carpets with natural nap, since water is negatively affected by an expensive product. Therefore, these carpets are cleaned by a dry method.

Basically, dry cleaning technology involves the use of a machine equipped with a rotating cylindrical brush, a dry powder containing cleaning reagents. In this case, the ability of powder particles to absorb particles of dirt is used. The mixture that absorbs the dirt is removed using a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning of carpets at home can be carried out as required, since there is no time to dry the carpet.

By the type of cleaner this carpet cleaning was called powder. The composition used in Steatham resembles a powder, but in reality it is an uncountable number of micro-jaws.

Special tiny sponges with special impregnation dissolve even the most stubborn dirt, which can be watery, oily, or oily. The sponges absorb all the dirt from the nap, and then they are collected by a vacuum cleaner.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry carpet cleaning Streatham

A huge advantage is a very slight moistening of the product to be cleaned, which, if observed, will not exceed 10%. This method, used today in Streatham, has allowed excluding deformations, shrinkage processes, and loss of brightness of colors. This type of carpet cleaning is more suitable for exclusive products with special properties. These are handmade carpets, silk and wool coverings, woven at home. But this method has its own drawback, which is not too much efficiency. Only the upper third of the fleecy part is cleaned best, since micro-jaws can not get deeper. When there are spots on the carpet, the method is combined, with a general dry cleaning and stain remover treatment of small contaminants.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – The Eco-friendly Method of Cleaning!

Extractor method is suitable for cleaning sofas and other types of upholstered furniture, as well as most modern carpets. But its effectiveness, as well as the safety of the product entirely depends on the qualifications of the performer.

Depending on the material of the product, the degree of its contamination and the type of stains, it is necessary to be able to properly select the detergents and correctly determine their concentration. Otherwise, there is a risk to discolor, deform or irretrievably ruin the carpet or furniture.

To avoid the appearance of defects and spoilage, trust the dry cleaning extractor method only to a qualified professional!

The temperature of the detergent composition must also be appropriate. After all, not all fabrics of upholstery and wool products can transfer the effect of hot water without damage.

Another aspect of effective and safe extraction cleaning is quality chemicals. Low-quality detergents can damage not only the carpet or sofa, but also health. This problem is especially important for allergy sufferers. Therefore, applying the extraction method, you should be sure of the ecological compatibility of the chemical compounds used and their safety for the family.

Keep in mind that Prolux experts work only with eco-friendly cleaning products that are harmless for people’s health and for the environment! They have many years experience in this sphere and thousands of satisfied customers in Streatham!

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BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
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Joshua Denis

Prolux did it with no hesitation, worked really hard from the moment they arrive. They were the only company to meet our high standard. First of all they arranged the cleaning very quickly, a friendly customer service answered, polite and patient, they gave us a full description of the job they do, so explained our specific needs, they were met instantly. Our carpets and rugs were all dirty after a big family meeting, usually after a reunion like this a food remains were left, wine stains, footsteps and mud, so couldn’t make it by ourselves. We hired these Prolux guys and they did it with a great effort. Kind and professional, they did not even stop for a sandwich and a coffee, willing and cheerful. Our expectations were met! Their effort proved us that these pictures in their website were real! Astonishing! An ocean breeze perfume was left, so they left their signature and it was their professional deep steam cleaning applied,the reason we hire them from now on. Constant in the results as well, because they did a great job with our car and ovens, too.

Brilliant, astonishing,

outstanding, fabulous, superior cleaning service! Highly recommended !

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